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Whether because of the hounds around, or because of the horrific accent of the German-waiter, it suddenly seemed to me that red wine was over in Cafe Barbieri. However, looking through a curtain of cigarette smoke on the bohemian visitors of visitors to the bitter of the Madrid Bar, I find that at least half of them squeezes Vino Tinto de la Casa.

"What, there is no wine at all?"- I decide to clarify me. "No, no, the wine is full, – the waiter calms me. – Yes, glasses are over. You do not mind if we hide you in a glass for brandy?"

Yes, pour at least in the bucket – after all, I sit in the famous Madrid cafe with a century-old story, called in honor of who was once nearby and the burnt theater Barbieri. The high cafe ceiling darkened from smoke, walls in the mirrors, and the huge windows look at Lavapiez – one of the most cosmopolitan quarters of Madrid.

Neighbors of an old cafe – Indian and Turkish restaurants, Senegal and Latin American bars, Moroccan tea and open 24 hours a day. Chinese cooking. Lavapiez was always the center of attraction for arriving in the capital of immigrants: first merchants and artisans, which attracted to Madrid in the XVI-XVII centuries – during the highest heyday and power of the Spanish Empire. And the influx of immigrants in the last eight years finally turned this old densely populated proletarian quarter with traditional Bodegas – wine shops – in the nightlife center of Madrid.

Neighboring La Latina – Also one of the most popular night Madrid places. Once both of these areas were known as Barrios Bajos – "Lower Quarters". In part, the name was explained by real topography, but the main reason – urban slaughters and leather workshops were concentrated here, whose employees immediately lived. Street where the border of two districts is being passed and called Kurtydores (leather). Today is the center of Sunday Street Market El Rastro. This place knew the best times, but still remains one of the cult. In the surrounding bars, it is customary to go on Sunday afternoon to taste ice beer with tapas snacks from seafood. Closer to the evening, the neighboring streets of Kawa Bach and Kava-Alta turn into a multi-colored human stream: companies are well dressed people aged somewhere about thirty from one bar in another. They say goodbye to someone from friends, immediately welcomed the new company of buddies, get acquainted, communicate, chat. All this is accompanied by beer, cocktails, red wine and all new delightful tapas – in every cafe their recipes.

Coming out of Barbieri, I terribly wanted to join this crowd, but before that I decided to look back in a few notable points of the Quarter Lavapiez. On the corner of Olive and Olmo, the Bar Candela is: the place at first glance is nothing noticeable and even somewhat shabby. But go here on the right evening – and you will hear hardly the best flamenco in the city; Often here is the famous dancer Antonio Canales.

I poned here

Another famous restaurant-theater – Casa Patas – is located just three houses from Candela on Kanizares Street. A huge tavern is decorated in Andalusian style, in the depths of the hall – a small scene, on which leading dancers, singers and guitarists flamenco. It is said that in the restaurant there are Vanessa Paradise, Johnny Depp and Naomi Kemmbolell.

Jazz here is no less interesting than Flamenko, so I will mention still decorated in the style of Ar-Deco Cafe Central on the next Plaza del Angel. Live music here begins after ten in the evening, but today the street life is more entails me. Therefore, bypassing Plaza de Caskorro, I return to Cava Baha about half of the second to catch the last few hours of the night atmosphere in the La Latina region.

Drinking my last to today’s evening a glass of red wine, I return my thoughts to the theater Barbieri and Alphonse XIII, the Spanish king, who was a conventional cafe at the beginning of the twentieth century. It is said that after the waterville, he invariably went to the cafe – often in the company Devin Corregal. Ready to argue that for His Majesty the wine glass was.

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