I moved to Perth

Thanks to Zemfire for accurate lines – how much interest is the country of compatriots, I was revealed only after moving to this distant, and, as one of my buddy called him, "Drany" Continent.

On the move

I always wanted to live in another country (I did not think about moving to PMG). Loved and love to travel, know the story of new places, recognize new people, their lifestyle – it has always been and remains the best way to emotional "loading". But dare to assume that I will go so far, could not. This, as they say, turned out to be Beyond My Expectations. Clearly thought about the desire to move on time for a time after a trip to London in 2012, where the first time went on his own, one, for a month. London was my tourist dream of years since the six, when the parents sent me to learn English to the tutor, and I first saw the image of Big Ben in the textbook.

Since then, in my head, the idea of ​​moving was rooted, the truth was considered first only Europe. With the relocation I was lucky thanks to the employer. In the international audit company in which I served, there is a program on which an employee can choose the company’s office in another country for a two-year contract. When a proposal was received from the office in Perth, quite decent, I did not give up. Honestly, leaving, morally I was sure that I would return a maximum of six months.

In Australian standards, everything was organized pretty quickly: in early 2015, there were interviews, and on April 1, 2015, I was sent offer (the date seemed doubtful, I thought did not draw a draw). And on June 6, 2015, I have fun stepped along the plane, pouring into crocodile tears: on the one hand, the dream came true, and on the other hand, it was very sad to part with the usual life, let him seem to be long ago.

The collection of documents for a visa and all organizational moments was engaged in my employer. Less than a week I was issued a working visa of 457 "Temporary Worked (Skilled) Migration for 4 years. I only needed to pass IELTS, fill out the documents and go through the X-Ray test.

Whether it remains here forever, until I decided. Live comfortable. Now independently engage in a residence permit on 189 visa (Skilled Independent), then aims to receive citizenship. Australia – the country is unique, sometimes I feel here as on another planet, in a good sense.

First impressions

Closes everything is also pretty early. In the first week on weekday, attempts to dine in the restaurant by the ocean after 21.00 not crowned with success. Australia – a great country to think about time management. Of course, compared with Moscow, where you can dine / buy the products, but also to drop in for a manicure is literally around the clock, a pace of life seemed at first, to say the least, uncomfortable. I’m a night owl, the early regime was not easy to get used to. And then I have appreciated the charm of early morning runs and breakfast by the ocean with friends. And eat at night is harmful – the figure is spoiled 🙂

Did I miss something? I think no. Perhaps the snow, whom I had not seen for 3.5 years. But it does not encourage me to return to Moscow in the winter – summer only.

Language at the time was moving at a good level, so I have not experienced major difficulties. Fundamental differences between the classic Queens English and Australian English there – basically it is a matter of habit and ear training. Australia – a kaleidoscope of different cultures, so a non-native language is tolerated. I was harder to get used to the accents of Asians and Indians. The main thing is to respect the language and try to speak grammatically correct, and focus – can be acquired. But some new words have yet to learn. Beach Australians – is the desire to reduce all: brekkie = breakfast, arvo = afternoon, cya = see you, etc.D. and T.NS. My name with a light hand the Australians turned to Nat G or Gusi.

Russian-speaking population here a lot, I would say, is the whole Russian-speaking community. In Perth there are Orthodox Church, also unanimously celebrated on May 9 and the tray flowers at the eternal flame. Most of my friends are Russian, who has worked in international companies and moved to work.

Advantages and disadvantages

Perth is small, about two million people, but arranged very well. All at your fingertips, the city is actively growing and developing, but it is on the strength of the golden mean, not overcrowded. Very clean, even the dust on the shoe is not. In the city of beautiful parks with delightful lawns and equipped with barbecues, bicycles and treadmills. Perth – one of the most remote cities in the world. Australia is generally a country with infrequent cities, so the main message is air, and if you go on a trip to the car, then it is better to stock additional canister fuel.

