Iceland – a report on my first trip abroad

My name is Maria, I’m 27 years old. I went to Iceland with a company that gathered in Instagram. We moved on a rented car and looked different corners of the country. In this report I will talk about my journey in Iceland, about housing prices, food and gasoline and the brightest Icelandic impressions.

I always knew that Iceland would be the first passionate journey. For the first time it was possible to choose a more budget place, but I wanted to go there.

Why Iceland

Visit Iceland was long ago my dream.

I am much stronger to touch natural beauty than any architecture. Natural beauty wildly admire. In the head, there was always the image of the mountains, the ocean, endless fields and beauty of wild icelandic nature, which not to describe words. Not to say that I often stumbled into pictures and stories about Iceland – no. Even from my acquaintances at that time no one went. I just always knew that the first place in the world I want to see is Iceland.

Therefore, when I accumulated a sufficient amount of money and made a passport, I started moving towards Reykjavik.

When we drove

I traveled in May 2017, without a road stayed in Iceland full of 13 days. Almost 2 days left on the road.

With the trip, I decided on February. Planned not herself, but adjusted to the team, but I can say that May Holidays Good Time to Visit Iceland. Throughout the time we were accompanied by sunny weather, without rich rains. Only in the evenings was a little cold.

With whom I drove

I did not find myself companions among friends and acquaintances, but I also did not have to travel.

In Instagram, I came across the offer of a blogger traveler who gained people to his tour in Iceland. 4 people got into the team, including the blogger himself. Two girls and two guys – the perfect composition and number of people for traveling by car.

We joined another company of 8 people on a small bus. Kept together, drove each other, but lived, bought food and made stops separately. Just kept the connection just in case.


I received Icelandic Schengen.

To do this, I needed a travel plan, tickets for both sides, hotel armor and an extract from the bank. We planned to spend the night in removable houses, so I was asked to specify their GPS coordinates in the consulate.

Visa was given only for the period of rest. She cost 60 € (about 5000 rubles. on that moment).

I flew to Reykjavik with a change in Helsinki.

  • Flight Moscow ; Helsinki Died around 2 hours And I went around at 12,000 rubles.
  • Flight Helsinki Reykjavik – 3.5 hours, No power cost about 15 000 USD

The earlier planning the trip and buy tickets, the cheaper it will cost. I bought tickets in two months.

From the guys who were with us on the journey, I learned, How else can you save on the road from Moscow:

  1. Save on Sapsan Moscow ; Peter – from 4000 rubles.
  2. From there to get the bus to Finland – from 2000 rubles. on that moment.
  3. From Finland by plane to Reykjavik – the most budget path.

Our accommodation in Iceland

We always stayed in different places, depending on which part of the island was.

To better feel the spirit of Iceland, we shot Icelandic houses or, as in Reykjavik, apartment. Housing booked on Booking.Com.

Approximate price order:

  • Start price per night for two – 7000 rubles.
  • We were four – it is from 14 000 rub. per night. I have not seen cheaper.
  • We had 14 nights, For housing we gave 200 000 rub., on 50 000 USD for man.

Apartments in Reykjavik are very expensive. We stayed there in the last night. They wanted to hold her beautifully and removed the excellent two-story apartment in the city center.

You can save on housing, if you stop in camping in a tent, in terms of cost it is much lower. The night per person stands around 800 rubles., plus tax – 150 rubles. From the tent for the entire period in the campsite.

What and where we ate

Since we were all the time in the island of the island, we took care of the nutrition in advance, binding all sorts of non-abstensive products.

In the cities there were network supermarkets "Kronhan" and "Bonus". They are open to about 18:00.

"Bonus" – this is something like our "Pyaterochka", for many products there are good discounts, but they look unprepacently. For example, vegetables and fruits do not stand there, but simple products – cereals, pasta, seasonings, why not.

Behind vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products, it is better to go to "Kronan". There the range is wider and more attractive. Products in Iceland are a bit more expensive than in Russia, even those that produce in Iceland itself.

We prepared in the evenings, stopping in the houses, and also have breakfast in the morning. The diet was the most ordinary products that can be quickly cooking after a busy day and how to quickly eat on the road.

About food in restaurants: The average cost of one dish – 2000-2500 rubles. Portions are large, one dish you can easily. In the restaurant we fightered only once, when they stayed in Reykjavik in the last night. All delicious but expensive.

As we drove in Iceland

In Iceland, we traveled by car.

For 13 days we drove 4500 km. Closed the full circle along the coast clockwise, starting and finishing it in Reykjavik.

Most of all costs entered housing and gasoline. The analogue of our 95 for 2017 was worth about 2.10 €. Considering that in the plans we had to travel around the whole island with the ability to travel to any place in which we wish, and spend there so much time as it wanted – personal transport is a big plus.

