Ice cream in Thailand – what to try sweet tools?

In hot Thailand, of course, it is standing ice cream. Especially since it is very tasty here. There are several café ice cream networks, each minimarket is refrigerators with a variety of ice cream types, and in the menu of restaurants usually find Sandy or Banana Split. Ice cream Thai love very much!

What ice cream is in Thailand?

From World and Local Networks Popular Baskin Robbins, Häagen-Dazs, Swensen’s, Ice Monster, Dairy Queen and others. In addition, you need to eat in Thailand "Fried ice cream". You will find such trays in shopping centers and in the markets, for example, on Sandy Market. The seller mixes various fruits and berries with yogurt or milk on a large circle, similar to a flat plate, where Roth pancakes with a banana. However, the stove does not heat, but on the contrary – freezes. When the mixture is pretty frozen, the seller turns it into small rolls and folds into the crem.

Separate item – Coconut ice cream in half coconut. Homemade ice cream make manually and sell in small stores or at fairs. Coconut ice cream on Phuket can be found everywhere: from the Fair on the street Talang to Bangla Street.

Svenasens ice cream

I will tell you more about my favorite SWENSEN’s ice cream network. In my opinion, this is the best that you can come up with a sweet bowl. Diverse menu, the ability to choose balls to taste, pleasant interior and democratic prices are beneficial to allocate SWENSEN’s ice cream café among the others: ordinary Baskin Robbins, luxury Haagen-Dazs, fruit-berry Ice Monster and others.

The variety of ice cream tastes pleasantly surprises: Rock at Heart with small chocolate hearts, my favorite Rum Raisin, refreshing Thin Mint, pulling Sticky Chewy Chocolate, with a taste of the Macadamia nut, strawberry-vanilla Wild At Heart and many, many others – perfectly suitable for dessert Valentine’s Day. Romantic choice will be "Fondue for two" For two with four huge balls, fruits and waffles, which need to be inceated into hot chocolate. Little 4 balls? Then you will fit "Chocolate fondue" With nine balls. And on a cocktail: chocolate and strawberry, be sure to floating the ice cream ball. Or better sobray? Yes, eyes run. Do not forget that you can make your own ice cream, on the last page of the menu there is a table of all flavors of ice cream and various topping: cherries, waffels, chocolate balls, nuts. For those who follow the figure, invented a skimming ice cream, for example, the taste of February is fat free taste with strawberries and kiwi. Not forgotten here and young guests. You will be happy to offer coloring, and at the checkout you can buy a toy month. But the most delicious is ice cream cakes. Chocolate, vanilla, with macadamia nuts and even with taste of green tea.

She was so tasty all described, – tell me, – but I said about the price. Please: a big ice cream ball costs 59 baht, chocolate millionaire from four balls 149 baht, and cakes from 700-800 baht. You can find SWENSEN’s cafe in Jung Ceylon shopping centers on Patong, Central Festival and Lotus in Phuket Town and opposite the Ocean Plaza store in Phuket Town. So see you in SWENSEN’S!

Ice Cream in Thailand - Milk Cocktail, Pricing Travel Guide in Phuket

Ice cream in stores and minimarkets

In Thailand, a lot of local and imported ice cream brands. Walls and ETE do not cease to amaze. It would seem that earlier the most exotic flavors of ice cream were Durian and green tea. Although no, the most always was the taste of Rammith (written Ruammitr – รวม มิตร) – a combination of coconut milk, pandan and sweet corn. Moreover, now a large selection of vegan ice cream and without the addition of sugar. And now in any 7-11 you can buy such tastes like:

  • corn
  • Red beans
  • Taro
  • Black sticky rice and tarot
  • Green mango
  • Chinese Water Walnut (Water Chestnut) in Coconut Milk – Thai dessert Tab Tim Crop

Cafe with homemade ice cream

On Rommani Street in Phuket Town there is a Torry’s cafe, where you can try ice cream with the taste of Phuket dessert O-EU and Pong tubes. And they also have ice cream with pumpkin, corn milk, chewing, beer and even whiskey. In the Thaivetro cafe on Yovoarat Street List of home ice cream is very large: from classic chocolate, fruit and berry to such tastes, like Wasabi, Tom Yam, Energy Redbull, Dark Beer, Blue Vodka, Durian, Popcorn and More. Both applications are described in my mobile guide. Pleasant gastronomic travel.

Ice Cream in Thailand - Milk Cocktail, Pricing Travel Guide in Phuket

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