Yerve-El Agua: frozen waterfalls or Mexican Pamukkale

A good city is Oaxaca, not only that the busy and remarkable, it also has a lot of places worthy of attention in the surrounding area. I know that first of all, everyone goes to Monte Alban, and also do not bypass the attention of Mitlu and Tula Tree. We also did not exception and all this conscientiously looked. But there is one place, to which not all come out, maybe because it is further all the others, maybe just not so on hearing. We decided: «walk»! Found out, prepared and went on the road. The purpose of Steel Thermal sources of Jerve-El Agua (Hierve El Agua), famous for people as "Frozen waterfalls". This miracle is 70 kilometers east of Oaxaca.

Surely all or many people heard about the Turkish miracle of Pamukkale. So, Ierve-El Agua if not the same, then a very similar phenomenon of nature, maybe a little more modest in size, but not so actively visited by tourists.

Looking in advance, I will say that it is so far one of the most beautiful places, among those we have seen in Mexico. To get here to get to do a hard way, but what the eyes appeared before, forced to forget about everything! And it is not an exaggeration at all. I assure it better to see once than hear a hundred times!

Of course «Waterfalls» – This is not a completely correct definition. There are no falling noisy streams of water, breaking about the Earth. But there is this: if you turn to chemistry, then we are not dealing with anything other, as with calcium carbonate. Frozen in bizarre forms on the slopes of the mountains, it looks so that no other word except «Waterfalls», It does not come to mind.

Description of Jerway El Agua

Merve-El Agua complex consists of Two main waterfalls: small and big.

First we get on Small waterfall or «Cascada Chica». This, in fact, is not such a small rock, her height is thirty meters, and the width – sixty.

As soon as we saw all this beautiful, they immediately understood that it was not for nothing that came here. Even agreed that they would have trained not one-seen attraction for the nature of Nature. Ierway-El Agua – It is some kind of unreal combination of colors and textures, yes plus more magical views of the surrounding valleys. Is it possible to stay indifferent?

First of all, attention is attracted Two small pools, formed naturally from deposits of minerals. Water in these baths of an unusual emerald color, which in combination with white and reddish layers of deposits looks insanely beautiful and colorful.

Of course, I immediately wanted to touch the clock to plunge into it. Moreover, a couple of tourists and several local guys and girls with pleasure took the healing baths, enjoying the views of the mountain valley. Yes, yes, the medicinal water, because it is saturated with salts and minerals. What was the disappointment and disappointment, when the water was literally ice, and that in the first, that in the second pool (although I read somewhere that in one of them it should be significantly warmer).

Since I was the sheltered, I had to be content with a rinsing of the legs in small deepens, where the sun had time to warm the water to the temperature of the pair milk.

Andrews gave the floor to himself and emerald water, which will certainly be at her late walk.

Until noon, Mexicans and tourists and tourists were quite a bit, so they managed to do good frames, transmitting the atmosphere of privacy and the irritability of natural intent. As we understood, the local loves to come here whole families on cars, with children and old men. It is understandable, the sun is mercilessly, and swim and cool in these parts especially. Therefore, if you want to fully appreciate the energy of the place, without screams and the evidence of the children, coming here early.

By the way, do not forget to look at Two spring, which, in fact, fill the pools. One source you definitely do not miss, it has been kept on the bottom terrace and is surrounded by iron grille. But I saw the second by chance, and Andrews did not see at all, because it was attached near the upper pool, in the corner. Something strange is going on in it: a torment, foam and horror, as if someone was the washing powder added. Good that he is not in sight.

As you already understood, there is still Big waterfall or «Cascada Grande». The best view of it, in my opinion, opens from a small waterfall. Hence, he appears in all its glory: petrified water flowing down in flows, as if frozen magma, only white. Impressive and, perhaps, unforgettable spectacle. You can look at this cascade from below, as evidenced by several tropic paths. However, we decided not to descend there, due to the lack of time and assumption that the view is still better.

