If the hedgehog ill

In the UK, the swans are the property of Her Majesty. Without exception – and those that live in large numbers in the waters of the English parks, and those that are found in private estates. Even the famous swans in the pond in front of the London home of Anna Pavlova, inspired the great dancer, and those owned by the Queen of England: this is the law adopted in ancient times. Once, during the time of Henry VIII, the same rigor existed in relation to deer. As part of the animal law islanders certainly surpassed all. And these laws as everyone else, decided to comply in England.

For example, here do not let outsiders (foreign) animals – to the dismay of the old ladies who are not accustomed to give up their pussies and dogs even while traveling. That is allowed in theory, but in practice to implement this can not be – required semiannual quarantine, during which the animal can die from boredom. And to pay such quarantine able to just coaching billionaire – day quarantine is more expensive than a night in a decent hotel. It is believed that this law protects fauna UK from overseas infections, although much easier it would be to demand a medical certificate owners on the condition of the animal. To work around this unfair, according to many, the law, even the law-abiding Britons go to all sorts of tricks. One famous professor-linguist in the sixties (then it was a little simpler) to the law, he was silent and brought from Australia to the ferry young couple Kangaroo, expecting the breed in bed. Steam half belonged to the UK, half – France. Choosing a good time, the owner of Kangaroo went to a restaurant in French territory, and left a bag with animals at the entrance. The dyed kangaroo got out of the bag and began to walk between the tables. And the French waiters who would have to convey on the rules to the violators, prudently silent – from hatred of England and "Her idiot orders".

Or here is the cat. Everyone knows the love of the inhabitants of Misty Albion to these tricks, and it seems, the cat is there to start – a pair of trifles. Nothing like this! First, homeless cats are not. Secondly, there are almost all sterilized dogs, and their relatives of the male floor are castrated in most cases, so they are understandable to their kids, it is meaningless. Thus, the kitten can actually purchase only officially – through the club, which costs. But terrible. The potential owner of the cat must submit a declaration of income, a lot of references – about the appropriate housing conditions, about medical insurance and their own mental impact. And to top it all pass the interview in the society of animal protection, which will make its verdict – optionally positive. For example, if the cat wants to take a person whose work is connected with the roads, he will definitely receive a refusal: according to the rules, the first six months of life in the house cat should not be separated from the owner either for the day, in order to avoid stress (in a cat). One familiar "refusal" Lucky: The luxurious Siamese cat looked into the courtyard, where there was a migratory non-restored (a huge rarity!) cat. As a result, there was a brood of the silent kittens, which had to be addicted in quiet – so that the pedigree did not spoil. Those who wish lined up. And the cat disgraced the cat, at the request of her hostess immediately neutered. It was his last feat.

Actually, cats are not the only representatives of the feline family living in English homes. Incredibly popular specially bred little "Panthers" – The animals are superdowed and completely uncontrollable – and cyvels – small cats, who are sometime in Australia, but at one time almost exterminated because of their gland that distinguishes musk.

Another English people love badgers. "Love" – even not quite a suitable word, the badgers from them – something like Indian "Sacred cows", They are considered almost the most mysterious forest inhabitants and are trying to study in every way. There is even a society for the study of badgers. Classes are reduced to the following. A group of enthusiasts discovers on the forest glade Barzuchki Nerur and the beautiful moon night is going on this very glade. Think, on a picnic? In no case – to wait, does not look out of the hole bad. If it looks – believe that the trip has succeeded. And then long discussing it.

And spiders in England are elevated to the rank of saints – not bring God to kill a little spider. And fish (river) eat only from the store or from the farm, and fishing for fun – caught a crucian or pike perch and let go.

On the popularity of the inhabitants of the British Isles of Horses and Dogs (not prohibited pit-bulb, and the affectionate Irish terriers and Labradors) and it is not necessary to talk – the love for them has long turned into a cult, enough to look into any classic English novel.

