Ibiza – Fabulous island, located in the Mediterranean, almost 80 kilometers from the Spanish coast. Ibiza is part of the Balearic Archipelago and is the third largest island. To date, this area seems to be the island that is almost completely covered with pine forests among which, neither little large cities are located, for example, popular among tourists – Santa Elaria Des Riu and San Antonio de Portman.

However, vacation in Ibiza seems quite interesting and saturated not only in densely populated cities, but also in remote corners of the island. There is everything you need to stay with any tourist to be comfortable: well-equipped beaches and swimming pools, many sports fields, gastronomic bars, architectural and historical attractions. And amazing nature with pines, palm trees and cacti in combination with a light atmosphere of fun turns to stay on vacation in the real holiday.

The peak of the holiday season on Ibiza falls on March and stretches until November. However, in the winter months, the resort attracts thousands of tourists, because thanks to the gentle sea breeze, rest in January is also quite comfortable.

Ibiza is an island that never sleeps: round-the-clock fun, bright nightlife, comfortable beaches and a lot of entertainment, it seems that this place is the territory of an endless holiday and a friendly atmosphere, which will no longer meet anywhere.

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What is interesting to look in Ibiza?

Top sights Ibiza

Ibiza Castle

Ibiza-Town district

San San

Beach Talamanca

Cathedral of the Immaculate Virgin Mary

Cap Blanc

Beach Playa Den Boss

Ibiza: excursions and events

A variety of excursion programs in Ibiza will surprise anyone. Here you can go around the island on the yacht, stopping on clean, abandoned beaches, which are shrouded in untouched nature. Or keep a course from Ibiza Island to other islands of the archipelago, which also possess their own unique history and boast of beautiful species. Of course, one of the most popular sightseeing programs is the program in the city of island.

Anyone can sign up for this sightseeing tour and go along with the guide and excursion group on a comfortable bus on big and small settlements of Ibiza. Such an introductory excursion lasts about seven hours, and its cost is usually varied from 25 to 32 euros. The final price depends on the number of wishes and day of the week, for example, on weekdays, the cost of the ticket will be lower than on weekends.

It is impossible not to say about the museums of the island, where the most interesting excursions also unfold. The most unusual presented at the Museum of the Giant Cemetery Puig Des Molins, its area reaches about fifty thousand square meters. There you can see the burial of the entire ancient period, from the Roman Empire and to the seventh century our era. This cemetery is unique in all senses – there are more than three thousand ancient graves, crypts, beautiful tombstones and unusual statues.

The entrance to the cemetery is free, getting into the excursion group you can postpone from the post of protection. The organizers will call everyone and offer several options for visiting a cemetery as part of a tourist group.

History of Ibiza

Climate in Ibiza

Climate in Ibiza refer to Mediterranean. It is favorable for rest at any time of the year. Summer on the island is always warm and dry. The precipitates are big rarity, however, due to the fact that the island is surrounded by the sea, the air on Ibiza is wet. Temperature in the summer is often varied from + 25°C to +30°C. The hottest month is July, it was then that the thermometer’s column can and rise to the mark +38°C.

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Winters on Ibiza Soft, average air temperature drops to +17°C. However, the constant sun creates the feeling that on the street, at least +20°C. Autumn and spring on the island are also warm, these periods are characterized by morning fogs and small gusts of the wind.

For a more accurate definition of degrees worth viewing the weather in Ibiza by months.

Ibiza: entertainment and active rest

The main amount of entertainment in Ibiza is presented on the beaches. It is they attract a large number of tourists, so local authorities and entrepreneurs unfold near or on the very territory of the beach itself quite a lot of unique and exciting areas for entertainment. For example, most urban beaches you can find water slides, the finish of which leads directly to the sea, most of them are intended exclusively for adults, but there are a couple of children’s attractions.

Also on the beach install mobile sports fields for a volleyball or alert football in which anyone can take part. In addition, there are water park on Ibiza Island, there are dozens of various attractions and entertainment places for both young and adult visitors.

In the city there are zones for playing golf and tennis. And if among travelers, there are lovers of horses, they can go to the stable, where you can feed the animal or ride on it.

We must not forget about the opportunity to spend your time extreme. For example, immerse yourself in diving equipment, ride surfing or just go for a walk around the sea on a yacht. Extreme lovers on land will often conquer the mountainous terrain of the island, which give not only the pleasure of overcoming incredibly complex highlands, but also unique natural landscapes.

Transport features Ibiza

Transport in Ibiza is represented by buses. It is they who run from the stop to the stop without forcing the waiting for passengers more than 3-5 minutes. The fare in public transport is fixed and is 1 euro. Ride buses start from 07:00 am and return to the park at about 21:00.

For those who do not like to wait for buses at a bus stop can take advantage of a taxi or take a car for rent. And the one and the other option are quite costly, since the value of these services in Ibiza is several similar, for example, in Madrid or Valencia. For example, for 1 kilometer of travel in a taxi, the passenger will have to pay about 1.6 euros, and in Madrid the same service will cost 1-1.2 euros.

Many locals pick up tactful tourists right on the road, it comes out more profitable. However, it is worth remembering that the counter is not installed in private machines, so the final amount of travel must be combined in advance.

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