I moved to Warsaw

Between the decision on moving to Poland and the relocation itself passed a little more than three months. Quickly? Well, it is necessary to somehow justify the name of the blog – the travel of a restless point 🙂 True, the background is a little longer.

After a personal sad event, I thought it was better to worry on the shore of the warm sea, and not in the gray Belarus, and the winter approached. Especially in this way, I could fulfill a long-lasting day about a long journey. Riding as follows Thailand, having experienced such a fashionable nomadic lifestyle from the heart and spending almost all savings, I realized that this is still not mine. I want to have my base and live in a country with a more similar mentality. He opened the map of Europe, remembered that he once taught a little polish, looked at the relatively low cost of life and decided to try. From Polish cities considered only Warsaw, because I can’t and do not want to live in small cities.

The most appropriate reason for moving was the admission to the Polish university. I dropped the option to look for a normal job – I was then the initial level of the language. But just in case, dust with a diploma "Lecturer of Russian" and graduated from the distance courses of advanced training in Moscow State University "Russian teacher for foreigners". Then it was very useful for me. Found a university, remotely signed a treaty with them and paid for the first year of studying about 700 euros. In early June, he received an invitation from them and went to the embassy for a visa type "D" (National). I do not know how now, but then such visas were issued for free. My first month passed under the sign of intensive courses of Polish, took from the university, paid for the promotion of 150 euros. Tried as soon as possible to start familiar Poles and forbade himself to read Russian books – everything is only in Polish.

The main set of documents reported already in the course of learning in language courses. We needed certificates, diplomas, birth certificate – all with a notarized translation into Polish. Did at the local notary. Additionally, different administrative trifles – copies of the passport, photo and t.D.

Then the study began, and I gradually began to prevent. So the first six months passed, and I absolutely understood that it was my home! Yes, there are posses and cons, but for the first time in 30 years of his life, I began to feel at home, despite the fact that I was not at all housing. Removable room in a non-central, but good area did I get 200 euros. Not in my rules to make up for life, but while I am not going to leave Warsaw and, as the most classic trades, I save on the first installment of the mortgage. While it is quite lifting – the loan is given under 4% per annum, including a foreigner, and to pay a mortgage today in Warsaw is often more profitable than to rent an apartment.

First impressions

Not immediately used to say "before Vizenya" (goodbye) in the elevator. Say hello – ok, say goodbye through the 4th floor at first it seemed to me. And seriously, my inner conservator first lacked knowledge about local products. I’m used to spending in stores with a meal for a maximum of 20-30 minutes, and here all the packages are new, while you will understand 🙂

The first year lacked deep communication, friends, physical support. But it was so much worries and running, that there was no time to reflectively. I deliberately highlighted the time to find people closest in the spirit as possible, and it meant to get acquainted with dozens of new. For introvert, so-so the challenge, I will tell you, but now I have a great circle!

And more recently, I finally received a diploma of the Polish university in the specialty "Process and Project Management". The diploma replaces the passage of the state test in the language, which is needed, for example, to obtain citizenship. And even graduates of the university give a year of legal stay in the country to find work.

Advantages and disadvantages

For me, as for an avid traveler, a huge advantage is the presence of a number of two airports with a bunch of loorthostas. Kataya – I do not want! I like the proximity of crops, similar mentality, understandable and light polish. I love to watch how the city is changing, how many mayings and locals invest in it. When people don’t care, it felt, it adds an incredible amount of points to comfort. And here is safer than in many other cities of Europe.

Compared with Moscow and Minsk winter there is much softer, there is almost no snow. However, the problem – autumn and winter in Warsaw, are usually very gray in Warsaw,.
However, there is always where to hide from the rain – there is a huge amount of coffee shops, a bunch of theaters and cinemas, as well as a lot of bookstores. I think everyone will find a cultural lesson in the shower – options a lot. I love to go to steep lectures on urbanism, since the fall I want to sign up for open classes of Warsaw University on painting or architecture, and when the soul asks movement, I go to master classes on dancing and zombu. To whom it can be boring – it is lovers of a night lifestyle. Poles in their mass – the people are conservative and sleep at night, and most restaurants closes at 22-23 hours. Food in tasty stores. Sausage, cheese, fish – all class! Previously, it never recognized semi-finished products, because I tried only some terrible, but then sometimes I can’t Pale, when there are no time at all, – here they are at the level.

