I moved to Prague

Love, subway and moving
I thought about moving to another country from school, but at that time it was completely incomprehensible, where and why go, therefore the idea remained dust on the mezzanine. Then the senior school began, the graduation 11th grade was approached, school love happened. Love was strong and, of course, to a coffin – after all, all the 17-year-old girls think that. And then love, standing in the metro car, as if by chance, reported that after school was going to Prague, because the parents decided so and the place was already picked up, now the documents are collected. I, as a reference 17-year-old girl, broke out with tears, everything in the same metro car and, taking home, told the parents that I was leaving for Prague. As mom admitted mom, my transitional age reminiscent of the horror film "7 Emily Rose demons", so she did not conceive my stuff, helped prepare documents and bought a ticket one way. So in April 2010, a couple of months before graduation, I decided to leave my hometown, and on September 11 landed in the Prague airport.

It all started with language courses, on the basis of which we were issued a training visa for the year. Information about courses and visa documents can be found on the Internet or contact the company that is engaged in preparing the papers and is directly related to language courses – we used the second option. Visa was waiting for three months. Moving on a training visa – the simplest and perhaps the most popular option.

First impressions

Freedom, tears, adoption
At first, it was generally incomprehensible what was going on. I am 18, I’m young, inexperienced and naive, but with me the love of my whole life, and we are together in another country. Isn’t Utopia for almost any teenager? Full freedom, no control, you are young and happy. And then you have to grow. Parents no longer solve your problems, the budget has to be planned in advance, and to enter the Czech university, you need to learn and take exams on Czech. Yes, and the love of your life is not the prince on a white horse. Only here is the problem – you have a removable apartment and a contract for a year, and you just don’t eat so easily.

The first impression euphoria passes, and you gradually begin to understand what I got involved. Then I had the first one (and, run forward, the only one) breakdown and rejection – someone else’s country, family and friends at home, here I do not need anyone. Then I entered the university, and "the love of my life" passed into the status of "Hate former". It served as a great kick to look for new friends and adapt alone. Knowledge gained over the year of study of the Czech language has enough full to understand the program, and communicating with local significantly helped to improve the language. About communicating with local – in Prague a huge number of emigrants from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, and the Czechs differ markedly from us according to the mentality (which is only worth their habit of loudly, as if sailing to the ferry, blow around in all public places). Therefore, mainly the circle of communication of many Russian-speaking emigrants consists of "to themselves like", which, unfortunately, is very affected by the Czech language.

Advantages and disadvantages

Czech Republic is one of the most budget European countries. Having an average salary in the Czech Republic, you can live comfortably and not know sadness. The sadness begins when from the Czech Republic goes to other countries with a higher standard of living – like Austria or Switzerland. Consider on the example of Prague, as things are.

In the Czech Republic its own currency – Czech Crown, one euro equals approximately 25.5 crowns. The average salary in the Czech Republic is approximately 20-25 thousand kroons (800-900 euros), housing rental begins from 15 thousand kroons (600 euros). Check in a restaurant for two about 400 kroons (16 euros). However, here, as elsewhere, everything is very individual and varies from requests and needs.

For me, the Czech climate is quite comfortable, especially in comparison with Moscow weather. Spring begins much earlier, in April trees bloom. Autumn, on the contrary, comes late, September and October – Truly Golden months of Pushkin Autumn. What is noteworthy, there is no dirt and reagent on the streets, the roads are almost completely clean, and the shoes serves longer. Of the minuses – there are strong frosts in winter, and because of the high humidity of some -1. -2 degrees permeate to bones. Snow in winter is a miracle that falls out once every three years to the joy of all post-Soviet migrants. In the summer there is a unbearable stuffing, you can see how steam rises from asphalt.

Infrastructure in the Czech Republic is well developed for excellent, especially transport – metro, trams, buses and even ferries. All acts a single ticket, the cheapest in Europe. In small cities you can easily get to the right place. The choice has a large number of supermarkets and shopping center with a good assortment. At least, in eight years of life, I never had to complain about the work, except for the hours of work – the grocery stores close early, do not work in public holidays, about the clock can be forgotten at all. Of course, there is a way out – mostly this Vietnamese shops and refueling, but it is more expensive there.

