If a friend refused to suddenly: overview services for finding companions

Tell me where and how to find on the Internet new friends for travel. We consider popular Russian services and social networks. We give recommendations, how to have time to find a companion, even if a couple of weeks remained before vacation.

Spoiler. Article is not about it.

Hi, I am Yana, a new PR-manager in a buying.

For the first time I went on vacation when I was 24 – late, taking into account the fact that I started working full time at 21. And all why? Because it was not with anyone: the holidays with friends did not coincide, then friends chose trips to parents in Barnaul, it turned out that vacation in Europe – a non-disabilities for the current luxury life stage. I didn’t want to go to one: first, I would have to pay extra for the single placement, secondly, it was somehow very sad (I do not speak desperately – just sadly).

By the time I worked without rest for two years and worked further, if it were not for a happy accident: in the dining room of the business center I met a girl from the neighboring office. She, like me, wanted to fly somewhere, but it was not with someone – and here Bingo! – we have found each other. With Lena, we coincided in the interests and temperaments, bought a tour of Cyprus and spent two incredible weeks there, full adventures. At first, the office lexicon continued to fly from the language: negotiating, we called the flight attendants secretary, and the room in the hotel – the office. The symptom of the workaholic passed days after five, we completely relaxed and went in taste. Lifehak: It is advisable to rest with the frequency that labor legislation recommends.

During the next four years, traveling with friends was planned by themselves, but in 2016 the problem "not to go with whom" again drawn. Understanding that the re-accidental acquaintance in the business center is still not worth it, I went to a seminar of one travel agency. Most of the event – the standards of participants: everyone talked about himself and the countries of their dreams. At the meeting, I did not flash to anyone – I left with anything and anyone, the Travel-Speeding failed. But next week in the VKontakte group of this meeting, I met the future best friend.

Since then, a year and a half. Together we have visited in three countries, but the hope of a joint holiday with the next summer they have a scatter: I introduced a girlfriend with a long-time comrade, and it seems to be resting in the coming years they will be together. Well, it’s time to look for a new tool for finding companions.

Overview of the most popular services

Find a traveler is easy to vkontakte and on Facebook – in thematic groups and public users are looking for companions for traveling. According to the audit parameters, no specialized site is close next to VKontakte and Facebook, and there are dozens of groups, in discussions and on the walls of which people are looking for each other.

For example, a regularly updated topic in the VK group Just Travel.

But the group "Travelings", where every day is published about a hundred fresh ads of people from all over the country.

In the group "Dharma’s tramps" get acquainted not only in the discussion, but also in the comments on the wall.

The inhabitants of large cities are more convenient to go to local groups: with a future fellow traveler, it is better to see live in advance, and the aircraft is more fun together.

In Telegram, oddly enough, the channels for the search for companyon are few and modest for coverage. For example, in one of the most popular channels "I am looking for a companion" a little more than a thousand participants – so if someone is looking for a free niche – Welcome. Well, if you know good Telegram channels, decisive our task, write in the comments.

At the same time, the social network in Russia is not only VKontakte, Facebook, classmates and Instagram. If only because travelers have their own.


One of the most visited sites of Russia to find travelers and acquaintances for joint time in the city. Multifunctional service and combined with a common idea – useful dating for a wide variety of collaboration. Here you can find a pair of travel, fit into the big traveler movement (read: join the company of travelers), find friends to study foreign languages ​​together, engage in steam dancing, take pictures of each other or just walk around the city.

Access to user advertisements are available without registration. Search filters suggest that the traveler can be signed on the floor, age, the presence / absence of children, holiday dates and the desired travel location (you can choose to 7 countries at the same time). In fact, filters work in times and sometimes remove the "non-target" people.

One of the latest innovations – search for people for selected geolocation. This is useful, for example, when you are looking for new friends while in another country. That is something like a Tinder for those who do not know about its existence.

Despite the slightly outdated interface and search problems, "Makhnem" – quite a work tool. New tourist ads are published regularly, users often write themselves, offering their travel destinations and walks around the city.

2. Poputchik.Ru

Two in one: Forum and service for finding traveners and companions for urban / Occorodsky leisure.

