If so around the world.

It all started by frosty in the morning, when at my thirteen-year-old daughter Violetta came to the intersection of the Moscow Ring Road with Minsk Highway, intending to get in hitchhiker to Egypt and there, from the pyramid of Heops, celebrate New Year.

I must say that when we were going, – and I am not a newbie in the wanders, – the road, as always at the beginning of the way, seemed wide and direct. But it was necessary to drive not one country – all Eastern Europe and, finally, to be in Turkey, so that it became clear that we did not manage the journey, but the circumstances.

. Near the turn on Edirna, a truck passed on enough decent speed, but as soon as the driver saw us, he pressed on the brake.

Behind the wheel sat elderly man in glasses with a gold rim. I immediately reported that we were going hitchhiking from Russia to Egypt. And now it would be good to rent at least to Istanbul. The driver was delighted:

We can speak Russian. I often go to Russia. Moscow, Rostov, Krasnodar, Kiev. And now I return home in Mersin from Hungary. I can take you to the south of Turkey. There before the Syrian border in two or three hours can be reached.

According to the bridge, transfered through the Bosphorus Strait, we drove into Asia and along the marble sea through a solid series of seaside towns in the evening I got to Bursa. They decide – so the name of our chauffeur – unlike the overwhelming majority of Turkish drivers, did not stick to my daughter, so we spent straight in the truck cockpit, and another truck was stuffed on the motorway at Mersin – "Mercedes". Driver, having learned that we are heading to Syria, I began to share your unflattering opinion about all the Arabs. For some reason, almost any people unflattering opinions about their neighbors. If you listen to, then you might think that there are solid gangsters and crooks in front. When you cross the border and meet normal people, you hear similar stories about the inhabitants of the country that you just left.

Evening on December 31 caught us in Antacia – in the south of Turkey. We left the city in the direction of Haleba – the nearest Syrian town. Standing a warm summer evening. Star sky spread over us. Curled off the road and immediately borrowed in the mud. I had to go back and continue to go looking for a dry place.

In Turkey, foreigners do not give quietly walking on the roads. Local residents will not be promoted to approach English or German. Yes, and passing by cars inhibit themselves.

Pickup stopped. Elderly woman who was sitting next to the driver immediately looked at our foreigners in us, so I did not say so much as gestures showed. As far as I understood, she invited us to spend the night. We climbed into the body and drove with the breeze. A few kilometers, turning on the rural road, stopped in a big one, on the sight of a fairly rich, rural house. I got acquainted with the whole family: grandfather with a grandmother (she was invited to us), husband (pickup driver) with his wife and four children.

Nermin, the owner’s wife, spent two months visiting her uncle in Germany, so it could say good enough to speak German. She acted as a translator and narrator: Recently, our guest was a married couple of the French. They were also going to Syria, but so we liked that they were detained here for 10 days. During this time, they investigated the entire district, climbed the mountains, got into the sea. You can also not rush to go further. We have a big house. In the summer we grow tomatoes and cotton, so there is enough work from early morning until late evening. And in the winter there is nothing to do. Selakhattin – My husband – will be your guide.

The next morning thought. In Moscow, we planned to get to the New Year to Egypt or at least to the Red Sea in Jordan, and then immediately turn back (I needed to go to work on January 13, and my daughter was to school). If you go to Syria, you will probably need to stay longer than planned. Yes, and there is practically no money, but when you return to Turkey, you will have to buy a visa again. In addition, our equipment was not designed for such a heat – too many warm things that you have to drag on yourself. At the same time, it’s a shame to give up the visit to Syria, to which hand. Weighing the arguments for and against, I decided to turn back.

New Year met for a rich holiday table, but Muslim: no champagne, no other alcoholic beverages. Only for me made an exception, exposing one bottle of beer.

Finally, Selakhattin arranged a tour of Antacia, from which we learned that the city, called Antioch, was founded by Seleivsida I NATIAN in 300 g. to N.NS. Here was the Christian community at the head of which one time was the apostle Paul. And on the outskirts of the city in the cave, the temple of the apostle Peter has been preserved. Old Town is located on the eastern bank of the Arsi River. Now you can see the bridge, erected during the reign of the Roman emperor Diocletian (III century.NS.), aqueduct and ancient fortress walls, several mosques in Arabic style and an archaeological museum in which the mosaics of the Roman Empire are stored.

