Iceland. What is waiting for tourists to the edge of the world?

Iceland covered by a riddle island. Although it is far away in the north, but the temperature in winter is not lower than 5 degrees, and in the summer it reaches about 20. This is due to the warm flow of Golf Stream, so tourists may not be afraid to freeze.

But here not only climate is amazing. Culture of Iceland combines modernity and ancient traditions. Iceland’s language for the last millennium has practically not changed, so local residents can freely read the vintage documents. Despite the fact that Icelanders Modern people with a large number of advanced technologies, they are very superstitious and often contact the services of sorcerers.

Iceland populated only by 20%, the rest of the territory – This is wildlife. On this island of tourists attract geasers and volcanoes. The inhabitants of the island use hot water from sources for their needs, such as heating of greenhouses and greenhouses, inside so warm that Icelanders even rain fruits are grown there.

Cape Dircholay

Cape Dircholai is Bird Reserve. Tourists can see such unusual birds as deadlocks in their natural habitat. But since this is a protected zone, in the spring during the nesting, the cape is closed for visitors. Around this place also Tyulena live. Especially lucky travelers will be able to see these unusual animals. But be careful not to disturb the animals and do not come close to them.

Cape Dirholai is also famous for its Beaches with black sand. They are striking the extraordinary combination of paints. Saturated blue ocean, black volcanic sand, which smoothly goes into shades of gray wet stones Capture spirit. But tourists are most Fascinals big arch from Basalt. She is so great that under it can freely swim the ship or even fly the plane.

Another unusual landmark that Cape Dirholei boasts is a big Ancient lighthouse. One businessman renovated him and turned into a luxury hotel.

Colored mountains Landmannoyar

For those who prefer bright shades in a great place to visit, the Multicolored Mountains will be Landmannoyigar. One of the main entertainment is Tent camping for tourists. They are usually located next to hot springs, so visitors have an excellent opportunity to swim in healing water and gain strength before investigating the valley. For travelers, 6 marked trails are laid here (with a length of 4 km to 15), the route can be hiking or car. First tourists pass through lava fields, They were formed due to the eruptions of the Blanukur volcano, which is here nearby. Local Mountains have Many of the most diverse colors and shades: Owl-gold, red, red-hot, burgundy, blue, green, blue-green. And in combination of heaven, water, snow, ice and raising from under the ground of a white dense couple to create a feeling that they are stepping on the rainbow. Such an unusual natural phenomenon happened due to volcanic eruptions Nearby, the Earth contains in itself the inclusions of various volcanic rocks and minerals.

Skafatethet National Park

Iceland. What is waiting for tourists to the edge of the world

After a hard journey around the local mountains, it will be nice to relax and simply relax. National Skafatooth Park The most suitable place for tired travelers. In the park, compared to other parts of the island, a more favorable climate, and local beauties will surprise tourists no less. In the park there are high mountains, famous Black waterfall and amazing birch forest. Pleasant calm atmosphere and fresh forest wind will calm down and will give a cheerfulness to conquer new heights.

northern Lights

On the island of Iceland you can see such Unusual natural phenomenon. Northern Lights is a unique phenomenon represents a multicolored glow, atmosphere. Northern Light is truly beautiful and Fascinating spectacle.

Most often it occurs in the period from September to April. It is best to go to the northern part of the country. Night there is longer, and therefore chance to find the northern lights Higher.


Nature in Iceland is incredibly beautiful, but she Loves to experience people for strength. Sudden severe winds and rains often happen here. Therefore, before you go to explore her beauty necessarily Prepare warm and waterproof clothes, high-quality and comfortable shoes so that bad weather prevented the walk around the island. But overcoming all the difficulties that Iceland prepared for its guests, will cost the effort and the brave waiting Award in the form of indescribable beauty of landscapes and happy memories.

Iceland. What is waiting for tourists to the edge of the world

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