If you want a girl – grab the leg, if the boy – then between the legs

Everyone knows that it is better to be healthy and wealthy. However, going to the Czech Republic, has thought: whether it is in fact so?

What to do in the Czech Republic a healthy person? Wander around Prague, to eat fresh trout, smoked eel, pork with dumplings, drink cheap tasty beer. On this opportunity of a healthy person can be considered nearly depleted.

Another thing – sick. The list of services provided by the Czech Republic to those sick with something, a healthy person can cause only envy.

Let’s start with the principal – with drinks. Despite the countless varieties of Czech beer to compete with a variety of mineral water, which is rich in this country, he was not able to do. Czech spa resorts, especially Bohemian Triangle – Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne and Frantiskovy Lazne – have long been known in the whole world. Here treated Turgenev and Gogol, Goethe and Chopin.

In Carlsbad Vary hot springs 60, part of which rises from a depth of 1 kilometer or more. The water temperature reaches 73 degrees. 12 of sources used for medical purposes. Medicinal chemical composition bicarbonate-sulfur-hloridnonatrievye thermal waters are useful for chronically ill, suffering from diseases of the digestive tract (in remission) and musculoskeletal system.

The list of indications for treatment Carlsbad is extensive: dyspepsia and gastric irritation intestinal mucosa, stomach and duodenal ulcer, post surgery stomach and intestine, gall bladder, and biliary tract, chronic diseases of the liver and pancreas. Water ride with diabetes mellitus and its complications, elevated cholesterol, gout and obesity.

Contraindication for the spa treatment Carlsbad are different stenosis, or obstruction of the biliary tract infection, liver failure and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Mineral water, unlike beer, is used not only inside but also as baths and irrigations. You can assign a pearl and galvanic baths, whirlpool, water, mud and paraffin complexes. Gas injections.

In addition, the resort – is a therapeutic exercise, swimming and walking. It offers guests an outdoor resort pool "Thermal", golf club, tennis courts, shooting range. Wishes to distract from thoughts about the treatment can go to the theater or a concert, and if health permits, and go on a trip to Prague, Plzen or castles in Central Bohemia.

Second star Bohemian Triangle – formerly Marienbad, Marianske Lazne and now referred to as an island in a sea of ​​green: so many forests and parks surround this resort town with 39 mineral springs. Bicarbonate-calculating-magnesium-iron and bicarbonate-sulfur-sodium sour mineral waters are useful for drinking, bathtubs and inhalations, and gas containing these substances is used for dry carbon dioxide baths and gas injections. Muds are treated as kidney and urinary tract diseases: chronic inflammation, urolithiasis, condition after the operation of the kidneys and urinary tract, the absence (congenital or acquired) of one kidney – and the diseases of the respiratory tract: chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, State after their operation, anemia, anemia, metabolic diseases, musculoskeletal system, gout and diabetes mellitus of the 2nd degree.

True, you can not go on the waters.

Contraindications are: chronic glomerulonephritis, the presence of obstacles in the urinary tract and conventional contraindications of resort treatment.

Do not underestimate the effect of mental relaxation during treatment: the city is surrounded by forests, full protein, hares and deer, with which you can easily meet for a walk.

In the traditions of old resorts and "secular" Entertainment of Former Marienbad: City Theater, Music Hall, Regular Pavilion Concerts. Casino and nightclubs work.

If you want a girl - grab the leg, if the boy - then between the legs

Frantichkov Lazne specialize in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, metabolic disorders, musculoskeletal system. In addition to bicarbonate-sodium-calcium acidic water, here is treated using sulfur-iron mud. There is a huge experience in the treatment of gynecological diseases and infertility. Patriotic customized Czech doctors assure that infertility is treated by 99 percent, if the client comes to the resort not alone, but with the future father of the child.

It is believed that with infertility you can fight here, complementing medical procedures for the action of a local talisman – Baby boy sculptures. If undergoing for it – success in childbearing is provided. Just grab it is necessary for nothing, but intelligently: if you want a boy born – then between the legs, and if you are preferable to the girl – then behind the leg.

Treatment time in the sanatorium depends on the diagnosis. Optimum term – 21-28 days. Consultation of the doctor and the general examination, during which it will be determined how to treat you. Many sanatoriums work professionals in the field of medical cosmetology and dentistry.

In the sanatorium, any "star" There is a full-fledged three-time dietary nutrition, and if necessary, special diets.

To get to the Czech resorts to the Russian citizen is easy – only a passport is needed. But you should know that all hotels and sanatoriums are most often full and place must be ordered for one and a half or two months ahead, the savagery is not to relax here. It is more convenient, and sometimes even cheaper to use the services of firms specializing in health tourism.

For example, travel company "SKM-Trevel" It has strong links with many sanatoriums of the Western Czech Republic, specializes in group and individual tourism. Participation "SKM-Trevel" In the International Tourist Exhibition in Moscow, Mittx97 from March 26 to March 29 will allow everyone to obtain the necessary advice, as well as conclude agreements. The company, by the way, invites heads of medical institutions to cooperate on the formation of groups for recreation and treatment at the famous Czech resorts.

You can go on the water to the Czech Republic at any time of the year, including now, in the spring. But if you still have a little closer, also not trouble. In the summer, the film festivals are held here, and in the fall – the festival of symphonic music "Deliankova Autumn".

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