IF Castle in Marseille

One of the most popular places of Marseille – IF Castle. The phenomenon of its popularity is based on characters, one of which was never there – this is an iron mask, and the other was a fictional hero – Edmon Dantes (Alexander Duma "Count Monte Cristo").

Millions of tourists come to the Island of IF every year to walk through the prison rooms, soaked in the spirit of the mystery and danger of the room.

Being initially a fort for protection against attacks from the sea, only once in his entire history of the gun from the castle IF shot. So the King Francis I welcomed Catherine de Medici who came to him.

Lack of tourists landmark does not suffer. In many ways, this is the merit of the works of Alexander Duma. Do not be His heroes, it is not known whether the castle of IF was so popular.

Warn that from visiting the place of detention Edmon Dantes do not expect a lot. The island is small, the fort architectural delights does not have, cameras for inspection in it a bit.

If, being in Marseille, have a little time, literally 2-3 hours, we can safely go to the path to the castle of the human spirit and the power of will. Tested indescribable emotions from the inner premises of the castle, narrow stairs, fear and hopelessness. Fort was built to stop enemies from the sea. But nowadays, he is still slightly and mysterious. And it always attracted people.

Path to the mysterious castle (how to get)

In Marseille from the old port from special purses, boats and small boats, delivering tourists to the castle of IF. Often they are called Duma Heroes names. All boats and ferries go in a circle: Old Port Castle IF – Friule Islands – Old Port.

You can purchase a ticket only one of the points or on the entire route. Because of the bad weather, the journey into the lock may not take place. Carefully read the schedule of trips to the island.

How much is a trip to the island of IF

A visit to the museum in the castle will cost five and a half euros. For tourists up to 18 years old entrance is free. There is a system of discounts for students and pensioners.

There is a small pleasant moment: if you travel in four and among you there is a child up to 12 years old, the ticket to the ship to the castle will cost three and a half euro less.

Ticket to the boat to the island costs about 15 euros.

When you can get into the dungeon (opening hours)

You can go to the castle of IF only by sea. Ferries from the old port from a special pier begin to go to 9:15. The frequency of flights is 15 minutes. Symbolically, the name of the ship – "Edmon Dantes". Superval tourists may not worry: in the castle for many years they do not need. Last ferry departs at 18:15.

The museum in the castle is open from 9:30 to 17:00. Monday – day off.

The castle on the island of IF hosts guests (temporarily, of course) from 9:40 to 17:40 from mid-May to September 20. On the other days – from 9:00 to 15:30.

In prison there is a day off – Monday. (from September 15 to March 31, as well as January 1 and December 25).

Short immersion in the works of Alexander Duma (time planning)

Marine Travel from Marseille to the island of IF will take about 25 minutes. Stay in the castle, excursion and walk around the island, will last no more than 3 hours. You yourself make sure that the island is small, you can examine it in an hour.

From the island of torture to the world famous museum (a little history)

Just 4 km separates the castle from Marseille. Mention of the island itself, still without a castle, meets during Caesar. He was on the island a couple of days before the battle and the impression remains about this place is not the most meditative (Caesar called the island of "Barring of all sabolls").

The island is a miniature, neat, its width of 180 meters, length – 300 meters. IF Square is 30 thousand square meters. For a long time, smugglers hid, pirates, fishermen, hunters.

In the Mediterranean Sea on the island of IF Friulsky Archipelago by order of the King of Francis I in 1524, the construction of the fort, which was supposed to perform a defensive function from raids from the sea. Until 1531, it was completed. The castle itself is not a unique structure: a square building and three round towers. Another castle complex (if this expression applies here) includes the patio, the tower for observations, the church.

Already at the end of the 16th century, the castle began to serve as a prison for dangerous villains. From those times it is called the castle of IF. Huguenots, heads of the Paris Commune, politicians and disadvantageous persons for French power were involuntary inhabitants.

Officially, the castle ceases to be dungeon in the 1830s. However, in 1871, they were brought here for the isolation of the heads of the Paris commune, and one of them, Gaston Krepe, was on the island of IF shot. He became the last in the list of prisoners of the castle. Championship in staying in a prison cell on charges of conspiracy against the king belongs to Chevalé Anselm. Soon it was discovered in the chamber invened.

It was possible to be in the walls of a reliable dungeon for anything. For example, the captain of the Jean-Batista Shto ship was imprisoned for the fact that in 1720 unintentionally brought to Marseille.

For a specific fee, it was possible to improve apartment in prison.At the top there were cameras for the rich: spacious, with a window on the sea. At the bottom of the prison rooms did not have no windows, no ventilation.

IF Castle in Marseille

Island of torture, political conclusions in the 19th century becomes a museum. The status of the architectural monument is assigned in 1926. Worldwide Glory He acquired after 1845. At this time, Alexander Duma publishes his Roman "Count Monte Cristo". Description of the main character of the work of Edmon Dantes in the castle of IF made the dunnament of popular. And in 1890, when she opens his doors to visitors, tourists flowed here to see with their own eyes so mysterious and terrible place. In the castle, created an exposure dedicated to the novel Duma. It contains all materials on the screen vendors of the work, the use of names from the novel in the names of goods, enterprises, geographic locations.

In the castle, except the Edmon Dantes cameras, is located and an iron mask room.

Today IF Castle is one of Marseille’s "business cards". Visitors to the city wish to a row with other attractions, be sure to visit this architectural monument.

Duma talent fans will be delighted (what to watch)

Watch on the island of IF especially nothing. Filved Dantes cameras, Pharia Abbot, Iron Mask. Plus a few more apartments, but already real historical characters.

The castle leads a steep road, then the screw staircase follows. Having passed on it, get into a narrow courtyard with a well and terraces with the chambers, separated from each other with lattices. Near each chamber with a nameplate indicating the name of the prisoner and the date of its location here. Having passed on the viewing platform, you can see the colorful views of Friel and Marseille Island. That’s all the interesting locations of the castle.

In the cafe you can admire the sea view and scenery of the city. If you purchased tickets for all three routes, you can stay near Frioul Islands. There is a better place and there are beaches.

First of all, a visit to the castle of IF is creating fans of literary talent in Dumas. Everyone who is familiar with his works, visit the island and the history of the tragic moments of staying in prison of the heroes of the French writer will deliver true pleasure. After all, so I want to believe in the fictional, strong spirit of personalities.

The main obstacle – Nature whiskers (Tips for tourists)

– Immediately warn you that because of the weather whims, the landing on the island may not take place.

– Carefully read ads at the box office, always warn about it. In such a situation, you can only be content with a clock walk through the sea.

– Along the embankment placed posters with the schedule of tourist boats on the island.

– Note that the ticket is not specified in the ticket. The tourist season will have to stand up to get back to Marseille.

– On the island of IF blowing strong winds. From the sun can be removed only in prison cameras. No vegetation. You can not swim: circle cliffs and stones. It remains to sit on the remnants of the walls or in the cafe.

IF Castle in Marseille

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