After inspection of all local attractions, we were going to go to the track, but Selakhattin almost satisfied us on the bus and paid the driver for travel to Adana. The bus brought us to the city bus station – to the very center of the city. During myself backpacks, noticeably sighted from winter clothes, we dragged on the outskirts under the hot rays of merciless groaning yard. Elderly Turk approached and asked in pure English:

Well, it is necessary! And there are people who know about the hitchhiking.

Yes. Go to the exit to the motorway.

Before him more kilometers ten. – Then he suggested: – Let’s go to my shop on the side of the street and drink tea.

When drinking us tea and writing a couple of addresses of their relatives, to whom we can seek for help if necessary, a man stuck up a bus and asked the driver, apparently, his friend, throw us up to the track.

Before the sign noting the beginning of the motorway, we are the only time for the trip to Turkey "Dried". The fork was ahead, but we could not go there without breaking the rules. Moving cars, going both in our and in the opposite direction. Stayed willingly, but everyone went to the other side. Locals from the nearest houses came to meet again and invited them to tea or for the night.

Lightweight stopped. The driver leaned out the window:

N Highway EC! N n I became not so much with the words how many gestures, explain: n just where we stand, and you can. And then, behind the sign, where the motorway begins, it is already impossible. n It seemed to me that my explanations had affected. The driver offered to be saved. Then he kept us a couple of kilometers and stopped at the police station. Began to explain to the policeman that we are going hitchhiking, and it is prohibited.

The policeman looked at me:

If so around the world.

Do you speak English?

I confirmed and noticed that the policeman was clearly satisfied with my answer. Apparently, his dictionary of foreign words has exhausted. Conversation with the driver continued in Turkish. As far as I understood, the policeman explained that the Russians simply cannot be delayed. Need to contact the Russian consulate, and this is such a magician with which it is better not to mess. The driver clearly disappointed and taking us back to the old place. Then ten minutes later I drove and began to offer. go to visit him.

Having stopped the car with a naked car, explained to the driver that we were going towards Ankara. He joyfully nodded. We hardly squeezed on the back seat and went. When the driver turned toward Antacia, I was indignant. We needed to be in the opposite direction. The driver joyfully nodded, showing on the opposite strip. Well, now you will have to vote right on the track, violating the rules. Breaking the incomprehensible driver and fearing to get to the eyes of the Turkish road police, we began to leather through the fence separating the oncoming stripes. At that moment, a truck swept past at high speed "Mercedes". His driver saw us and immediately began to slow down. We rushed to him.

In the evening we fell into Konya – the oldest Turkish city, in the XII century the exorbitant of the Cell of the Seljuk state. Here, the famous Sufi Mystic Jalaletdin Rumi lived here and there is a monastery of Mevlana – the center of the Order of the Dervish. And nearby – Alatdin Mosque and Madrasa Büyuk Karatay. We also remembered the city not so much with his historical sights, how much is a very thick fog. In three meters nothing was visible.

On the outskirts of the city, the road began to go to the mountain, and soon the city was visible as on the palm. In the darkness of his lights created a huge carpet, filling the entire valley. I began to look around the surroundings in search of a place convenient for bed. Lightweight stopped ahead. The driver walked around, tapping the foot on the wheels. We silently passed by. After a while the car caught up with us and began to slowly go on the side. And the driver with interest and even hopefully looked at me. I did not bring such a look and reluctantly waved my hand. Naturally, the car immediately slowed down. I opened the door:

We are going to Antalya.

Here’s great. I will take you to Sparta.

Now we went to the southwest, shredded twice and "Zhiguli" Dare to Antalya. And from there we had to cross all Turkey.

In the last plot, we were very lucky – I saw the Georgian number on "Forde". Waved his hand and turned to the driver in Russian with a request to throw up to the border.

They squeezed on the front seat, and under the nozzles lay backpacks in order not to beat their heads about metal cylinders on each of the numerous Koldybin. We talked about our journey, and Zuri Davitadze – about your business:

Once every two weeks I drive gas to Turkey, and then sell it in Batumi. So earn your life. And before, two years worked at customs. Earned not bad, but I like free life more. There is an apartment, there is enough money for the food, Polgorod – my friends. Why do I go to millionaires?

If so around the world.

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