If airlines were sold paint

On the Internet, a joke has long been walking for a long time, which clearly shows all the illogicality of pricing airlines for the average man. Invented him and published the director of one of the largest travel agencies of the United States &# 8211; Alan Hess back in 1998.

So, let’s compare the purchase of paints in a regular store and in the airline.

Purchase paint in an ordinary construction store:

Customer: Hello, how much is your paint?

Seller: We have ordinary paint at $ 12 per liter and premium quality $ 18 per liter. How many paints you need?

Client: 5 liters of ordinary quality.

Seller: Excellent, with you $ 60

If the paint sold the airline, everything would have looked completely different 🙂

Customer: Hello, how much is your paint?

Seller: Well … It depends on many factors ..

Customer: what exactly?

Seller: From a lot of things ..

Customer: Well, then you call me the average price

Seller: Hm.. it’s a difficult question…

The minimum price is $ 9 per liter, we have more than 150 different prices, up to $ 200 per liter.

Customer: And what’s the difference in these paints?

Seller: There is no difference. This is the same paint.

Client: Well, then I am $ 9 per liter

Seller: To begin with, I need to ask you a few questions. When you plan to paint?

Customer: I’m going to paint tomorrow, in my day off.

Seller: Paint for tomorrow will cost $ 200 per liter

Client: What. When I have to paint so that it was for $ 9 ?

Seller: Three weeks, but besides that, you have to start painting until Friday that week and finish not earlier than Sunday.

Client: You probably joke?!

Seller: We never joke. Oh yes ; I need to check if we have paint.

Customer: What does it mean, do you have paint? Here is she! You have all the shelves to be forced!

Seller: If you see it, it does not mean that we can sell it to you. We sell only a definitely set number every weekend.

Oh, and by the way, the minimum price has just increased to $ 12

Client: You mean that while we talked to you here, the price has grown?

Seller: Yes. As you can see, we change the rules and prices for 1000 times a day. And since you have not yet bought in paint, we decided to change prices. If you do not want it to repeat it again, I advise you to immediately buy it. How many liters you need?

Customer: N.. I definitely do not know, probably 5 liters. Let’s buy 6, for sure enough.

If airlines were sold paint

Seller: Oh No, you can’t do it. If you buy paint and do not use it, you will have to pay a fine and maybe you can confiscate that paint that you purchased before.

Seller: all right. We can sell you enough paint so that you paint the kitchen, bathroom, hall and bedroom, but if you graduate painting before painting the living room, then you break our rules.

Customer: And what is your difference in general, I use all the paint or not? I paid for her!

Seller: Do not worry so much in vain, just such rules. Our plans are designed for the fact that you will use all the paint, and if you do not do it, it causes us a lot of problems.

Client: Yes, this is a madhouse! Does something terrible happen to happen if I won’t paint until Sunday?

Seller: Yes, it will happen ..

Customer: Well, okay, I better buy paint in another place.

Seller: There is no difference where to buy paint. All have the same rules. You can buy paint for the bath, bedrooms and kitchens elsewhere, but then you will not be able to paint the corridor, which connects these rooms, if you buy paint not with us. In addition, if you paint only in one direction, the paint will cost you $ 300 per liter.

Customer: You said that the most expensive paint on $ 200 per liter!

Seller: Yes, but this is if you paint the room without stopping in a circle to the point in which you started. Painting part of the room is more expensive.

Customer: This means that if I buy a paint on $ 200 per liter to paint the corridor and paint it only in one direction, you confiscate the remaining paint?

Seller: No, we will take a fine with you.

Customer: Well, okay, I will paint the whole room completely in a circle to a point in which I started.

Seller: Excellent, with you $ 200. You need a bank with a lid and handle to be comfortable to carry? If so, then you are additionally $ 50.

Client: It’s just robbery! Here are your $ 250

As you can see if you replace the flight ticket to any other product, the airline approach to the prices of air tickets becomes very strange and at first glance, absolutely illogical.

If airlines were sold paint

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