As it turned out, more English people feed the gentle feelings for hedgehogs. Even the hospital for them is special built. Called "The Wildlife Hospital Trust" – "Wild Life Protection Society Hospital", but also has the second, also quite official name – "St. TiggyWinkles" (Reductive nickname of hedgehogs invented by the British). This is not a manifestation of traditional English humor and do not blazure rich millionaires. It’s just England. Why, ask you – for hedgehogs? Because they sick. How? Usually inflammation of the lungs.

It turns out that the climate in England is so stupid that there is suddenly the thaw among winter, the naive hedgehogs, deceived by imaginary warmth, wake up from the winter hibernation and crawl out of their minks: Think, spring has come. Not there was something. Frost beeps again, and animals are cold. There is a whole list of symptoms for which the disease is determined, the hedgehogs are specifically wanted in the forest and brought to the clinic – listen, measure the temperature, consider the pulse, and then they treat if needed.

In addition to such a common inflammation of the lungs, they have fractures (if you ever seen living hedgehogs, it is easily presented to yourself the sizes of their paws). Although the fractures (and other diseases) are treated all, not only heroes. The trouble is that at the speed highway crossing the whole country, the inhabitants of the surrounding forest often jump out, and cars simply do not have time to slow down. If the animal – for example, a badger or rabbit – died, then the saliva does not dissolve, but by chaporing five ten minutes, grab it home – a favorite cat on entertainment, to preserve her cat instincts. If the animal is oh, happiness! – Alive, but he has something broken, "then no reasonable Englishman will regret the time and effort and deliver the victim to the nearest veterinary hospital. And the hedgehog hospital accepts any animals – of course, if necessary. The incredulous random visitors will definitely hold the hospital and through the glass will show operational: four quite normal operating tables, as a rule, not empty, over each person is three vet (the profession of a veterinary doctor has long been here much more prestigious than the profession of the doctor is usual).

Founded "St. TiggyWinkles" Forest and Sue Stoker in 1978 That’s what about: In England, an unprecedented drought happened in England, there were nothing to eat in the surrounding forests, they were in the nor and died. Serdovalny Sue Stoker on the radio turned to firms producing food for cats and dogs, and they responded. Food scattered right in the forest and thus saved the livestock of local hedgehogs. And then at the place of the Family Family of the Stokeeker, this very much the hospital arose, by 1983, acquired the status of the hospital. Exists "St. TiggyWinkles" For donations, often considerable: English old women, instead of leaving the accumulated capital of ramps, with pleasure, unsubscribe money for charity needs – for example, at the hospital for hedgehics.

If the hedgehog ill

In special pens, recovering representatives of cattle – sheep and roebleties with tires imposed on broken limbs.

The hospital has long been transformed into a whole institution for the study of wildlife, and in addition to purely therapeutic offices, there is something like a rehabilitation center for animals from disadvantaged families. In the pond floats swans with swan. Father of the family died, and Mother Depression: Swan – Pair Bird. British specialists are watching the swan family, trying to help, – what we sleep in the songs, a bouncer tears, treated in Britain.

Even the hospital acts as a shelter for lost animals and birds or a young left without parents. The type of animal does not matter much.

If you never believed that all this is not fiction, and that "St. TiggyWinkles" actually exists, you can check. As you will be in England, on the way from London, not reaching Oxford, turn left – see for yourself.

What is me all? Yes to the fact that amazing country england. And people inhabit the unusual people. Because the islanders: on the island – everything is different there. Island residents exist in their closed world and sincerely and completely disinterestedly attached to everything that this world inhabits. And, if possible, they are trying to protect this world from all dangers, its inhabitants of threatening. Only on the island people who invented Winnie Pooh, Morrison-Morrison or Alice could be born. And only here it could come to mind to open the hospital for hedgehogs.

Try to ask the Englishman why the hedgehogs still live in the British Islands if the climate is so not suitable for the economic nature. In fact, the beasts always live only where they like. An Englishman, affected by your stupid, will shrug: "Don’t you know that England island? And the hedgehogs do not know how to swim".

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