But nothing could stop us so as not to visit the top of a big waterfall. There we went to goat trails. Before you step on the stony land of these most trail, the sign appeared the sign warning that without a qualified guide there is better not to go there. We looked around, shrugged and, without having heard the backs of warning screams and curses, with a calm soul proceeded on the route. I note that nothing terrible and dangerous we have met, no matter how they tried. Although local, and even moreover, obedient travelers we encountered along the way were with guides and issued sticks for support. There go there for ten minutes, I wonder where so many fears and fears.

Protectly reached before «Happers» Second Cascade. From it, species open no less exciting: a small waterfall looks even more profitable than close to, the whole valley is like on the palm, and even some huge birds above the head are circling.

At the top of the cascade, there is also a small puddle with «Boiling» water, or rather, spring. It is definitely not possible to swim in it, the depth is not that, and the plates are asked not to disturb the source. The water in the middle of the boils and repeatedly breaks out, breaking down with thin jets down on the tight narrow canals. By the way, Hierve El Agua is translated as «boiling water».

A large waterfall is really big: it has a width around ninety meters, and height – eighty. When you try to look down the spirit captures, and the soul immediately hides in the heels.

Here it is here that I want to sit on the edge, sighed with a full breast and, staring at the distance, to realize how happy you are, once you have the opportunity to see.

After a small relax, they returned through the same thorn to the pools of a small waterfall and did not believe their eyes: literally in half an hour the number of people increased several times. Everything around shouted, squeaked, run and swim. The shop in the shade of one single tree was occupied by the crowd of those who wish to just be in a pretty place and lay on the people.

Andrews for curious views of Mexicans committed ablution in the miraculous waters of the source and remained completely satisfied with them.

A little swearing, the wonderful place of Jerwa-El Agua, who became a little native and one of his beloved, and went to the parking lot in a farewell look.

In the parking lot, tourist tents with souvenirs and clothes, as well as cafes, where you can have a snack, if the hunger suddenly cares.

We were also coming to find something to go back to the way back, or rather, in Mitlu. Surprisingly it turned out not so simple (I will write about movements at the end of the article in the section on useful information).

Well, summarize. Is it worth spending time to visit Ierway-El Agua? Definitely yes! This is from the category of topics that do not leave anyone indifferent. Unreal nature, feeling of freedom, mass of impressions and emotions are provided. The beauty of this place fascinates. I think you yourself have understood everything.

Ah, yes, those who have time and desire can Stay to spend the night On the territory of the park and even more to penetrate the beauty and the uniqueness of this wonderful place. Prices are more than humane: rental cotter – 160 Peso per person, place in camp – 40 Pesos. Maybe we were not in vain?

Enjoy you walking in the park Ierway-El Agua, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

Bonuses for our readers!

* On the first booking with a total amount of more than $ 75
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How to get to Ierway El Agua from Oaxaca and back

There are a pair of options.

First (the easiest way to get into the right place): Order Tourist tour. You will be placed in a comfortable gazelle, you will take, where you need, they will give up the handle, will tell, will show everything and take off back.

This option is absolutely not for us, somehow we do not like to look at the places in other people’s eyes, namely through the eyes of the guides, who, suspect, from all of this beauty, I already gerants and want to work as soon as possible and leave.

For this reason, the achievement to Jerve-El Agua turned to us in a kind of adventure.

Second (difficult, but interesting way): A trip to the frozen waterfalls takes place in two stages.

Stage first: you need to get to Mitla. You can do it on a bus that is departed from the second-class bus station (Central De Autobuses de Segunda Clase de Oaxaca). It is located between the streets de Valerio Trujano and Juarez Maza. From the street, this is a terrible building so we will not see, it is better to ask or carefully look at the gate, leading deep into the street, destroyed shopping tents and shops.

At the box office, you don’t need to buy a ticket, immediately go to the platform and look for or wait for the bus with the inscription Mitla. Travel costs 16 peso. In the way about 1.5 hours.

