; I want to go home ; &# 8211; Leonid Pashkovsky on travels is not at that time and not at that place

Belarusian journalist &# 8211; Traveler just gathered a backpack and drove to the world. The route chose non-standard &# 8211; Iran, Pakistan ; In the news from there they are talking about explosions, abductions of tourists, terrorist actions. But Lyong wanted to dispel myths about the familiar image of these countries. So the project turned out ; I want to go home ;.

Route Travel Leonida

How was the idea of ​​traveling in hot spots? Why not wanted relaxing travels to tourist mecci?

I would not say that the places in which the program was shot, &# 8211; These are hot rooms. In fact and the concept: to show how the usual people actually live in those places that the whole world often erroneously considers incredibly dangerous and weakly suitable for life. I want to believe that with the help of my project, I can make my small contribution to the education of people who know very little about the world, and supplement from the stereotypical perception of countries, cultures and religions with relevant, objective information.

Why travel help expand the horizons and destroy prejudice?

Travel does not necessarily do. Their result depends on the traveler, its approach to the process and readiness to know. I know dozens of people who, for example, be returned from India and with wild fire in the eyes claim that this is a country of very poor, but very happy people. They say, the Hindus are happy and satisfied with the short one that they have. Such a disinformation is due to the fact that travelers do not go beyond communication with rickshairs and small businessmen in tourist sites. Such travelers do not destroy prejudices, but create new. In general, traveling is needed correctly, and it is also an art to learn. And ride on vacation is another type of activity))

Lee travel tolerance to the world?

The more different cultures you know and with a lot of people communicate, the little bit the difference between them. All people are based on the same and want the same, basic things that make a human existence of a pleasant, comfortable and happy. Only it is wrapped in different cultural wrappers.

Often, increasing tolerance, to other cultures, you lower it to the Sovie. Every culture we have something to learn, they are clearly visible to their advantages and good qualities that we would not hurt to be taken. This also applies to the purely human relationships, and family values, and in general, entrepreneurs in life and ability to lavish.

The most extreme experience in the journey?

Thank God, with a real danger, threatening life, I never encountered. I got into the sandy storm in the Iranian desert, was a victim of sexual harassment in the suburbs of Delhi, robbed in the same place, was under the tight control of the police and the military in Pakistan. But all this – unpleasant little things, it is not difficult to cope with. The most extreme is the shooting mode: constant moving, dozens of new people every week, endless communication, hundreds of kilometers wound on foot, and hundreds of hours of installation on return. This is really extreme work)

In Pakistan, you spent a day at the point of content of illegal immigrants along with Afghan refugees. Tell me more about how it happened and that you felt in those moments.

Preparing for the trip, I knew that foreigners entering Pakistan on a car or motorcycle through the province of Belukhistan accompanies armed guards. But I did not hear anything like that from hiking travelers, so I planned to calmly cross the border, take a bus and go to my affairs. Instead, right on the border I almost took me a force to protect the men with automatons, without the signs of the difference, planted on a motorcycle and took it to some closed protected area, where prisoners were sitting in the chambers. They explained that she would come guard and take me somewhere, and then they said that something happened and would have to wait until tomorrow. Here I tense, because it looked all strange and I did not get the explanation.

Thank God, after a day I was really planted in a pickup with machine gunners and lucky. We took another two days, every 20 kilometer changing guards and cars. Then there was a night under guard in the hotel and a convoy in a train until I left the borders of the province. No one permission for it asked. This is necessarily for all foreigners entering Belukhistan. And the opportunity to see the province of them just no, because it is dangerous. This is the most unstable region in the country.

Does travel change to life?

Definitely change. I became much more began to appreciate what I have, and it does not seem small at all in comparison with the fact that the majority of the population has. And it becomes clear that there is no purpose in life – everything is absolutely by chance. So planning, of course, is worth it, but not too far. It is necessary to treat everything easier to everything: both to things, and to events. All coming.

I want to go home; Leonid Pashkovsky on travels is not at that time and not at that place

Favorite place / city in the world?

The most favorite place is Indian Varanasi. It is so interesting in the city that, being there, you can’t get along with the thought that this place exists on our planet in our time. It is so different reality, so strongly impregnated with religiosity, traditions, antiquity, death and deception that you just sucks. There you can be infinite, because it is a place out of time and out of reality. Returned again and again.

Where you dream to visit?

I really want to in Bhutan – while still a fairly closed country with a well-preserved Tibetan culture. There a couple of dozen years ago there was no television or a telephone connection. You need to rush to get there until the Western and Indian influence there are still a little. But this is very expensive. And thank God – there is no flow of tourists.

What are your plans for the next journey? Will you continue to shoot?

I would like to continue to make the project, but it is very laborious and resourceport. Especially when you do absolutely alone. Therefore, while I am at the stage of thought and planning. But, most likely, the second season will be. And it will be either English-speaking Africa, or China, Tibet, Nepal.

Do you think a citizen of the world? And what does this concept mean for you?

It is impossible to be a citizen of the world, because a citizen is belonging to any country as the official structure. You can feel out of nationality, probably. But I can’t say this about myself. The more you go, the more you feel the difference of mentalities. At the base, all people are the same, as I said, but the behavior patterns are sometimes very, very different. So I still understand that being Belarus, I can’t be anyone else. But if you travel a lot, you will not have the share of nationalism. And his absence &# 8211; also a kind of trait of a citizen of the world.

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