The interface does not look modern, but here you can immediately see the proposals for those with whom you. Set this city startup filters and the desired country of your journey.

Of course, when applying restrictions, proposals immediately becomes more than less, but you can log in and on the other hand – place your ad.

This is done through the filling of a small form.

There is a more or less live forum, where travelers get acquainted and share their impressions of travel.

3. Just fellow traveler

Simple and slightly more pretty site for the same purpose. Choose a month, source and end point, Meet ads or publish your own.

Lack of service – Small attendance and weak user activity. Counting only on it, you will look for a companion for a long time.

Parallel Thematic Direction of the Site – Air Reviews of Airlines . Here, the activity is higher than in the section with searching for new friends.

4. Fixmeet

Fresh social network, which positions yourself as a new friend search site for collaborative, sports, leisure and travel. Simple and easy site where you can also search for a companion.

If a friend refused suddenly overview of services for finding companions

Fishka – personal calendar in which agreements on meetings and travels are recorded. It is a pity that has not yet implemented synchronization with Google Calendar.

5. Team2Travel

Team2Travel is a clear specialization: here you do not offer to find a new friend for horseback riding or reading on roles – the site is sharpened only under Travel. As for the search and interface – the most convenient and pleasant network from here.

Of the advantages – thoughtful search: immediately output the most popular destinations for travel, at the same time you can choose which software is planning to fit into.

Theoretically, one more advantage of the service is the opportunity to get acquainted with the user profile in the social network before responding to the ad and fit into the adventure. Social profiles, however, no one fills, and sorry.

We will not hide, the site works imperfect. For example, one authorization via social network does not do, it will be necessary to register with reference to email. But with Mail to Gmail you will not allow you to register – the system can not recognize it.


  1. The main advantage of the specialized service compared to the trend in the social network – filters. By setting the necessary parameters, you can very quickly limit the search issuance only by those people with which you, for example, coincide the dates of vacation and the country that you want to visit. First of all it saves time.
  2. None of the considered services can boast a large and high-quality audience, therefore the Council – try it at once, and better – in parallels with groups on social networks.

At the end of a couple of advice to those who are in search of a friend or a friend for a couple of weeks (or how to go)

  1. The main thing (and no matter, you are looking for a companion or companion) – turn the head and be alert. If you have any doubts about the honesty of your interlocutor – it’s better to go away from sin. How ok, for example, the fact that you – the girl is another, a completely unfamiliar girl, not at all offers a completely covered vacation costs, and even arrange an unforgettable shopping? This is the case that happened to my girlfriend on the site "Makhnem". In this story, it is clearly something impudent, and it is better not to experience fate to find out what exactly. Cash and non-monetary scam sets are set, and does not matter, one is the interlocutor.
  2. If you meet people on specialized sites – do not hesitate to ask links to social networks (non-messengers) to continue communication already there. Social profile will deploy all points over I. Communication, for example, in the inactivity, rely on your intuition and facts: See what a person lives, which is in the sphere of his professional and personal interests – will it be comfortable together? You live in one room, walk along the narrow streets of Verona, climb in the mountains (or what you love there), communicate, in the end.
  3. By adopting an ad, specify:

• countries, cities (islands) who would like to visit;

• Estimated dates of your journey;

• budget and level of comfort;

• Format (independently, excursions, combined);

• Leisure preferences: Tell us about your temperament and interests: Someone wants to soak on the beach, someone considers rest to be failed, if it does not hide in all the fortresses, churches and natural attractions of the region, do not make several tens of kilometers on the National Park. Someone plans to cook himself, trying local products, someone plans a margin in local restaurants and bars. Share vacation is not the case when you need to pump accepted and tolerance – your aspirations, the image of thoughts and lifestyle should lie at least in the lowest parallel direction. The more detail you can tell about themselves and their dream vacation, the less time you spend on communication, not with his men. And of course, filter out ads on the subject of serious inconsistencies with your plans.

4. If you live in the same city, meet. Try to feel how comfortable you will be with each other.

And you let into your life a new person to spend together vacation? Tell us, are very interested to know your stories.

If a friend refused suddenly overview of services for finding companions

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