As for minuses – for me personally, this is the need to live in a removable room with hope for not very definite in this regard, but still the future. However, with an average salary of 900 euros (after tax deductions) to rent an apartment for 500, not everyone can afford, so the rooms for rent – the phenomenon is quite frequent.

The greatest salary receive employees of international corporations, where all communication takes place in English. In this case, you can count on the amount of 1000 euros and above. It is necessary to work actively, diligently, local is often proud that "for two years have not been on vacation", so keep it in mind.

Another minus, which concerns many emigrants, is huge queues to receive a temporary residence (Waspgo Map). Although state sites are still proudly written that the terms of the procedure amount to 2-3 months, in fact it is worth configuring at least six months. The government considers the draft decree to simplify everything. The problem is that if the visa has expired, and the cards will not yet be, you can only be located on the territory of Poland, it is impossible to other EU countries, it’s too, too – not let back without a new visa. Especially unsuitable problem is added in the form of a lack of permission to work, for example, by family reunification. One way or another, but everything is solved, just need to stock patience by Baul.

In the immigrant environment, I heard a variety of opinions about the Poles, from very positive to extremely negative. My experience is positive. If you are sincerely interested in the country, you know the language, you have a head on the shoulders, and people around you will be relevant.

About work

For many years, I do not consider work in the office, as a free schedule and the ability to choose projects for me very important. Before moving, I worked as an internet marketer remotely, but in Warsaw decided to expand the activities and try to find the use of my diploma of Russian teacher for foreigners. Settled in a language school, and also engaged in tutoring. This work is not very monetary, can bring 200-700 euros per month, but pleasure delivers.

I moved to Warsaw

At some point it came to understand that I want to show Warsaw travelers. Sublosting to hear the standard "in Warsaw there is nothing to watch" and wanted to measure the situation in the measure of its possibilities. Show Warsaw wishing in a lively excursion, and the last six months worked hard on the project "Warsaw in a box" – this is such an interactive guide to Warsaw. Externally box, inside a guide and a variety of artifacts that need to be opened and used as the route passing. Now my main employment is to write a blog, holding excursions and the formation of "Warsaw in a box".

If you go more traditional way, everything is also absolutely real. If you are in demand by a specialist, especially in the field of IT, you can try to send a resume from home. In the coincidence of interest, you can get the payment of moving and other bonuses. If you find a job remotely fails, but I don’t want to go anywhere else, pay attention to the courses of Polish language – the one-year-old cost about 800-900 euros, on their basis you can get a visa. Schools are required to keep attendance, and if it will be seen that you have thrown to study, your visa is likely to be canceled.

There are also business incubators – a great option for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Firm or IP – it’s quite a cost, and the incubator allows you to legally lead a small case and live in Poland. The average cost of such pleasure is 500-900 euros at the beginning and 50-60 euros plus a tax earned every month.

The greatest difficulty for a foreigner is the attachment of the place of work to the map to the game. If you change the job, as a rule, you must change the map, and this is running back with documents and nerves.

The main thing

I sincerely want to share my article "Emigration: 5 discoveries that I would like to know before". I wrote about difficulties and nuances that did not expect.

I can not say that moving in a special way I changed me, although slow transformations are poorly noticed. What exactly – my borders and ideas about the norms expanded greatly. Moving, I was afraid of household difficulties, problems with rental housing, which I can not find a job and t.D. As a result, the most problematic point was the need to actively look for new friends and form a circle of communication from scratch. In addition to the constant running, so that everyone can do, especially the first year. However, there were never thoughts to return or regrets about moving, but all the difficulties can be overcome anyway.

Top places of Poland

Poland is beautiful picturesque suburbs, well-groomed village houses and a unique flavor of each city – you can write infinitely about it.

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