I moved to Istanbul

How much I remember myself, I loved the sea, sun and travel. Therefore, I always knew that sooner or later I will have to move from my beloved and native Russia to the south. Only issues of time and place remained.

Before Istanbul, I managed to live alone in St. Petersburg, and also to study in Italy for some time, so I already had a pro. Istanbul and Turkey as a whole happened to me unexpectedly. Returning from Italy to St. Petersburg for the end of the undergraduate St. Petersburg State University, I met a stunning man with whom we had almost a complete coincidence of interests, goals and views on life. We fell in love and wanted to continue our lives together.

After a little more than a year and a half years after the acquaintance, my even young man had to go home. And I needed to decide on the next move to an unknown country (yes, despite my extensive experience in traveling, in Turkey, at that time I have never been). And to understand whether the country is suitable for you, and is it ready to change your life once again, it was necessary to look at the country on their own and explore all moments.

So I was in Istanbul, arriving for a few days for a surface dating with the city where I had to live. And this city conquered me from the first step from the plane. Friendly and hospitable people, everywhere smiles and nice words, sun, sea and beauty everywhere. Of course, the view of the tourist on the city is different from the view of the resident, but the pace of the city, the nature and atmosphere were understandable. So Istanbul finally convinced me in moving to Turkey.

After the final decision until the move went about six months. My young man returned to the country earlier to prepare everything: housing, wedding organization, collecting information about the necessary documents. I came to Turkey three more times before the final move to help in these issues. Russians can ride in Turkey without a visa 90 days every six months. It was easier for me to come several times before moving, not spending time and money for organizational issues.

The documents
Turkey can be moved on a tourist basis (a residence permit for one year), for work, study, on the basis of property, business and t.D. As well as on the basis of marriage with a citizen of the Turkish Republic, which was in my case. To begin, it was necessary to collect a bunch of documents for marriage, and then after receiving the evidence to submit documents for a residence permit. First, an application is applied on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on immigration issues to Randevo to submit documents. From the moment of filing the application runs about a month, after which it is necessary to appear in one of the centers on the designated day and time. And then, if all the documents are collected and do not need to convey anything, your business goes for consideration, it takes an average of up to three months. During the expectation, the residence permit can not be traveled from the country, unless with a special document with a good reason up to 15 days.The residence itself brings courier home. Family residence permit is issued for a period of up to three years, and then it is necessary to extend it and if desired to apply for citizenship.

First impressions

Warm, even hot. And all those kind. Bosphorus is immaculate, here would live next to him and breakfast every day with him alone! Istanbul is very diverse, each of his area as a separate city. Want to color, look for him in Sultanahmet, Balate or, God forbid, in Sultanbayyl. Want to modernity and skyscrapers, welcome to Maslak or Atachehir. And you want to free and excessively open in the views of society, go to Kadiki, Karaki, Nisantashi or Arnavutki.

I had to get used to the great cluster of people, traffic jams (such, even in Russia, not to find), to too personal questions from unfamiliar people, long family gatherings, to widespread smoking and terrible driving style.

I miss my parents, of course. And friends. These are the two biggest items that I do not have enough here. Sometimes sometimes in the cultural program of St. Petersburg. Our ballet is not compared.
Everything else can be found in Turkey. Even cheesery, like curd curd for which I was looking for a very long time.

In English, not all say here. Turkish in everyday life, and without it, not even to hold out in international Istanbul. I started learning tongue back to St. Petersburg before moving, but I could normally communicate, starting to live in Turkey. Nevertheless not in vain say that to study any language you need to completely plunge into the usual life of the people. Once again convinced.

Turks are very open and friendly. You have to get acquainted here easier than simple – even with an elegant counterpart, even with Uncle Ahmet from the store across the road, so I have enough familiar. But in the circle of friends personally I am impressing all. It is easier for me to be good to be friends with two three people with which I completely coincides the range of interests or who can teach me something. Plus relatives and friends husband.

I have long been called Istanbul my home. I feel comfortable here, freely and beautiful. Although there are certain moments in the very peoples that I probably never be taken.

Advantages and disadvantages

The weather is the biggest plus of the country! That’s all in St. Petersburg, it was beautiful, and the weather did not leave the chance to stay there forever. And Istanbul is wonderful in this regard! And snow in winter, and rains late autumn and, of course, very frequent sun and warm. The only month I love less in Istanbul is August. High humidity with heat do not allow to breathe comfortable. People – Another huge plus of this country. Good, help and hospitality. Food is a separate huge topic! In Turkish cuisine will find the most suitable meals and vegetarians, and meatseeds, and sweet tooths, and lovers of a variety of cakes. In each region of Turkey, their unique dishes, before which they will not resolve (in the literal sense of the word, because, having fun of all these tacities, it will be impossible to stand).

These advantages about Turkey as a whole, and separately Istanbul would have attributed a variety of districts, stylish cafes and restaurants, street eaters that would not leave anyone indifferent, and architecture that differs from everything you saw before, but at the same time It has similarities with the best cities of the world.

There are, of course, and cons. This is the absence of normal transport in non-Russian regions of Istanbul. The metro is just beginning to build everywhere. Maybe therefore corks capture the city. Well, smoking from all corners and zakulkov can also be taken into a fat minus. Excessive curiosity and gossip as a lifestyle I will also not be impressed.

Istanbul cheap city. The cost of buying and renting housing is highly dependent on the city area, novelty housing and is it in the sieve (residential complex with its pool, gym, parking, guard, shop and t.NS.). Restaurants and cafes are very different. For example, in a good stylish restaurant, but not the most expensive, you can dine for two for $ 40-50 (without drinks), and in a street cafe or lokoman – for $ 10-15, if not cheaper. Cappuccino on Baadat Jadessi (Street in the Kadykay district) will cost $ 3-5, and in the cozy and stylish coffee shop in fashion ("Subrayon" everything in the same Kadiki) can be served for $ 2. The average salary in Istanbul according to the latest data that I have – 2000 lire per month (approximately $ 450), that Istanbul is very very few. But do not forget that there is a very big difference between the poor and rich.

I moved to Istanbul

About local residents

Yes, traditions have a big impact on life. Already much less often, but you can still meet a couple who do not live together before the wedding, and they do not kiss in public. Respect for the elders here in ordinary life – they are considered to them, they help them and they care about them in spike.

About work

In St. Petersburg, I worked as a secretary translator in an international firm, went to an increase, but moving changed my plans. I do not work in Turkey, perhaps you can consider the blogger of the profession. I enjoy life and do a loved business. Probably tired of stressing in Russia.

I know that many girls here work in the field of beauty, translator, or engaged in export import. The work is real, but a foreigner without citizenship is quite difficult – few employers will want to mess around with a bunch of documents, additional expenses and certain nuances (for hiring foreign employees in the Turkish company there are conditions: for one foreign employee a certain number of employees – Turkey citizens). In the country, and in particular in Istanbul, a lot of international companies. Therefore, if you have a good experience in a certain sphere, I have no doubt that you will find a good job in Turkey.

The schedule of work in the office can be more than 8 hours, not to mention the production. And there is still a negative moment on vacation – in the majority, with the exception of a certain circle of people, it is two weeks a year.

The main thing

In Turkey, I learned to always smile and rejoice in every moment, taking people like what they are. But what I’m still learning to relax and, so to speak, to submit to fate in solving problems, and also such bright hospitality (when there is a crowd of people in your house without an invitation, sometimes you feel not too soon).

I can not say that I have changed a lot. I am the person who believes that it is always important to remain. And change some of our views, ideas or habits can separate moments, people and actions.

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