Ibiza – Island of Delight

Ibiza is a rocky island on the Mediterranean coast, which is included in the group of islands of the Balearic archipelago and belongs to Spain. It is also called "Club Capital of Europe". The city of Ibiza, which is the capital of the island, wears the same name as the island himself. The correct name sounds like IVIS, but in Russia continue to call him on the old manner. Tourist season at the resort starts in March &# 8211; April and lasts until November, but in the winter period the flow of tourists does not stop.


Ibiza at any time of the year is covered with dense vegetation. The northern eminent side of the island is Used by the Mediterranean Forest, the valleys are stupid in the mountains, and most bays still keep their primaryness. In this part of it, as well as in southern and central, there are areas of the protected area, guarded by the state. Ibiza share two mountain arrays.

Beach rest

Ibiza is an excellent beach holiday location. All the beaches of the island are marked with a "quality mark" &# 8211; Blue flags, perfectly equipped and landscaped. There are wild places for swimming.


Water and beach entertainment. Coastal waters here are warm, the currents are calm, throughout the coastline, many cleft and grottoes, which gives an excellent opportunity for water sports. On the island a large number of diving schools. Snorcling – Immersion with mask and flippers, popular in the northwestern part of the island. You can go to a cruise on a motor yacht or on a large cruise liner. There are I Aquaparka with steep shutters and children’s zones. Surfing and windsurfing very popular on the island.

Night clubs. On the island a lot of clubs, bars, pubs, karaoke and disco halls, Ibiza beats all records for their number. In the midst of the tourist season, the leading DJs of dance music come here.

Shopping. Here and expensive fashion boutiques, and souvenir shops, and many mini markets.


The main attractions can be considered:

  • National Monument to Dalt Vila;
  • Old Town, a place where you can stroll through the port, wander around narrow streets with multiple souvenir shops, galleries and restaurants.
  • Ibiza - Island of Delight
  • Urban walls built in the 16th century to protect against the Turks;
  • Phoenician ruins of Caaleta;
  • Almudaina Castle, erected in the 16th century;
  • Gothic cathedral built in the 13th century;
  • Puch de Molynes – Archaeological Reserve;
  • Cave Kan Mars – Beautiful Natural Object.

Resorts Ibiza

San Miguel – resort surrounded by the protected area. On his rocky slopes are hotel complexes.

Santa Elaria – The city in which you can visit the excellent restaurants with delicious dishes of local cuisine.

Talamanca – place where it is interesting will be resting and families with children and young people. Along the coastline of the resort there are restaurants, nightclubs and various entertainment facilities.

Portinach – Miniature resort with shallow beaches, ideal for recreation with children.

Santa Antoni de Portmani – Big city of Western Island, attracting numerous noisy parties.

San Vicente – This is a place for those who love hiking through low-survey places and secluded rest. Interest here: Cape Punta Gross, Alla Dins Cove and Cave ES Coolers.

Holidays in Ibiza is attractive as lovers of family and outdoor activities and fans of history and culture. This place will affect its contrast of the beauty of nature, azure water with its transparency and a variety of music, which is heard in any part of the island.

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