I moved to Paderborn

I have an international family, and my mother’s side in me runs German blood. In Soviet times, Russian Germans began to return to their historical homeland, and a special peak reached this movement in the ’90s. My grandmother moved in Paderborn city ten years ago and received the status of repatriates. My family is jokingly referred to as "quite late repatriates". When I moved and got a grandmother, my parents also filed a request for relocation. The first time we came to the refusal. Later, we realized that the solution to our advantage lacked certificates of ownership of the language at a sufficient level. My parents on German education teachers, so that we are all a little caught up, brush up and passed the international exam TestDaf. Reassembled folder of documents sent to them for review, and life went on as usual.

And then suddenly the New Year, five years later, we received a letter of invitation. Happened! I then just entered the first year of the Moscow City Pedagogical Institute. We never lost hope of moving so that the chosen university, where in the first place to learn the language, rather than the application profession. Study I, however, because of their stubbornness gone English. At that moment I realized that I was not ready to move, but did not want to live with relatives in different countries – we thought a year.

After the first year I took a sabbatical, and we came to Germany. By law, all emigrants and immigrants first enter the social center, in the famous city of the distribution of immigrants – Friedland. Conditions there are no different from those that were fifty years ago. Two-storey beds like in barracks, shared shower in a separate building, dampness and white walls in long corridors. For lunch, breakfast and dinner loaf bread with butter, and the only entertainment is huge queues for receiving documents. I arrived at the same time we had a little, so that the room we were three. Day Social workers made out our documents and held conversations with us, and in the evening we gotat the circles in the only park in the city. A week later everything was ready – we could leave. For such an opportunity, we were willing to live in such conditions, even a month.

The state distributes to the city on the basis of where there are social apartments provided for the first time. We have proved that the grandmother can take us, and we were allowed to come to the land of North Rhine-Westphalia, in the town of Paderborn. In this city, I hardly deleted for a long time. Germany is beautiful that the life in the villages or small towns is not different from life in the big city, and often the standard of living is better here. Paderborn is ideal for those who are looking for comfort, calm (in the very good sense of the word), stability. There are very beautiful surroundings, safe and peaceful streets, and there is always something to do – chamber concerts, exhibitions of local artists, fairs and markets with household products. Nevertheless, I am a big city man, so I plan to get a magistracy in Frankfurt am Main or Cologne.

The first time because of the cockroaches in the head and the huge language barrier of the feeling of "like at home" I did not have, but the German state and citizens make it all so that this feeling appeared. No one laughs, if you make a mistake in the stress or if you do not know how to go to the library. Now I have the feeling of the house as much as in Moscow, and this is an incredibly a kaful feeling. The university each student is given a social ticket, which we can free to travel around the whole of the federal land on any form of transport. In North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf and many other amazing cities that I have already visited and plan to visit. And where would you come, you’re at home.

First impressions

I came to Germany since childhood as a tourist and had a common idea of ​​local life. Probably the first thing that always rushes into the eyes is the purity of the streets, beautiful architecture even in the most tiny city and big environmental concern. Now as a local resident, I can especially note the excellent organization of various issues of bureaucracy. Any documents are executed quickly and easily. And, of course, the level of education, medicine.

What you have to get used to (and at the same time the Council coming) is the queues for reception to any doctor. It is best to enroll immediately to everyone, even if you do not bother, or you can wait for the recording of six months. Perhaps in a big city everything is different, but it’s hard for me to judge.

If you lower the words that you miss your beloved friends and relative, as well as in Moscow (one of the best cities on the planet), that is, one thing for which I miss. kefir! He is completely no! But there are no rizhek. To the separation of garbage get used to very quickly (it would be everywhere) that shops do not work on Sunday – too.

I now finish the first course of the institute, training in 90% of cases takes place in German. There are no problems with language anymore, but still there are cases when I can not understand the rapidly said linguistic joke or the game of words. In the first months, the barrier was such that I could not and words would pronounce. And then you look around, to acquire friends and you realize that absolutely nobody speaks competently and there is nothing wrong with errors. This is what I mean, saying that there is no longer a language barrier. I have a very wide communication circle – people at university amazingly open. There is no one cares about what race, nationality or religion you are. I have friends Germans, Russians, Spaniards, Arabs. I find this multinational tremendous opportunity discard unnecessary prejudices. I had also divided the people into races and nations, but now for me it does not matter if a person is kind, open and cheerful.

