I moved to the south of France

I lived in the Urals, I studied at the University of Tourism. In December 2015, I won a grant for participation in Linguistic internship at Perpignan University – it was my first trip to France. There I met the future husband, at the same time I decided to move on an educational visa – I was already welcome. I entered the French University in 2016, received a student visa. However, it happened that in France I moved only after 1.5 years. At first there was an unsuccessful attempt to make a long-term visa to my son, after another year I got married, and in the shortest possible time we were given family visas. Finally we moved in September 2017.

Now I have 100% confidence that in France we will stay for a long time (for pensions, how my husband spoke, let’s go to Russia :)). I absolutely and completely feel here at home. Just as it was in Russia, – in its place. At least a stranger I do not feel at all.

First impressions

Most impressed (and it is still impressive) that the roads are not only not broken here, but they are completely different in comparison with Russia: it doesn’t matter, you live in a megalopolis or a trait on the stems, – everywhere there are circular intersections, detectors reminiscent of your speed and t.NS. Here are other scales. Normal phenomenon – a very large supermarket in the village with a population of two thousand people. In France, you can comfortably live in small cities – infrastructure developed, trade, and if something is missing (physician, for example), then the distances are so insignificant that it is not perceived as minus.

The harder to get used to the inability to quickly go to the doctor’s reception, get a document. State insurance (Vital card), for example, I still have not done. Narrow specialists need to wait for three months. These are those things that very often darken life.

My circle of communication consists of a family husband and his friends. In our department, the Russians are not so much, so so far in real life none Russian has met (the recent elections are not counting). Fortunately, I went around the fate of migrants who do not know french. I extremely advise everyone to take care of language learning before moving to the country.

Advantages and disadvantages

France is a strong social state with numerous benefits and monetary compensation. The state returns the value of many services: for example, partially removable housing, the cost of the maid, the nanny.

As for the prospects and work – there is unemployment, and it is rather big. I think that often the state itself and provokes it: if you have worked on your office from a few months, you can quit and get a good benefit. Many do this: two years work, two rest.

The choice of food, of course, is much wider than in a private Russian store: people have money for shopping, respectively, all new products are produced. I can say that here my product basket has increased greatly: no, I did not eat more, but I buy products that would not bought in Russia in Russia. Although I miss the fresh, not industrial production of vegetables. Here, they certainly have, only marked as bio, and the prices for them are relevant.

The rental price is highly dependent on the location: you can often see proposals for the delivery of apartments in dysfunctional migrant areas where there is no parking space and T.NS., at ridiculous prices. Rent a studio in Montpellier will cost a minimum of 400 euros. Normal is the salary of 1,500 euros, but many and such a sum see. By law, the employer pays minimum of 9.80 euros per hour before tax deductions.

Friendly at first glance, many French only seem. Never tell you that they have in the soul, and the conversation takes most often in the rush of jokes and additives. And you, too, you should not frank with them, there is no guarantee that they will not discuss with anyone with somebody. And although the benevolence of the French is more often on duty, it is much nicer than badly hidden discontent.

I moved to the south of France

In May, there is an extravagancing with battleships of bulls, bullish meat for lunch, traditional dancing. Long feast of aperitif, input dishes, main, cheese, dessert.


Before moving, I studied at a tourism specialist. While finding a job in France failed. Most likely, if it is, then seasonal, – in tourism it is more like that.

All other things being equal, preference will be given to the Frenchman, only if the employer is not interested in your own Russian, but it is a frequent phenomenon in Paris and on the Cote d’Azur – where the big concentration of Russian tourists.

The main thing

Relocation taught me the dimension: nestly go somewhere, slowly there is a lunch … Art of living (L’Art de Vivre).

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