Local cuisine dense, satisfying and very loved by tourists. Portions are big. Pork knee, beef tenderloin, soup in bread, dumplings – you can list long. But lovers of proper nutrition here will be easy to survive, as well as vegetarians. Yes, and in stores, as I said, the choice is good, especially in Tesco, Billa and Lidl.

When I just arrived in Prague, I thought it was a city for pensioners. All stores in the area were closed at 8 pm, and after that the city was immersed in silence. How was I wrong! Now I live in the city center, and, believe me, Prague is more lively all living! Life is boiling here and day and night. Walking through the cobbled streets, incredible architecture, historic buildings, the atmosphere of the city – all this is fine at any time of the day! Cinema, Cafes, Clubs, Bars, Trips on the historical tram, viewing platforms, castles in the area, Parks with peacocks, Walking along the river – Entertainment for every taste and wallet.

About local residents

Curtain about local residents I have already opened earlier – they are different. They choose comfort instead of fashion, love loudly to blow the rooking and do not tolerate when someone squises his nose, complain that 10 mm of snow has created insurmountable obstacles on the way, and in general, they often complain about their lives. At the same time, mostly, they are simple guys who can ride their whole life on an old Skoda. In fact, judge the inhabitants is difficult, because we are all different, with different education and character. The older generation was obligatory in the Russian language school, but many have remained dislike after the events of 1968, so it should be careful. Czechs many traditions, the strongest – this Christmas and Easter, and after all this is very cool to watch during the holidays. About them I talk more in his instagrame, for example, the tag #praguewinter_with_margo – on the Christmas table, golden pig or why gifts to children gives Iisusik, not Santa Claus.

About work

I moved to Prague

In the Czech Republic I moved immediately after school, and the first year was a period of adaptation. We have found second jobs such as washing windows or gluing envelopes for more not count – the lack of experience and lack of knowledge of the language is very limited. During undergraduate things went better, I moonlighted as a waitress at the bar and at the reception. Czech was still far from ideal, but it saved a good knowledge of English. After undergraduate managed to get on a specialty – I finished the logistics at the Technical University.

Perhaps one of the most popular questions that people ask me – is "easy to find work in the Czech Republic?"The good news – in the Czech Republic, the lowest unemployment rates in Europe, specialists are needed and very much appreciated. Many companies are faced with a shortage of staff, but it concerns not all specialties and there are different "but". Arriving without knowing the language and not having the qualifications to get a good position difficult. Specialists are needed, but some of you are an expert, if you can not communicate with the Czech team? Exceptions – major international companies, which is good enough English, but significantly limited range of jobs, and in the selection of such firms is quite difficult. Another option – to open a business. Many migrants work in the service industry – beauty salons, hairdressing, dentistry, cosmetics, transportation, etc. In general, it all depends on what kind of job you want. Well, the important thing is to have the desire and persistence.

The main thing

Looking back now, I can say with confidence that moving to another country in the first place teaches independence and responsibility. This is way out of your comfort zone, which is necessary to move forward. It was it difficult for me? At times, yes. I regret his move? No. Moreover, I still think that this was one of the best decisions of my life. In front of me opened a whole new world. And all because of the fact that 8 years ago, the naive girl was determined that she would go to study in the Czech Republic.

Top places of the Czech Republic

At the mention of the Czech Republic all think first of all about the beauty of Prague, and she certainly deserves! In his blog, I share your favorite places and tips.

  • Top-3 in Prague – it is the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and Old Town Square with the astronomical clock, but it is a minimum of programs. More places and the best viewing points in my blog on the tag #prague_with_margo.
  • But the Czech Republic – it is not only Prague. Small medieval city where every street is steeped in history – that it is the Czech Republic! Visit worth fabulous city of Cesky Krumlov, the beer capital of Pilsen, medical sources in Karlovy Vary, Spa Marianske Lazne.
I moved to Prague

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