I moved to Tbilisi

I got into Georgia completely by chance, earlier I did not happen here and I didn’t even want to visit. It all started with moving to Cambodia, where I, too, was not before. In early 2016, my relationships ended with a young man and I remembered that I had always dreamed of sail from a warm sea. Recommended everyone, took things to mom and with one suitcase and left without a return ticket to a new life. No one believed that I will stay there, called home, but every time I remembered the weather in Perm, strengthened in the thought that I don’t want to do this. And then Sihanoukville became not a ray town: the influx of the Chinese who firmly decided to make such a Chinese Crimea from Cambodia. Khmer became visible less and less, where you can have a pleasant time, and guesthouses for life – too. All occupied the Chinese. Redeemed the land, demolished the cafe, rented the houses of the whole for their casino. The decision to leave from there was crossed from the summer, and immediately after the new year I packed the suitcase, I bought a ticket to Bangkok and flew away.

In Thailand, I spent very little time – I never really loved him, and this time I did not happen. Then I went to your favorite Kuala Lumpur. Always dreamed there to live – a comfortable megapolis, in my opinion. But I could not solve the visa question – there was no money available in stock and it did not work out to find a job to make it for me. In the past few months I won about Georgia, it became interesting. And when the question arose with the departure, he chose between Bali and Tbilisi (most, probably twist a finger at the temple). I realized that the heat was tortured me, the eternal summer is not for my Ural organism, – I want snow and winter.

The path in Tbilisi was long. Through Iran and Azerbaijan. When I got out of the aircraft at night at Baku airport, I began to doubt the rationality of my idea of ​​moving. It was +3 and frozen rain, end of February. Madly cold. I had the way through the entire Azerbaijan on the bus. Taxi drivers and people who learned about my desire to live in Georgia, discouted. Azerbaijan better country richer, more work – stay here, they said. All day a lil nasty rain, and right on the border with Georgia was dry, sunny and quite warm. Then I realized that we made friends with the country.

Formally, the Russian citizen here expanse, you can put the stamp on the border on the entry and stay in the country for a year. Then go abroad, to call again and live for another year. No work permits, in Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia.

First impressions

Yet I am delighted with local fruits and vegetables. In Russia, I have never met such expanse (perhaps only in the Krasnodar Territory). The first days I had at every meal happened gastronomic orgasm. I ate everything that I did not have for a long time: buckwheat, paste, yogurt, delicious tomatoes, khachapuri.

For me, Tbilisi – this is some essence of Europe and the Soviet Union with his special flair. There was no such that something shocked me. Still, for a long time, we were one country, and we have a lot in common, but also a lot of differences. The difference in mentality has not been canceled. Georgians are very proud and very faithful. Every Sunday in churches excitement at the sight of the church all baptized. Some Orthodox holidays are state output.

Advantages and disadvantages

I have not guessed before the end of the wide Georgian soul. They are very different from us. And the state system completely different. The people have the real power, not only in words. If they do not like something, they go together to the building of the Parliament and hold a rally. Last time they rallied from Thursday to Sunday, and as a result the country’s chief prosecutor removed from office. There is no bureaucracy as a phenomenon. Want to own? Please submit documents, to pay a small fee, and soon you will have the necessary documents. You are a Swedish citizen and you want to marry a citizen of Zimbabwe at midnight? Yes, please, go to Sighnaghi, and there will register your marriage is 24 hours a day. And it will be officially! This feature I really like.

Georgia seems to me a very promising country. In something she lags behind Russia, and in something, on the contrary, ahead. For making small businesses, all conditions have been created here: simplicity of registration, small taxes. The absolute majority of foreigners living here have their own business.

Salary here are very low, about 500-600 LARI (12-15 thousand. USD), and prices are often higher than in Russia. Georgia does not produce little. For example, almost all dairy products and cereals are venered from Russia, respectively, they are more expensive. Although tourists seems cheap here.

