I would go to Masons.

Who are such masons? This question is disturbing humanity already in centuries. It takes a long time and me. Perhaps, from the day when I for the first time, the child read the famous phrase Pushkin: ". He is Pharmacon, he drinks one cup red wine".

No one to explain to me who is "Mason" – "Frankmason" – "Pharmacon" could not. Had to come in mind. How other curious children of Russia. And as they, I roamed from the opinion that Masons are malicious characters, from which all troubles, before the conviction that they are just the only hope. With age, however, came to the ordinary thought that masons are people like people, such as locks, bakers and policemen.

Recently, many publications interpretable Freemasonry appeared on the book collapse in the range, I already mentioned: from accusations "free bricklayers" In the fact that they practice Satanism and weave the threads of the World conspiracy against good people, before the laudatory and apologetic. Such a scatter only claims a sensible person in the conviction that the truth is in the middle. That is, the masons are not very different from any other public central organization. Moreover, sanity is one of the basic principles of modern "Masoneria".

But why so many disputes about this organization? Why her members, if we talk only about Russia, were so famous and different people like Mikhail Kutuzov and Nikolai Novikov, Pushkin and most Decembrists, Emperor Paul I and Karamzin. And from the times of closest – Alexander Blok (remember Jesus Christ in a rose wedge?) and Alexander Kerensky. In addition, the haters of the Freemasonry fit into his ranks of people, never who did not meet in it (for example, Lenin and Trotsky) and are trying to extinguish the national hero of Pushkin in every way, and the praises, on the contrary, seek to clear his ranks from non-hospitable characters like the aforementioned, Alexander Sergeevich same prescribed almost a great master.

The reason for the heterogeneity and mysteriousness of the Freemasonry, which allowed people to be provided with people very different, with different convictions. But this quality is inherent in any large public institution of a closed type: in the CPSU, they also consisted of each other, and the audience that could not enter the ranks "avant-garde of mankind", Often it was inclined to endow this rather boring bureaucratic organization of the features of completely metaphysical – or angels or satanic.

About the history of Freemasonry go all sorts of legends. The most common two: what "Filter bricklayers" Go up to the time of construction of the Solomon Temple and that they are the heirs of the half-eye Order of the Tempera, defeated in the XIV century, the French king of Philip Beautiful on charges of witchcraft. The reason was more landed. The royal treasury turned out to be empty, and the temples accumulated huge wealth. They originated from the brothers bricklayers, builders of temples. In the Middle Ages, representatives of all professions have formed workshops and guilds. Naturally, bricklayers, representatives of one of the most important professional groups of medieval Europe (the construction of huge Gothic Cathedrals required big knowledge and workshop solidarity), could not but create a powerful organization. Same name "free bricklayer" Explained by Dvooyko. First, these builders worked under the contract, that is, they were not at a permanent service of some monarch or prince church. Secondly, the word FREESTONE in Staroangali marked the soft stone used for thin finishing and sculptural works, and Freemasons were elite among builders.

With the onset of the era of the Reformation, Religious Wars and the Birth of Pre-Capitalism The construction of giant cathedrals has lost relevance. By the XVI century "lodge" Masonmen degenerated. However, the transformation of Freemasonry began. It almost lost attitudes towards the construction industry and became a socio-political movement, which group members of the ruling and educated classes around them.

Time was very interesting. In the heads of people, the extreme rationalism and esoteric mysticism, equalizing social ideas and the desire for self-improvement, cynical pragmatism and convicted altruism were mixed with surprisingly. Thanks to the colonial wars, the development of trade with exotic countries and a surge of scientific activity, the mental horizons of Europeans incredibly expanded. An ancient mystical traditions were cooked in one boiler associated with Pythagoreania, ancient Egyptian tradition, Jewish Kabbalah, Alchemy, Christian Hergeles – and the emerging political ideologies of liberal properties.

Freemasonry immediately divided into several lines, opposing and incompatible. On the one hand, esoteric – like Rosencacelysta or Illuminity, on the other – purely public, and now and simply political, who used to control the authorities

or change of existing building. Some invented complex rituals, lush attributes, covered their activities of the veil of mystery, and amazing type titles were invented "Great Patriarch Nov", "Grand Duke of Royal Silence", "Prince Lebanese, or royal secury prince" etc. Their gatherings made the impression of adults: flickering torches, skulls and coffins, mysterious conventional signs and its own alphabet. Adults are not so different from children, they also adore to play.

And here again – ingenious charlatans, such as Count Saint-Germain or Caliostro, striking the imagination with their bikes and brilliant tricks. Those who pursued more "Adults" goals, keeping in some extent ritual, turned their lodges into political clubs or simply in something like elite "Touch". Lodges began to be grouped on different systems – "Strict observation", Scottish, German, Swedish, unite into powerful territorial organizations who played a geopolitical role: in their ranks were crowned personnel and the most important financiers.

Depending on the political situation, in different countries at different times, Freemasonry was maintained by power, it was suppressed. There were real spy passions around him. For example, in Poland from the end of the 18th century, the Freemasonry acquired a pronounced national-patriotic character, and the special services superpower – Russia, Austria, France, Germany – did everything to introduce their agents to the Polish lodges and to direct "Masoneria".

No less entertaining the role of various Masonic groups in the American revolution. Almost all its leaders were masons: George Washington, Samuel Adams, Joseph Warren. The monument to this – one-dollar paper, which depicts Masonic characters: a truncated pyramid and "All-seeing eye". Masons were the liberators of Latin America, San Martin and Bolivar.

