I moved to Los Angeles

At first I had an idea to live in the US, I did not plan to stay forever. During my first trip to America, two thoughts came together in one – I wanted to get a business education, change my career, learn something new, and I really attracted the idea to live in La. Communicating with those who studied in the USA, I realized that there is no better opportunity to get a business education than to do it in America. Next, the process of studying all requirements, opportunities and preparations for admission has already begun. In the US, the best business schools in the world, and I am a person ambitious, so I was ready only for the best.

From the moment the idea visited my head, until I went to the Moscow-Los Angeles plane, two and a half years have passed. Since my goal was to study on the MBA program in the United States, I have been preparing for admission: passed the GMAT and TOEFL exams, filled out the questionnaires, requested the boss to send recommendation letters to the adoptive commissions of each school, where I did, and wrote endless essays in all These universities. All this happened at night after work, so it was stretched for two more than a year.

I initially moved for two years (so much lasts the training program) on the basis of the US student visa, for which it was necessary to fill out a questionnaire on the site and pass interviews in the embassy in Moscow. The only difference in obtaining this visa – I needed the form I-20 (invitation to study from the university) in the original, but this is a standard procedure, and they quickly send it by mail. It was also necessary to show the existence of funds to study (bring references from the bank, sponsorship letters or documents on credit) – about this consul asked. This type of visa gives the right to receive the SSN number already in the United States – as our TIN, which in addition to citizens is issued to those who have the right to work in the country. Getting this issue greatly facilitates life and adaptation in the US. Moving was planned for two years, but it turned out to be for a long time – in the US, I met my American love and married. And now I have been living in Los Angeles for the fifth year.

First impressions

I am a very positive person and always looking for a good in everything, so I did not have any tough adaptation, although it was actively warned about it, we were even forced to pass a mandatory course on adaptation to life in the US at the University campus. I think I was lucky, since I came to learn, got on Wednesday, acquired acquaintances from the first day, which greatly facilitated adaptation.

On the first day, the awareness and understanding of the fact that my impeccable English is not so strong and I don’t understand much of what they told me. It was a difficult moment for me, but literally for a month or two active communication through I can not and classes in English I was involved.

I miss the family and friends, I want them to be near. Of course, in the modern world of technology, it is enough to easily call or send a message, but the difference in time and the distance you can know about yourself.

Now I have a beautiful English with a vocabulary at the carrier level, but with an emphasis still. Two years of study in language, constant communication with friends, work and husband American, naturally, contributed to this level. That is why I always recommend looking for native speakers when moving away from the usual and comfortable compatriots, not because I am somehow bad to "our", but because this comfort and Russian communication is very negatively affecting the language progress. I have several Russian-speaking friends, but most are Americans and other foreigners, with whom I speak English.

Advantages and disadvantages

In the USA relatively easy to adapt when you are a foreigner, especially on the coasts: there are few people pay attention to your accent. America is a country of limitless opportunities, here you can achieve a lot, most importantly – the desire. After two years in the country, I got a job at the studio in Hollywood, a year later got a job at another studio, the dream of many Americans.

Here, well-developed infrastructure for travel within the country, rest on beaches, in parks-all made for people. Everything is fine provided for people with disabilities or parents with prams, which gives freedom of movement and the ability to live a full life.

In LA, of course, the climate is one of the advantages of life, but it refers more to the city than in the country. Here our Russian man it may seem that there are no seasons, but for local, they obviously felt, just not as dramatic as we have in the middle lane.

I live in California, the most expensive state in the US, which, if it was a separate country, it would beat France on GDP size. Prices in California differ significantly from the average in the United States. La rent one bedroom apartment will cost an average of $ 1400-2800 a month communal +. In Los Angeles, it is practically impossible to do without a car, parking is almost always paid, petrol (depending on distance) is worth approximately as in Russia – it takes me $ 50-60 for two weeks, but I do not live far from work. If you cook food at home, you can get away for two at $ 150 per week. Go to the cafe comes out more expensive, but fast food is very well developed and is cheaper than cooking at home, but I do not recommend this to anyone.

Medicine in the US and should pay incredible money, so very much need insurance. If you work, you provide it from a company (not by everyone, but the majority), but still have to pay some money to cover payroll. If you buy insurance on their own, then plans start at $ 500 per month per person.

The average salary of a family in the United States (around the country), about $ 60,000 a year, but it is very different depending on specialty, industry, city and state. Programmers in Silicon Valley can get from $ 120,000 a year, doctors – $ 150,000, depending on experience and specialty, middle managers – from $ 70 000. In terms of monthly salaries, many of these positions seem very attractive, but do not forget that in the US there is a progressive tax system – the higher the earnings, the higher the tax rate (reducing up to 37%).

About local residents

Americans are very friendly, friendly and smiling. Here the stranger will calmly speak with you, can ask where you bought a T-shirt that on you, because she / her really liked him. At the same time, personal boundaries are observed very clearly both in physical and mental terms.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Day – Family Holidays, many travel to visit parents or collect guests at home. Two of these holidays – Holy for any American and the worst time to travel around the country, because everyone travels. Many public holidays join the weekend, such a three-day weekend are obtained – at this time are planning travel, meetings with friends, barbecue.

I moved to Los Angeles

It is not customary here to condemn, watch a spark on those who stand out from the crowd. A neighbor can get out of the house in slippers and domestic clothes for a newspaper or walking a dog, then stop and chat with you and will not be shying your appearance. It is not customary to ask personal questions to people, if you are not very close, the advice is also distributed, only if you specifically asked about it.

Americans are very open to something new, love to travel and recognize about other countries and cultures. They are very interested, ask a lot about Russia, culture, places for travel, about ordinary people. I do not see the hostility to Russian even against the background of all political news, basically everyone understands that these are all political games, and no one tolerate negative on concrete people.

About work

I had a very successful career in the media advertising agency in Moscow – I worked there since the end of the university and before moving. For seven years of advertising on TV and working with the largest advertisers received extensive experience and left in the United States from the position of the head of the department of special projects.

It was a difficult way, but now I work on the Sony Pictures film studio in the Digital Video Department – the most progressive and developing direction. At the moment I am going to decree, I enjoy life in Los Angeles, leading a page in Instagram, where I share the pieces of my life.

Find a job A foreigner is very difficult, especially if we are talking about legal work in a prestigious company. It is necessary to prove that you can not just speak in the language, but also in business situations you will behave correctly, you know the culture and etiquette of the country and will be able to be successful in this position. When looking for a lot of nuances, and describing my experience, I can safely dial the material for a whole book. One of the main points is the so-called Networking (from the word Network) – contacts, institution of friends and connections. This does not mean that if you have a friend in such a company working, your future is provided. Familiar or former colleague can recommend you on vacancy, but you will pass through all the hiring hiring, just this recommendation can help get interviews and show yourself – everything depends on you.

In the US, a foreigner has to re-show – the previous experience from another country is rarely appreciated. It is important that you can and know in a specific industry, what experience you have in the company. Career perspectives differ in each area, make some general conclusions difficult. Relations with colleagues in your hands, like everywhere. I have excellent relations with colleagues, I have acquired several friends thanks to work: we walk together in restaurants, visit each other, in the cinema – everything depends on you personally.

The main thing

I smile more, has become friendly and warmer, feeling calmer to different views on life and I am glad to the trifles. I realized that much I can and what around people, ready to support and rejoice at my successes. I focus more in a common picture (plans, achievements, people), rather than on the details. In other words, my worldview has changed very much.

I moved to Los Angeles

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