Sit in a decent cafe with a lunch and a glass of wine costs about 500 rubles. For traveling is normal, but if you constantly live, it doesn’t seem so. In general, prices are similar to the Russian, although I remember them very conditionally – I have not been there for a long time. Apartments for rent too for every taste. There are gorgeous apartments in the city center for $ 1500-2000 per month, there are modest studios for $ 400-500. And if you move away from the center, then you can find for $ 200-300. In general, you can live almost any budget.

Used cars on average here are exactly twice cheaper than in Russia, import taxes less. New cars – just like in the Russian Federation. Gasoline is more expensive – dollar. Most of the machines – hybrids, it is so profitable to contain it.

What struck me here? In Georgia, some insane number of beggars. Disabled, pensioners, children, gypsies at every step. And often they just attack. True, recently introduced the tourist police, and it should be protected from them. Still struck the movement on the roads! I seem to be accustomed to madness in Asian roads and even learned to survive there, but what is happening here. I don’t even know how to characterize it. Sometimes it’s just scary, you will reach or not. But it’s amazing while I have not seen here a single accidental accident.

And here is a paid fare in the elevator! Local residents often do not want to pay for additional services like elevator and garbage export, so almost every elevator is a box, you need to throw a coin there, and the elevator will go.

Georgians are very open and kind people. Always ready to help, even if you’re just a friend of a friend of his friend. they are indifferent. But it seemed to me, many quite lazy, for myself, I draw an analogy with Rouge. Perhaps this is because the hot climate effect. I and a notice that a lot of lazy since she started living in constant summer. Many believe that it is better to not work, than for a penny. Because there are many unemployed.

I moved to Tbilisi

About work

Many of my friends to know that I am moving from country to country, they ask, and what money. For some reason, few people admit the thought that I’m working, like all.

In Cambodia, I started to work in hand made jewelery shop in German, English pulled the same. I went to school to engage with the Australian and practiced with foreigners at work. Then settled on the second specialty designer to Rouge – he had land in the property, we were going to open a spa, I did a design project. Closer to repair completion Chinese came and offered him a decent amount, he sold the idea to the salon had to push. Next to Sihanoukville is a small paradise island of Koh Rong Sanloem, there are no roads, transport (only boats) and resident population – only a few hotels. Then I got a job in one such hotel to Estonians, too, the designer – was engaged in landscape. In parallel with all this activity, I decorate the wedding on the coast, mainly for Russian tourists.

In Thailand, I could not begin to work. In Malaysia, due to difficulties with the registration of the permit Vork I just starred in films and advertising extras.

Georgia is quite simple to find a job, even knowing Georgian. It should be understood that in most cases it will be a low-paid work, so the foreigners here are self-employed. I settled into the cool chain of beauty salons and helping Georgian (and not only), eyebrows and eyelashes to buy more perfect shape and form. I do not know if I will do it for a long time. While I was happy with everything. In the long term, of course, I want to pump their education in the field of design and decor, and also to work on.

The main thing

In general there are no problems with communication in Georgia. A lot of Russian, Ukrainians, most of the population speaks in Russian. Young people communicate well in English, it is in their favor. I own a little study Georgian, but is not very active (as I did with the Khmer and Chinese). When you are in the zone of active communication, you like it or not, and start talking.

Trouble finding friends is not all happy to communicate. No prejudice to Russian I have not met. Sometimes on weekends I go to a party to dance salsa. Salsa party in principle, all very active and sociable, so the problems with finding friends there. But I have noticed for themselves, that tired of this. Each country has to go through this process all over again, and now I am not in active search friends. Perhaps it’s not a very positive mark my crossings. I learned how easily people give up and do not get used to anything: neither to the people nor to the housing or to work. It is not yet understood how this attitude and this is good or bad. But what I do well to pump over, so it is their mobility. At any moment ready to break somewhere. I learned not to be afraid of independent travel, be it a long flight with transfers, walking the border or difficult. And I learned not to rush and to appreciate all the pleasant things. Although this is obvious, but many are not available what do you take for granted.

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