Advantages and disadvantages

Germany, like any European country that attracts a wide range of prospects. The standard of living is high, a lot of jobs, pay and social protection at a very high level. In Germany, schemes never work, "an acquaintance" or "good luck". To achieve true success, you need to be at least as industrious as the Germans. In the session, while additional classes to prepare for the exams are conducted at the university every day and last for at least five hours. We disagree home at 11 pm, and a pair of the day begins at half past seven in the morning. In this case, nobody complains and whines. I remember as a child I once heard the phrase "German car". It is only now really understand its meaning! You look and you understand why Germany is so advanced and successful country.

You have to be prepared that your journey will be difficult expat. What a shame, here it is really rare to find persons who found the profession. Russian Germans are working at the cash register, in warehouses and in nursing homes, even if they have higher education. Of course there are exceptions! And in my family. As it has been said, perseverance and hard work always awarded. Children of immigrants, born here, have not faced similar problems in. They end up local schools, immediately get the necessary certificates, and does not hinder language restrictions.

The climate here is beautiful. Several times in the winter fall truly fabulous days when the whole day fall large flakes of snow, and then at Christmas we are like in a Disney cartoon – streets and houses are decorated, and in light of the lanterns shine snowflakes. summer climate becomes sea – sometimes up to 30 degrees in the shade.

Prices of daily consumer goods can not be considered very low. A huge advantage is that there is incredibly little inflation. Germans are very actively buying and consumed. I think it is one of the reasons for the development of the German economy. There are thousands of stores – cheap, more expensive, bio, vegan-, outlets, hypermarkets. Prices for accommodation differ in federal lands, the most expensive housing in the south of Germany, but also salaries there above.

About local residents

I moved to Paderborn

In general, the German mentality is similar to Russian. But what is greatly different – this is the organization, the ability to plan. In this I still feel some difficulties. Pppractically in all universities in Germany you have the opportunity to independently make a schedule. From the second year of study, a huge list of items is provided (about 50), and you yourself are gaining yourself, how much and what you want. It sounds easily, but it requires incredible organization, since now you have to know exactly what you will do in two or three years to make a plan.

Germans are very friendly and friendly people, but it depends on your behavior. I often hear from visits that people in Germany are closed and coarse, but believe that they answer only for inadequate behavior. Germans love and comply with laws and norms, and if you answer them in this recipriety, they take you for their.

About work

The unemployment rate in Germany is 3.5%. It is very important that your direction is in demand and desirable, in this case there will be no problems with the recognition of education and employment. It happens that for one reason or another the experience will not be taken into account. In this case, there is a huge selection of retraining, colleges and a variety of courses. If there really is a desire, a person will not remain without work, and at best will work on education.

At the local university, I chose an applied area – International Economics in International Business. In the list of potential Employments of the IP, Tax Expert, Lawyer of International Law. Working proposals in this direction are a lot, especially in big cities.

When moving it is important to take into account your age. If you decide to move after forty, the likelihood you will not get a pension, because there will not be enough experience.

The main thing

Moving changed me very much. It is now strange and ridiculous to remember those thoughts and fears that have made me before and did not give the opportunity to move forward. I sincerely do not understand why and why answered everything "no". I was 18 years old, and I was insanely afraid to get out of the comfort zone. Now everything is turned 180 degrees. I became an open, I’m not afraid to get into complex or awkward situations – there were already so much that it was no longer making sense every time. You start smiling to people and peace and get it warm in response.

I literally physically feel how many opportunities and prospects are waiting for me in the future and sincerely wish you all such a feeling! Travels help us to open themselves, know peace and life! Do not repeat my mistakes, say immediately "yes!"Whether it is moving to another country or just a trip to a nearby town, because everything that is done – for the better!

I moved to Paderborn

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