Ibiza lights

After about half an hour after departure from Barcelona, ​​the monotonous sea surface under the wing is unexpectedly replaced by a completely different picture.

C air of Ibiza, which is part of the Balearic Islands, it seems not so small. Only then you understand that for such a short flight, the aircraft is simply no need to rise high, so tourists can consider in detail the place of their future resting from a bird’s-eye view. Sometimes you can even see your hotel, if it is located in the vicinity of the largest city on the island, named in the same way – Ibiza.

The capital of the island is located on his southern tip, Barcelona is located from Ibiza northeast-east, and the plane is not enough that low flights above the whole island, so before entering the landing also makes a kind of familiarized air tour, fluttering along the entire coastline, soldered by hotels.

But not even this is a spectacle – snow-white cubes of hotels, the emerald green sea with a white foam of the surf, an endless strip of a sandy beach – captures the spirit. For the most sophisticated and picky tourists, Ibiza seized something special and demonstrates his "branded" Sightseeing already when adjusting to the island. This is greens, thick covering hills and mountains and the cleanliness of the ring rival with the sea. Island, it turns out, "All covered with greens". Sofa, Sosnova!

What does needles mean in subtropics (even if not our pines, and Mediterranean), you understand already on Earth, when, coming out of the airport building, you pick up the full breasts of the purest ozone. Feeling indescribable – near the palm trees, the sea, the beach, the sun is unlikely, and breathes – as on the Alpine highlands.

Such a unique combination turned Ibiza to one of the most popular island resorts of the Mediterranean. The healing charm of the purest coniferous air was opened by the ancient Greeks, and today they come here in the literal sense of the word to breathe from dust, smog and gasoline of large cities.

And yet – "disgust", yes so that the hell has become nauseous! In the turbulent sixties, it was Ibiza who was recognized as their informal capital and the main place of Hippie’s parties, and for them on the island, like flies on honey, all subsequent youth subcultures reached out. "Neformal" Increased in Ibiza, of course, not the beauty of nature, not cultural attractions and not piercingly clean air, – in the midst of a local partitioning vakhanlia "breathe" quite different, about which laconic posters on the doors of bars and night clubs with the image of a well-known dedicated cannabis leaf (marijuana). In the peak of the season, from June to September, on this marvelous island, using the legendary glory of the main partition "Advanced" European youth, people with conservative glances. Morals and outfits (or their complete absence) of regulars of such establishments may be too strong for unprepared.

The rumble of music from countless local clubs (they are called megaklubs without exaggeration there) comes, it seems to the neighboring Majorca, lying in 11 sea miles east. However, no matter how neither youth businesses are generally in general and to megaklubam, in particular, it is necessary to pay tribute to the fantasy of their owners. So, the club Privilege (the world’s largest, about which there is a corresponding entry in the Guinness Book of Records) is easily able to take up to nine thousand (!) lovers of active night recreation, which shakes not only brushing bullet music, but also "Live paintings", Proceed on a peculiar screen – a solid wall of water flowing into the pool in the center of the dance floor. And in Amnesia, indeed, it is easy to achieve full loss of memory, – all the time of night action on dancing from the ceiling flows of soap foam. Indescribable feeling, but expensive outfits on this party are better not to wear, except for the need for "Minus".

However, the noise, gams and all of the extreme, who brought Ibiza to the fame of the coolest youth parties, are going to no. Tired by sleepless club nights The young pig droves around the houses, and the landing of connoisseurs of other life joys put on Ibiza. These are solid family couples, artistic, artistic and literary bohemia and numerous celebrities – from Madonna to Julio Iglesias, who have long looked at Ibiza, secluded villas in the mountains.

Ibiza lights

That they entail them to the island? A rare combination of things, in general, polar: the pristine wildlife – with first-class comfort, rocky shores – with secluded coves and perfect sandy beaches, ultra-ferry boutiques – with colorful reckless hippies in the open air, and still blooming meadows, pine and olive groves. Modern hotels are organically neighboring there with elegant and concise local Mauritanian architecture – white Mazani houses, red tiles, patterned end. And in the old town on the rock, outstanding deep into the sea, the majestic and ascetic medieval castle is towers.

Three and a half thousand years ago, people lived here, as they say archaeological excavations. Then the island’s valuable in navigation relations opened noble seeds and antiquity traders – Carthaginians, which in 654 BC.NS. laid the current capital of the island, calling it to Ibossim. Around the same epoch in Ibiza, the Greeks appeared, which struck wonderful coniferous air. All the Balearic Islands they called the name Pitius ("Pine-covered"). And years for two hundred to the Nativity of Christ in Ibiza, famous conquerors – Romans, in which the island, oddly enough, managed to maintain the status of independent "Confederate City Port". Four centuries, the Byzantines appeared in Ibiza, launched a powerful irrigation system and trained Aboriginal Azam farming.

Come on the island of Arabs for many years turned him into a transit point between Africa and Europe. And today there are arabic spirit here: the very snow-white houses – Mazani, traditional costumes and musical instruments that locals demonstrate on holidays.

In 1235, the island won the Spaniards, and more precisely – the Catalans, and since then Ibiza belonged to Spain, at times, however, moving into the hands of those who, in turn, won Pyrenees. And on the island often appeared pirates, managed to create here their pirate international. They visited either with the battle, or peacefully – sharing with the islanders of the loose prey.

Well, as a place with such a rich history, not to become a tourist Mecca! Unlike the more famous neighboring Majorca, which has long done the symbol of the elite (read: dear holiday), Ibiza is more democratic. On the island of Rada to any tourist – extravagant young "Neformal" and family couples with children, a millionth, who is not accustomed to deny themselves in pleasure, and crammed in the means of a student. Just amazing how they all fit on the block of land of 570 kV. kilometers – and everyone finds themselves an ecological and cultural niche to taste. As they say, places need to know!

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