Transport. In the center there are free buses, very comfortable. Before working from the house, I take 10-15 minutes, which is very convenient, especially when you remember the many hours of standing in Moscow traffic jams. There is no metro in the city, instead there is a system of trains to the suburbs. The car here is not at all luxury, but a means of movement. I bought a used car, most of them are in excellent condition, since the mild climate and excellent quality of roads. The question of the previous owner "Where to pour antifreeze" put it in a dead end.

Penalties for violation of rules high. For example, the screen of the phone can even be concerned during the movement – fine 400 dollars, for evacuation of a car penalty of about 350 dollars. The minimum penalty for speeding is 100 dollars. But you can get behind the wheel after wine glasses. In addition to cash fines, there is a DEMERIT POINTS system: for especially "grave" offenses accrued scores. For example, using the phone while moving – 3 points, and when the amount of points reaches 12, you will have to say goodbye to the driver’s license.

Climate. The sun shines almost 365 days a year, and that says it all. Rain rains, mostly precipitation falls in winter. The climate compared to the east coast of Australia is more favorable and stable, less precipitation (it is about Melbourne they say "Four Seasons in a Day"). In the summer, the temperature can reach 35 degrees, but due to the sea breeze, the strong heat is not felt. Bathing season from about from the end of November until the end of March (the walles begin before). Winter "Surova", during the night the temperature may drop to 5-8 degrees, during the day – 15-20. Once watched hail. There are no heating houses, so Australians are saved by UGGI, heaters or heated sheets. My Standard Winter Set – Sheepskin Slippers, Warm Pajamas and Air Conditioning on HEAT mode.

Beach. Let my opinion subjectively, I think Perth’s beaches are the most beautiful in Australia (may residents of the east coast forgive me, but after local beaches Bondi Beach disappointed). The main plus is a befolded strip of snow-white sand and a little.

Food. Having come for the first time in the grocery store, I felt like after the Soviet Union (for some reason it seemed to me that this was how the Soviet citizen had to feel like this, being in front of the bourgeois manifold after many years of deficit). Fresh vegetables and fruits and diverse. Having live here for three years, I still find new fruit on the market (Ice-Cream Fruit – Opening of the past week).

Divine Cheese, Fresh Local Seafood All kinds. Australia is very proud of its own production, and the inscription "Australian grown" can be seen privately on the packages. As a result, Australians are guarding to protect the environmental uniqueness of the local flora and fauna – in the plane before landing you will be asked to fill in the declaration, do not import prohibited products (for example, Western Australia – the only state in which the import of honey is prohibited).

As for the kitchens of other countries, it is also a huge variety of Indian, Asian, South African stores. There is no truly Russian store in Perth, but there is a store of European products, in which you can buy a sauer cabbage, buckwheat, and the real Marshmallow "Sharmel".

As such, Australian cuisine does not exist, except that comes to the mind of Vegemite, Dessert Pavlova (the truth for the championship of the idea of ​​the dispute with New Zealand is still), Lamington, and, of course, Kanguryatina. I myself applied to vegetarianism a year later.

Australia – Coffeeman’s country, in whose "sect". Coffee shops with their unique varieties of coffee and bearded Barista are especially valued here. In Perth there is no coffee houses of the Starbucks network, coffee in Perth one of their most expensive in Australia.

Culture. What was not enough for arrival – the apparent absence of the cultural component of the city. Of course, Australia is not the place where tourists go for the study of history: the number of museums, galleries and architectural monuments is not at all like in Europe. Perth is interesting for sea museums and museum of sunken ships, there is also a Museum of Australia and the National Gallery.

Aboriginal painting is very interesting, it is better to go to Melbourne for viewing. In Australia, there are some of the most ancient samples of rock painting – in the caves of the National Park Kakatu, who are already more than 50 thousand years. In the center of Australia there is a sacred for the Aborigines of the year Uluru. Unfortunately, with the arrival of colonializers, a large number of aborigines were exterminated, and as a result – their native languages ​​are irrevocably lost.