The bus came across the cracked (I suspect that they are all such), I fought from everywhere, the seats fell off, but all this is not critical when there is a meeting with beautiful.

Stage Second: Driving to Mitla, you need to transfer to the route to Yerve-El Agua. You can do this near the place where the bus will stop, but it will stop near the local bus station. Remember this place, you still come back to Oaxaca.

The minibus to be found is called the caminoneta (Camioneta), which is translated as «van». Looks like a machine with a body, covered awnings, inside – Passenger shops. I note that as soon as you leave the bus to the street and begin to smoke with her eyes looking for her, someone will definitely utter the magic words «Ierway-El Agua?» And on your nick head will show where to look for a cherished frame.

Ierway El Agua Frozen Waterfalls or Mexican Pamukkale

Travel on this miracle car costs 40 peso per person, go a little more than an hour. The fifth point for this trip will say «thanks»: bumps + wooden seats will give indescribable sensations))

However, everything has its advantages, for example, there is an opportunity to ride with interesting characters and see beautiful landscapes.

By the way, if you feel bad to carry mountain roads, looking like a snake, which came on the tail, grab the pills from the pointing.

On the way to Cascades, our firewood stopped in front of the barrier, for the passage through which 10 pesos were taken from us (they were warned on the ticket to be prevented that the visit to Yerve-El Agua was paid separately).

So, how long, briefly, got to the destination.

How to get to Oaxaca from Ierway El Agua

The procedure for action is the same, only in the mirror reflection: Ierway El Agua – Mitla – Oaxaca.

Stage First: get to Mitla. Everything turned out to be a bit more complicated than expected, because they could not find what to go back to Mitlu. Kamionuette in the parking lot were there, but the drivers refused to go until 7 people were scored, and they did not want to gain any.

Began to think about going to leave someone from vacationers, but their cars were clogged with people under the urban. So waited for a whole hour, wagged between parking and gates at the entrance, next to which in the end and settled waiting for happiness.

Tried to stop the tourist gazelle on the way out, but the driver made a hand gesture that he would not take us. However, the guy selling entrance tickets and sawing our torment (as it was already waiting for more than an hour), something told the driver and he agreed to throw us to Mitla. It turned out that his places loose had and drove it exactly where we needed, here. The guide asked how much we are ready to pay, they voiced the same 40 pesos from a person, as for the fireset. Everyone was satisfied. Darestly for forty minutes.

So lay the time on the way back, especially if, as we plan to visit the ruins of Mitla on the same day.

Stage two: From Mitla to Oaxaca planned to take a bus from the bus station. They go, if I understood correctly, every hour (for us the next would be at 17:30), there is also a passage of 16 peso. But we intercepted the taxi driver. The same, about which I wrote in the article about Tula. This is not exactly a taxi, rather, a taxi bus that dials to the failure of people and takes from each fixed fee. Maximum number of people – five. The same taxis, we could use in the morning, they depart from De Galeana Street near the second-class bus station.

Fare of Mitla to Oaxaca – 25 peso with man. Travel time – 40 minutes.

Prices, work schedule, recommendations

How much is the entrance ticket to Ierway El Agua Park: 25 Peso

Park work time: from 7:00 to 20:00

How much time is needed: We spent 3 hours in the park. In my opinion, this is a minimum. Ideally, of course, stay on the territory with overnight to fully enjoy the magnificent nature at sunset and at dawn, get enough to get enough and just feel the place.

Recommendation: Align at Visiting Yerve-El Agua Park with a walk on the ruins mitla complex, as the second is on the way.

Where we lived in ohak

About where we lived in Oaxaca, I wrote in detail in the article dedicated to the attractions of this wonderful city. If short, then we took the housing on the airbnb website. Here is a detailed article in which I will dissolve what kind of service, how to use it and in what its advantages, and also show the housing that we rented with it, including Mexico, maybe it will also like.

If you do not know which side to approach the issue of finding housing, I recommend reading the article on how to find housing in the journey.

Ierway El Agua Frozen Waterfalls or Mexican Pamukkale

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