At the end of the XVIII – early XIX century, Freemasonry was almost always associated with democratic and liberation movements. And the modes and lord of the reaction property with the Freemason fought. But an even more important role than in politics, Masonic ideas played in literature, music, visual art, architecture. During this period, it is difficult to find an outstanding creator, to some extent not subject to these ideas. The flourishing of the European architecture of that period is unthinkable and incomprehensible without affect "free bricklayers". The desire for perfection, complex symbolism turned out to be extremely fertile soil for the appearance of the highest masterpieces. You can, of course, just listen "Magic flute" Mozart, but only at least the superficial knowledge of the Masonic ideology makes it possible to decipher the literary content and the musical meaning of this amazing creation.

In Freemasonry often scares its organization. But for some reason, forget that Freemasonry simply imitated the church hierarchy, ultimately the prototype of any closed public organisms – from NSDAP, CPSU or any democratic party to the internal device of Coca-Cola Corporation. All these degrees, "degrees" and a complex system of subordination lies big "Maternal" or "Great Lodge" Not much different from the structure of district, regional and so on party organizations or the pyramid structure of transnational corporations.

Yes, and external attributes – red pioneer ties, special code gestures: "Be ready!" – "Always ready!", Uniform "Tsekovskaya" Clothing of our past rulers near the hammers, workshops, aprons and bandages "Brothers of mankind". What to say about the Nazis, who, brutally struggling with Freemasonry, organized the SS completely in the Masonic pattern and even borrowed some characters – "dead head" And wearing the epolet on one shoulder.

I would go to Masons.

As for the notorious "liquid mass monastery" – then blessed who believes. He is not here. There is only one thing – the inclination of most masons to liberal ideologies, that is, the rejection of xenophobia and blunt nationalism. And also – the serious participation of Jews in the financial life of the planet, therefore, in modern Freemasonry.

And here it is worth talking a little about what Masonry is now.

To the second half of the XIX century Ideology "free bricklayers" Almost exhausted itself. Masonic lodges have become just political clubs. But the carbon monoxide impregnated with mystical miasms atmosphere of the end of the century revived interest in Esoteric, usually in the spirit of eclectic conversion of Blavat and Papass, Reericks Nausessic or even socially dangerous activity "Black Maga" Alasteir Crowley. Freemasonry joined. So much that a decent political figure (if he did not belong to the fundamental and christian, communist or Nazi-fascist group) simply could not but be a massone. As a result, there were writings explaining the Satanic essence "Masoneria", on manner "Protocols of Zion wise men" Sergey Nilus.

Fought with Masonry not only scoundrels and loss. In this regard, it is impossible not to recall the amazing personality of our century,. Maximillian Kolbe, one of the last canonized by the Vatican. This Polish Monk-Franciscan martyrs died in Auschwitz, going to death for another, and not Catholic, and the Orthodox Serb. Being in the 20s by a missionary in Japan, he so put his monastery in Nagasaki, that when an atomic bomb exploded, this place was the only one did not affect. At the same time, he spent half aim in combating "liquidasone plot".

But over time, and largely due to the collapse of totalitarian ideologies, the Freemasonry has again acquired a calm-bourgeois appearance. Lodge again became exclusive clubs for politicians, financiers, image makers and just important persons of different, but always moderate orientations. The largest out of "Great lies", "Great East", has long removed from his charter the need for members belong to any religion. The only postulate remains "Bringing the benefit of mankind". And since the strongest symbol of benefit for mankind and its unity is now considered to be money, then in the lodges are discussed mainly political and economic topics. It is difficult for their member: for this you need to be "Someone". Not necessarily by Olaf Palma or Mitteran, but you have to be able to benefit your "Brothers" and "Sisters". Then they will bring you benefits. That is, this is a very successful form of mutual assistance of serious and influential people. In essence, the global chain of the Global Bolt. In our "Red-brown" The press is vividly discussed the problem of participation of Russian politicians-reformers in Freemasonry. I sincerely hope that the wrestlers with the world conspiracy here are not mistaken. Well, if our president and "Rusty Tolik", and gas Chernomyrdin and "Varenuha"-Gaidar is truly Masons. Then hope for more or less human life is made reasonable. "Brothers" among themselves somehow agree.

And in conclusion, two short stories from life about Freemasonry.

One Paris Familiar, Jean-Claude, decided to break with his activities as a tax inspector and retrain the gallery trading in contemporary art. As such a strange thought occurred to a completely unshappy person, it is not clear. Probably he thought his past professional experience would allow the gallery with the help of the gallery it is easy to hide from taxes. It’s not something. However, Jean-Claude, to my amazement, remained afloat. Moreover, bought a new apartment. When we coped the housewarming, I asked it honest, as he manages to get out of the shvukhov. He replied: "I am Mason". I suggested not to carry nonsense and do not drink more today. Then he retired on non-solid legs to the next room and five minutes later came in full Masonic closure: leather apron, digesting with turtles and stars, white gloves, sword and trowel. It can be seen, in the Masonic economy you need even a retired tax inspector.

Once on the middle of the Paris dawn, I went on Rue de Paradis – "Street Paraya". And I see that at this time, when everyone should sleep, the gentlemen will come out of the entrance in expensive gray costumes and seard on expensive gray cars. I pulled my head to see what is written on the front. There was a member: "Great East France".

I would go to Masons.

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