  • For rent a car we spent 55 000 rub.
  • About 35 000 rub. went to fuel for 13 days.

To save, book a car better 2-3 months before the trip. So you can get the minimum price.

Local companies attract price, a choice of cars and unlimited mileage. Lease conditions everywhere Some and the same, differences only in a fleet.

In Iceland, there are Russian rights issued after 2011.

Iceland - a report on my first trip abroad

We saved the maximum on the car – took a little car. She cost 2 times cheaper than an SUV.

The cost of the passenger car for 2 weeks – from 700 € (50 000 USD) without insurance. Minus – it’s hard to get to some parts of the island. Passenger car just will not reach.

Cellular communication and Internet

SIM card we had one on four with unlimited Internet. The connection was kept among themselves and only the guys responsible for our journey sounded.

With the purchase of local SIM cards did not occur at all. They are sold not only in corporate stores, but also at airports. We had a SIM card operator Vodafone. Package calls + traffic, registered for a passport, at the end of the trip came to the salon and closed the SIM card. Everything is very simple.

What is interesting I saw in Iceland

For tourist, the most popular places in Iceland is the Valley of Geysers, Izekülsurloon Glacial Lake and Waterfalls SalialandsFoss and Skagafoss. They are in the southern part of the island. the entrance is free.

You can visit Hot springs "Blue Laguna". There are natural pools with different water temperatures, but those in which it is pleasant to be, it is 30-40 ° C. Blue lagoon water, due to mineral substances dissolved in it, kills any bacteria and strengthens immunity.

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Entrance ticket – 50 €. I think it is worth affording this pleasure and half a day to enjoy the stay in hot springs, if you arrived in Iceland.

In addition to the blue lagoon in Iceland there are pools with the same sky blue water and ocean views / Photo by

V Valley Geyserov There are also hot springs, only they are completely different. Under pressure from the Earth, huge water fountains and couple. Now one of the geysers acts every 5 minutes and beats more than 10 m up. This will not forget, the spirit captures. Many geysers whose activity can be waiting for an hour and longer.

SelianalandFoss – My favorite waterfall in Iceland. He is huge, water falls from a cliff into a small lake. The waterfall is so high that if you look up, it seems that water is pouring from the sky. This waterfall has paid parking – about 400 rubles.

Schagafoss – This waterfall is also worth seeing. It is located near SelralalandFoss and is notable for the fact that almost to the very foundation there is a staircase with stunning views. One of the few waterfalls where it is possible to be very close to its foundation. Parking there is free.

Lake Yyukülsurloon

Lake Yykülsurloun / Photo by

Second place, which made a big impression on me. This lake has access to the ocean. Huge ice floes flooded with a glacier. Through a small strait, they float into the ocean. It is difficult for me to describe the words of emotion that causes this place. Captures spirit! You can stand and watch the cliffs of the ice infinitely, especially if you get there at sunset, as it happened to us. I do not know what else the country can see so many different natural beauties.

About impressions

The first is the brightest impression of Iceland – visiting the rocky mountain. We walked very long on her top. From there, he opened a paradise ocean view, with the most gentle of the sunset seen by me, and cute and touching birds were sitting on the edge of the cliff – Stamps.

It was so magical, fascinating spectacle, which is impossible to convey words.

A strong impression on me was made by the endless ocean with a black shore. We, as children, rushed from the waves and behind them, typing full water sneakers.

After the beauty of the Icelandic nature, Reykjavik seemed gray and boring.


For the whole trip, no unpleasant incident happened to us. Icelanders are very welcoming to tourists – several times we turned to help (ask the way). Local helped us at any time of the day and with any weather. Even from the guys who were responsible for our journey, and who visited Iceland more than 10 times, we did not hear about some unpleasant situations that happened in this country.

How much I spent

All the journey along with tickets cost me 150,000 rubles. About so I counted.

I do not regret no second of the spent money, nor about the choice of the country. I do not remember anything at all.

There are amazing memories that I managed to survive, and I would repeat it again. When I flew out of Iceland, I thought only about how I want to go back there someday. And I hope that I will come back. Iceland surprising. And very touching country.

Tips and nuances

You probably already understood that Planning a trip better at the end of the spring – the beginning of summer, as the weather is quite warm and no heavy rains.

On the island everywhere receive cards (I had Visa), but just in case it is better to have a little cash in minor expenses. You can make money at the same airport.

Take the car from local rollingrs: their conditions are better, and for savings it is necessary to make a reservation 2-3 months before the trip. And I would advise you to buy insurance for the car, as it can easily come an insured case. Roads in Iceland are pretty stony. I would not like to pay companies for cracked glass.

And who from our readers, as well as Maria, visited this mysterious unique country – Iceland? Write to us in the comment on this article or send your reports to the site. Publish.

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Iceland - a report on my first trip abroad

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