I moved to Perth

Classic dramatic theater, opera and ballet, of course, inferior to the Russian and world training and skill. But the modern ballet is good, a worthy symphony orchestra, good jazz clubs. In Perth, the art festival is held annually, where you can see interesting modern productions. Once a year in urban parks, the opera is shown for free and the concert of the Symphony Orchestra in the Open Sky. Unusually sitting on the grass with a picnic and eat classical music, but such Australia.

Holidays, of course, not so much, as in Russia, the main: Australian Day (Australia’s independence day, when everyone’s independence day is on the beach, and in the evening they enjoy salute), Anzac Day (the holiday is controversial, was originally introduced as the day of memory of Australians and New Zeladnts, During the Dardanelle operation during the First World War), Easter (classic, it is customary to eat Cross-Buns buns and bury chocolate hares in the garden to the joy of children), Queen’s Birthday (do not match the real birthday of the queen, but it does not matter), Christmas and NEW Year Eve. Here is the atmosphere of the latter here to feel difficult, lying on the beach under the palm tree in a 30-degree heat.

Sport. Excellent weather conditions made Australia for sports leisure. Although statistics are strange thing – 65% of Australians suffer from obesity, but along the embankment and the ocean runners can be observed from early morning and until the evening. Tennis, Golf, Naturally, Water Sports – Surfing, Kite Surfing, Paddle-Boarding, Wake-Boarding. I managed to try everything.

The first time in Australia ran a half-marathon, I dream to master the full, took up diving this year.Australian football (or in common Footy is a simplified version of football, when the ball can be torn with hands), cricket. In winter, small rollers are poured in the city.

the cost of living. I often hear that Australia is expensive, and at first it seemed so. But then you understand that for this price you get adequate quality of products and services. What is really expensive compared to Moscow – this is medicine. The average rent of apartments in the center of Perth begins with 380-400 dollars a week (studio), One Bedroom – C $ 450, cellular communication – from $ 40 (depends on the volume of traffic included), electricity – about $ 50 per month.

About people

Australia Multicultural and Multinational, and each culture brought its unique features, but general features can be traced. People are very open, ready to help, positive. Love discuss plans for weekends and impressions after. Inquisitive, feel free to ask personal questions. Show great interest in Russia, that I was very surprised. Many come to Australia, so you don’t have a problem here, there are many thematic communities (IRTERATIONS.ORG).

Russian hospitality here will not find here – go to visit each other, and even with hotels, it is not taken, as well as arrange homemade feast. Instead, everyone will go to the restaurant. Australians are leopard, it also had to adapt. To the question "when it is necessary?"My usual answer" yesterday "did not have a special action.

Volunteering is common in various spheres and charity (from collecting algae on the beach and walking dogs to cooking for homeless). The very number of such activities managed to take part.

About work

I work in an international company, I am engaged in an external audit. I changed the employer this year, but it remained in the same sphere – a very good offer arrived again. Due to the fact that the guys from different countries come a lot, no discrimination on nationalities. If you are a good specialist, then there is a place.

Australians skillfully withstand the balance between work and personal life. Family always comes first, and even if urgent work on work on the horizon, colleagues can safely answer that they will not linger, because today is the family dinner today. At first, it went wrong with my Stakhanovsky rhythm of life in Moscow. Take work as a job, take a break for several months or travel after the end of the university – quite ordinary practice. Holy Case – Office Drinks every Friday. War war, as they say, and drinks on schedule. This is part of culture.

Western Australia strongly depends on the mining sector, in general, due to unstable prices for resources in many producing companies of the real sector, there are or planned. In the audit of the wage plug about $ 70,000- $ 90,000 (Senior Accountant), $ 100,000 and higher (Manager).

I moved to Perth

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