If you fly the first time ; How to prepare for the flight and stop afraid?

You have the first flight by plane? Do not worry, now we will tell you how to prepare for the flight and what to do at the airport.


Before your trip you need to collect baggage. Unlike other types of transport, the entire luggage is divided by Manual jack (things that you take with me to the cabin of the aircraft) and Registered baggage, which you rent at the airport and he flies in the luggage department.

So all things you need to divide on 2 bags. In manual, it is better not to take heavy items, t.To. You will carry her all the time with you. After passing the security of the security of the carts and the storage cameras.

Please note that the luggage and manual stack, there are weight limits, dimensions and contents (not all things can be transported by air). You can read more about this in our articles ; manual sting on the plane ; and ; Luggage transport rules ;.

So baggage gathered. What’s next?

What to fly?

The answer to this question depends on the duration of the flight. If it is up to 3-4 hours, then no difference. If more, then pick up comfortable clothes from natural materials. Believe me, sit in the plane in close jeans six or more hours very uncomfortable. Clothes should be free.

If on arrival, you should look good, then take replacement clothes. In the toilet of the aircraft you can change and put yourself in order.

Regardless of the flight duration, pay attention to shoes. It is desirable that it be comfortable (not close) and without heels. If the flight is supposed to be in winter, then take with you warm socks, sit for a few hours in winter boots is very uncomfortable, it is better to remove them and wear socks.

What to take with you to the cabin?

As we have already written above, you should not take a heavy bag on board. If there is an opportunity, in manual, take only those things that you may need during the flight. For example:

  • Book (Normal or Electronic).
  • Tablet or laptop.
  • Moisturizing cream. In the plane is very dry air, so the cream will not be superfluous, especially if you have dry skin. However, keep in mind that the volume of the tube must be no more than 100 ml.
  • If you fly the first time; How to prepare for the flight and stop afraid
  • Schsy. On board the aircraft you can take some products. On flights a duration of less than 3 hours, usually do not feed, so a small sandwich and an apple will not be superfluous. Read more about Food Protection in Hand Blocks Read here >>

How to deal with the branding and the mortgage of the ears?

If you are telling you on other types of transport, it is better to bother about this problem in advance. In many pharmacies and even at the airport, you can buy special pills or dragee from sea disease, for example ; aeronor ;. This drug will help you get rid of unpleasant sensations during flight and nausea.

During takeoff and landing, many people laid ears, but in most cases it can be avoided.

Road to the airport

Think in advance how you will get to the airport. It can be a bus, minibus, taxi, electric train (aeroexpress). Faster things &# 8211; Aeroexpress. If you have chosen a bus or a taxi keep in mind traffic jams.

To the airport, you must arrive in 2-2.5 hours before departure and register. As a rule, registration ends 40 minutes before departure, but on some transatlantic flights &# 8211; For 1 hour.

How to stop afraid of flights?

According to statistics, every 3rd passenger in one degree or another fears the fear of flights. In this you are not alone.

But if you rely on statistics, you should also keep in mind that the plane &# 8211; The safest transportation. The number of victims of accidents associated with air transport is almost 3000 times less than on road transport.

If stress from the upcoming flight is strong, then drink and take a calming agent.

In no case do not drink alcohol before flying. For a short time, it can and will help, but in the way, passengers used alcohol feel much worse.

Flight is a strong load on the cardiovascular system and the body as a whole. Alcohol will only aggravate the situation.

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