Ideas for successful May weekends

If you dream to go somewhere on a long weekend in May or arrange a picnic at another time &# 8211; It’s time to start planning. For those who are still looking for a picnic idea, we have a few sentences &# 8211; cheaper, more expensive requiring greater or less activity. Something for everyone!

Prague, London, Paris &# 8211; Visit the capital of Europe

A few days in May &# 8211; Ideal time for organizing a short trip to one of the European capitals. Spring weather, sunny, but not hot, promotes learning and overcoming large distances on foot. Although Rome, Barcelona and Berlin overflowing all year round, In May, the queue in the most popular museums and tourist attractions will certainly be shorter than in July or August.

How to organize such a trip? Start by searching for transport, because it is the basis of planning. Explore the schedule low cost airlines and remember that the sooner you start search the ticket, the more chances you have to buy it at an attractive price. On weekends, especially in the long May weekend, prices will be higher, so go to the road in the middle of the week, if you can. If you want to lower the price even more, do not use an additional suitcase. 10 kilograms of hand bags are quite enough, If you save things and put on the hardest clothes.

You can also easily reach Berlin, Prague or Budapest by car. Just check if you have a valid ok and good air conditioner, which will allow you if necessary Quick and convenient Return to Poland.

What about the night? The easiest way to find it &# 8211; through online services, Such as Airbnb.COM (rooms, apartments, apartments) or Booking.COM (Hotels and Guest Houses). When looking for a place for overnight, use the possibilities of social networks and ask friends recommend You have a good place. If you do not have problems with accommodation in someone else’s house, join the chase of the chase services &# 8211; You will spend the night on the sofa in the living room, but no one will tell you about this city better than a person living in it for years!

Going to such a journey, Remember about comfortable clothes and shoes. Take the map, make an excursion plan not to walk around, and check the websites of the places you want to visit, for promotional promotions and important information.

What about insurance? Before leaving, be sure Get an Ehic map, which guarantees you access to public health in most European countries. However, remember that EHIC will cover the cost of your treatment only in the event, If services are provided free of charge In this particular country. The remaining items will have to pay from their own pocket. So if you think that for a short time in the departure to buy a tourist policy is not worth &# 8211; You are mistaken. Curved leg, broken hand, poisoning or sunshine can cost you hundreds and even thousands of euros. So never, never cancel your policy.

Rapid trip to the Adriatic Sea

If you lack high temperatures, sun and pacifying species on the sea, spend a few days on the Adriatic. On the car you can go to Croatia, Slovenia or Italian Adriatic Rivier, on the way 10-15 hours, but most of the route passes on highway and good quality roads (Sometimes, unfortunately, paid). May &# 8211; the beginning of the season in these areas, finding accommodation will not be difficult, so you can easily stay without prior booking.

Just remember that on the Adriatic not all countries are included in the EU. To cross Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will need a Green card. You can buy it with insurance of civil liability, some companies Join it for free.

What to do on the Adriatic? In Italy, you should visit the Venice district &# 8211; Log in to stay in one of Tourist towns (loved by Bibione Poles, Lignano Sabbiadoro or Lido Di-Jesolo), stroll around the sea, visit the water park, which is a lot in the area, Enjoy the Italian Sun and delicacies of local cuisine, visit Venice, Padua, Bologna or San Marino.

Ideas for successful May weekends

In Croatia worth going to Istria &# 8211; Visit Pula, Rijek, stay at one of the small tourist resorts by the sea. You can also go down to the Dalmatian Rivier, visit Zadar, beautiful Trogir and Sibenik or Split.

Slovenia too Beautiful and noteworthy, But still not very popular with Polish tourists. In addition to Ljubljana, it is worth choosing the Julian Alps as a destination &# 8211; Mountain tricks can go on one of the vertices. For the rest, we recommend Lake Bohin and Bled, Beautifully surrounded by high mountains, impressive caves of post-by-one and skot, or sea resorts, such as Piran, Portorož and isola. Have something to choose!

Cruise on Mazuram

Beginning of May &# 8211; The usual beginning of the season on Mazur lakes. Although the water is still too cold for swimming, climatic conditions are ideal for admiring the surroundings from the sailboat deck. If you have long dreamed of going to the real cruise, maybe now there is a good opportunity to carry out this dream? Ads for organized cruises can be found on sailing forums or in thematic groups on social networks. but better ask friends and go to a cruise with someone who already has experience in this topic. Moreover, only a trained person with a license of yachtsmen can rent a boat.

How to prepare for a cruise? First of all, take with you Comfortable clothing for cold protection, Wind and rain &# 8211; shoes on the rubber light sole (so as not to leave the divorces on the white deck) and the waterproof jacket, t.N. Storm jacket. It is also necessary to put the cream with a strong UV filter in the cosmetic. You should also decide on the cruise route, read a little about the surrounding, Knowing where you can, for example, make purchases in the store or find a pharmacy. It is also worth remembering that the May weekend &# 8211; this is Moment of awakening on Mazur lakes &# 8211; Not all places will meet guests with outstretched arms, and in some places there are closed restaurants.

Before going to the cruise, make sure that the boat you sit down is insured. Politics for sailors and yacht owners Casual not only expenses, associated with possible damage to the boat and other water equipment. Also, insurance will work when one of the cruise participants will cause harm to a third party (liability insurance in privacy) Or got into an accident (NNW).

Ideas for successful May weekends

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