"I still can’t understand how Russian women on crazy heels can run on ice"

Hmm, all my travels are traveling for work (including in volunteer projects). I moved to England for one year, then nine months to Russia – to better understand Russian, story and culture. I also went to Poland – there worked a little and traveled.

I love to travel, I feel that it enriches the soul. In travels you see different people and how they interact with each other. It can be studied how the language affects cultural identity and as the environment is reflected in humans. Travels are doors to other cultures that are so important for the preservation of peace and tolerance, if, of course, you did not get a bad experience on the trip, which made you be disappointed in people.

Where did you manage to visit?

In England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Brunema, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Morocco, UAE and Qatar.

Was something except the language that attracted you on a trip to Russia?

I wanted to understand how Russians communicate among themselves, what they think about the West, what does life in Russia look like. And all this turned out to be at all like in England and Australia. Sometimes it seemed to me that I was traveling by car time in some other era. After I lived in Russia, I began to deeply appreciate the strength of the nature of Russian people.

In the West, the Russians have a reputation of rude and unfriendly people, but I saw that it was not – they are just very honest. Frankly, people are not always friendly on the streets and smile, but if you are taught with a Russian man, you will understand that the Russians are the most generous people on the planet. For example, you, Lyuba. I remember how you were complicated by me and invited me to celebrate Christmas with you and your mom. You don’t even imagine how much it meant for me! On my desk still standing by the angel.

What stories with you happened in Russia?

I met you, we had a cool time, working with children under the AIESEC program.

Once I was invited to a party in honor of the engagement of friends. There was a cool girl with which we still have friends. At the party, we changed shoes and danced. There were nude models, on which there was only body art. And there was a huge Chan of the blueberry alcohol and a giant pot of Plov (yummy!). A few weeks later, we went to walk along the roof, it was a whole expedition. We sat on the highest roof of St. Petersburg, and it was amazing!

And once I spent time at the cottage with one good family. We went to the forest and collected mushrooms and berries, and then prepared soup and jam.

In Russia, I met the Pole, who fell in love.

That in Russia surprised you that I liked?

At the beginning I was surprised that people such frowning. When I tried to smile, they looked at me like a crazy!

I also noticed that mostly in Russia all people are white, at first glance it is impossible to distinguish between nationalities. If a person from Africa suddenly appears in society, for example, he becomes an object of close attention – everyone wants to stand on him.

I still can’t understand how Russian women on crazy heels can run on ice in winter.

I could not believe in this incredible generosity of Russian people, if you were a friend. They really can remove the last shirt if you ask. They will share with you the last food. It is amazing!

In Russia so easily catching the travelers!

I terribly liked the nature of the country, which can be seen outside the city.

I loved the story and culture – with all these palaces around. And it is very touching – how do you care about your grandparents and grandparents. In Western countries, they usually get rid of them – transported to the nursing home.

It’s still so cute that you preserve the traditions that men are buying flowers for holidays. And how beautiful your church rituals are beautiful!

I madly fell in love with the beauty of Russia – she is full of life in the summer.

I also noticed how interesting Russian people seek their goals. Almost everything is done through friends, friends of friends or relatives – it turns out such a public network. In Russia, it is useful to know what kind of help from whom you can get.

Was something that is impossible to take?

I could not accept the fact that men were sometimes rude. It often happened that men grab my chest or ass. This is terrible.

When I traveled in Russia, I was quite complete, and people constantly pointed me to it. So men did not invite me to date. But those girls who met with Russians said that they behave on dates like gentlemen.

The worst, in my opinion, is propaganda and hatred of Western countries, especially in England and the USA. Russian news does not reflect the whole picture, do not show the truth. Yes, and the Russian history of wars is interpreted here quite otherwise – those personality that in Western countries are considered villains, in Russia they look almost the gods, they speak with reverence and pride.

In this country, I saw a lot of fights and violence. Men can attack each other in society, in the streets I met people with bruises and cuts.

I still can't understand how Russian women on crazy heels can run on ice

What gave you a trip to Russia?

I learned to be happy, satisfied with the small. I learned to be more generous and kind. I met wonderful people with beautiful souls.

I understood what patience and honesty. I think it made me more bold. To live in Russia, you need to be brave, like everything around, – to break through to stand up for yourself.

What is the difference between Australians and Russians?

In Australia, they usually lie in the face and discuss you behind your back, in Russia they say the whole truth, looking into your eyes.

Russians are more proud of their history, even if it is a propaganda version.
Russian hardworking, they work a lot on their gods to ensure themselves with vegetables. I like it.

In relations, men and women Russians are more traditional: men stronger, workers, masculine, and women sit at home and grow children. The family is more appreciated here, children live with parents to the wedding itself, and sometimes after.

You are going to return to Russia?

Yes. I want to come back to attend language courses. I want to visit the family in which I worked, meet all my friends.

What is the most important on travel?

Be open and not judged by the first impression. Try to take everything as it is, and try to understand the reason.

Interview – Love Smirnova.
Translation – Katya Sabirova.

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