I will take you to the tundra

Machine rental services in Finland enjoy good demand from Russian tourists. According to the estimates of Russian operators, every fifth tourist individual, going to rest in Finland, orders the car or minibus. Conditions for ordering cars here are not much different from other European countries, although Rent-A-Car in Finland has its own characteristics.

On the territory of Suomi there are almost all the leading international companies – Hertz, Avis, EuroCar, Toyota, as well as national firms, such as Penteca, NetPent and T. D., which provide car rental services. The greatest volume of orders cars fall on Hertz, Avis and Eurocar. Although all companies are in demand in the peak of the season. Offices of firms offering cars at all airports and in most railway stations and bus stations. Machine park for rental throughout Finland make up more than 50 thousand. Machines of various classes – from representative cars and minibuses of the last year of production to machines designed for the consumer with low income.

For travelers, cars of all leading machine manufacturers, except Russian. The technical condition of cars is always at the height – after the deployment of the country to the EU in Finland, the requirements for the safety of cars surrendered for rent, which are conscientious. All tourists and tour operators note that there is a great service service that will promptly assist, regardless of the location of the tourist, and, if necessary, will replace the car. At the request of the client for an additional fee, the car will be delivered to the airport or any point of the country.

According to the director of the St. Petersburg company "Intermedius" Sergey Yenikeeva, the demand for renting cars in Finland, which has shown after the crisis, not only recovered, but also exceeded the figures of 1997. At the same time, the cost of renting cars in Finland is higher than in other European countries. If, for example, in Spain, the middle class machine can be rented for $ 30-40 per day, then in Finland it will cost $ 50-60. This is caused by the harsh natural and climatic conditions of the country and long distances that increase the damping of machines. The cost of renting cars depends on the season. The highest tariffs in summer and winter, below – in spring and autumn. Most Finnish companies work with Russian customers only by credit card. Due to rigid competition, Rent-A-Car offer a large price range. Even in the small border Finnish cities of Lappeenranta and Imatre there are offices of 4-5 car rental companies. For example, recently firm "Intermedius" ordered a car for a week for its Moscow customers in one of the cities of Central Finland. And three local companies offered an equal class car for 2400FM, for 3300 FM and for 6000FM (respectively, $ 440, $ 600 and $ 1100.).

I will take you to the tundra

According to Margarita Gapon, director for renting cars of the social and cultural association "Association "Neva", Finnish Rent-A-Car companies carefully and work very benevolently with Russian customers, having studied their requests well. In other European countries, the Russians who applied for cars belong to great distrust. According to representatives of operator companies, in the high season in small cities or in the ski centers of cars may not be enough, so it is best to order a car pre-. Not only foreign tourists are used by cars, but the Finns themselves who prefer to fly to the north by plane, but to take a car for travel.

You can book a car in almost any firm that organizes tours to Finland – they all make orders through their partners or through regional offices of car rental companies. However, only operators for renting machines that have entered into direct agreements with Rent-A-Car companies have good prices that differ from public. In order to receive such an agreement, it is necessary to order a large number of cars monthly. The client is beneficial to book the car through the operator also because the travel agency takes the settlement of conflict situations between the car rental company and the tourist. Even if the accident did not occur, the risk of which is insured, the tourist may have small problems that will lead to trouble. According to Sergey Yenikeyev, his company had to recently pay a fine of $ 30 for the fact that the tourist, rushing to the station, did not float the gasoline machine to the tank. If the tourist himself booked the car and did not pay for the fuel, the bona fide Finns would submit an account for a fine to him, and in case the non-payment would be listed in "black list", after which he could not get a visa to Finland.

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