I moved to Melbourne

In Moscow, I worked in an international auditing company, where the two-year contracts abroad were not uncommon. At some point, Litter in its development plan to obtain work experience in another country. About Australia never thought – this country seemed distant and unreal, she did not appear even in vacation plans. I was planning to go to England or the States. Looking back now, I realize that it’s not, I chose Australia, but it is me, the circumstances were such that it was difficult not to go. The Perth office lacked managers, and they published an advertisement for the set. In or around 8 March, my boss told me that there is a possibility to go to Australia after a week of reflection, I decided to try.

The first thing I had to pass the English test and be interviewed. I diligently prepared: alleged written answers and questions in English and memorizing them in parallel practiced in an interview with a native language on Skype. After a successful test of English I was appointed the first interview with a partner in Australia (over the phone). How did the interview is difficult to say, because I almost did not understand Australian accent, but I have appointed a second interview, which asked a lot of technical issues to work. It has been easier since fiscal English I was at a good level.

In early April, I have made an official offer and began to prepare visa (work visa 457). My company has organized all visa issues. I arrived in Perth June 10, 2013. From the idea to go to Australia before moving it took only three months – it all happened very quickly and unexpectedly. On the fees I had only three days – I was working almost to the departure, frantically trying to complete ongoing projects in Moscow. At that time I did not know, this is a temporary transfer or final. I decided that I would deal in the course of the case.

First impressions

The first three weeks were the most difficult. I hardly understood Australians (and a million other accents). Removable apartments turned out to be at all as I expected – here other planning, and most apartments for rent without furniture. I could not find something suitable and reasonable on the budget for a long time. When I decided on housing, everything began to get gradually. The first store in which I went, was IKEA, a native and acquaintance. I almost immediately bought a car (my first – I had no need for it in Moscow). Took a few lessons on driving. On a visa 457 you can ride with native rights, after receiving the residency you need to get local rights within three months. Russians need to take theory and practice, and Europeans can simply exchange rights.

I went half a year to learn to understand almost any accent, and about a year to feel freely in communication in English and not to experience fear and difficulties in conversation. In the first year, I limited communication in Russian to Skype conversations with relatives and friends, all the rest of communication, TV, watching movies and reading books were only in English.

Two years after the move, I received a residence, dealt with my own according to the program Skilled Migration, Visa 189. I was lucky, I had time to slip with a visa, when the requirements were not so hard and only 60 points were required for my profession of the auditor (now the threshold is 75 or 80 points). And a year later, I was offered work in Melbourne in one of the top 20 Australian companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. At that time I already wanted to change the profession of audit, and I agreed. So I found myself in Melbourne.

Advantages and disadvantages

Melbourne for the sixth year in a row ranks first in the ranking of the best cities for living. And not surprising! Melbourne – an excellent balance of a quiet city and a large megalopolis. I live near the center, on the shore of the bay, two minutes from the beach. I have everything at your fingertips: the street with cafes and restaurants, runs along the bay, a few yoga studios, art center with drawing lessons. And a total of 30 minutes before work tram (or foot 45 minutes or 15 minutes on a bicycle). Not life, but a dream. Especially after Khimki, where I lived the last few years and spent two hours before work and as much back.

However, in such a way of life to pay. I rent an apartment for a couple with a neighbor. I can not afford to rent one – very expensive! Although not complaining. In our apartment has two bathrooms, each with its own. In Russia, such a rarity, as is the norm.

About Melbourne say that here in the day gives way to the four seasons. So there is – you never know what to wear. Very cold in the morning, then rain, then very hot. Or vice versa. Save the multi-layer clothing. And an umbrella! Although rain is not usually longer than 15 minutes, you can always wait.

What I love most in Melbourne, and more precisely in the state of Victoria, is the nature of the! Hour by car – and you’re near the ocean. Another hour in the other direction – and you’re in the mountains. Million of national parks around. Weekend out of town is not a problem. Everywhere excellent infrastructure for camping, hiking, or just a picnic in nature. In any forest equipped track, tracks, picnic areas, barbecues and toilets.

For culture lovers Melbourne is probably the best city in Australia. Many small galleries, regular festivals (food, music, cinema, handicrafts, etc. D.) And, of course, a million restaurants and cafes!

About local residents

Australians – happy people! Of course, they have difficulties, but overall it is a happy nation. They did not have to go through a difficult war, the collapse of the country or any major upheavals. Life of the average Australian (who chooses the profession in the office) is made up of the scheme: childhood with a lot of sports, work in the supermarket (or another store, or in a cafe) in the last years in school and throughout the institution, then work a few years later 2-5 years of living abroad (mainly in England or Canada). On his return the family and children.

I noticed that in Australia is very high family values, family always comes first. Most corporate events 1 (it is possible to lead partner), the Christmas party last from two days to five in the evening – then home to family.

It is difficult to tell the Australians in a few words, this requires a separate article. Australian culture and way of life and thinking is very different from Russia.

I moved to Melbourne

About work

Before moving, I thought that the corporate culture in my profession (finance) will be similar in Russia and Australia (or anywhere else). How wrong I was! I had to re-learn to build working relationships with colleagues. The first feedback that I received from my boss – I need to smile more! Otherwise, employees and customers are afraid of me, they think that something is wrong. Another distinguishing feature – small talks. I had to learn a little 5-minute conversation with colleagues. Any question begins with small talk. You can not go straight to the point, if you do not ask, how was your weekend, which is scheduled for the next vacation, how they feel children. Topics for small talk rather limited, so it is easy to learn – hard to accept the concept of talking about anything.

Melbourne (and Australia as a whole) – very cosmopolitan city, here are accustomed to immigrants and are well. If you have good English, I think it will be easy to find a job. Still, we must be prepared that the career will develop slower and more difficult than in Russia. Although I do not see any direct discrimination based on nationality, is still often in the local priority with an increase or a job. Almost the entire top management in my current company, and at the last place of work – the Australians with Anglo-Saxon roots.

As well as in Russia, the easiest way to find a job on the recommendation of. If you have not yet gained acquaintances and friends who can help, it is very important to find a good recruiter and build a relationship with him, so he thought it was about you when looking for a good candidate for the position.

The main thing

Moving to Australia changed me and my life 100%, fortunately, the better. This is largely due to the favorable climate – is it not a dream to live on the ocean! No longer need to wear jackets or 500 pairs of shoes to change the weather from +30 to -30 degrees. Save time on the way to work in combination with perfect weather motivated me to active sports – I tried and mountain biking, and surfing, and running (the level has reached the half-marathon) and a gym. As a result, while stopped for hiking and yoga.

Special mention are local products – such a variety of vegetables and fruits I have not seen anywhere else! And almost everything is grown in Australia. Although I am now to give up meat, I can guarantee that it is of excellent quality.

I have a very wide circle of friends. Among my close friends guys from France, England, Estonia, Singapore, China, Australia and, of course, Russia. I try not to be limited to nationals. Life in Melbourne gives you the opportunity to experience and learn the culture of many countries, so why not take advantage of this opportunity? At the same time, I very much appreciate his Russian friends, as a common culture, way of thinking, like education and maturing create a link, which is difficult to build with people from other cultures.

Moving to another country – a complex process that requires a high adaptation skills and readiness adoption of another way of life and thinking. This test is not suitable for every. However, a more open view of the world, new experiences and opportunities, new friends, you are guaranteed! If you are thinking about moving, I advise you to try! Option to return home always;)

I moved to Melbourne

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