Ikarus returns – now electric!

Up to the collapse of the USSR, rectangular "Ikarusi" of red was a business card of the Soviet tourism industry. However, after 1991, these buses, at a minimum, the decade regularly delivered passengers to Mount Akhun in Sochi, ran from Simferopol to Alushta and slender ranks were on Red Square. Only to zero years, the Hungarian technique has finally exhausted the reserve of safety and tourists moved to Mercedes, and later – to Chinese "Jutong".

The legendary "Ikarus-250" was released "circulation" of 17348 pieces, which almost completely acquired the USSR for the needs of the tourism industry

The most popular in the Soviet years were the models "Ikarus-250" and "Ikarus-256". In those days, they were not inferior to German Mercedes and Swedish "Skins". The USSR scoiled from Hungary buses with tens of thousands, or rather – changed. For one "Ikarus", Budapest received 20 cars "Zhiguli" or 10 minibuses "RAF" Riga assembly. Vase products enjoyed good demand in Western markets. Hungary sold cars to Europe, earning a hard currency in a simple scheme.

Red bus "Ikarus-256"

Late modification of the "red" buses "Ikarus-256" was positioned as a purely tourist, which was facilitated by panoramic windows and increased comfort

After the collapse of the Union, the Ikarus plant in g. Sheeshfervar slowly, but rightly began to break to bankruptcy. Russia and CIS countries stopped buying Hungarian buses, switching to cheap bus second-hand from Europe. Should pay tribute, despite the difficulties with the sale, the Hungarians did not lower their hands. In zero and tenth years, they have developed at least a dozen new models in the desire to settle the markets of Europe and even America. However, none of these buses managed to become a massive.

Bus EAG E91

In the XXI century "Ikarus" rolled from the production of fashionable tourist buses to the assembly of minibuses of the EAG E91 model for Latvian carriers

If in the best years "Ikarus" produced 12 thousand. cars per year, by the end of 2010, this indicator, stopped reaching and up to a thousand. The last original model of the Hungarians constructed another 15 years ago, after which they were engaged in a small-scale assembly of relatively old techniques. The company slowly faded, and it was clear that only the "foot of the horse" can save him. It is possible that the innovative model "Ikarus-CityPioneer" will be such a Joker for the Hungarian Plant, which received the index "IC 1311 U".

So the hope of the Hungarian car industry, the new model Ikarus-CityPioneer looks.

The general public model of the Hungarian Electrobe was first introduced in 2019. At the International Salon of Busworld Europe buses, annually held in Brussels, "CityPioneer" caused a considerable excitement. Several German firms immediately signed contracts for the delivery of buses. Russian companies began to look closely to the electrical reincarnation of "Ikarus". However, the main sales market "Ikarus-Citypioneer" is still far from Europe – in China.

"Ikarus-Citypioneer" in the exposition of the Brussels Salon "Busworld EUROPE

In fact, without Chinese participation – the revival of Ikarus would be impossible. ELECTROBUS EUROPE LTD Holding was specially created for the production of electrical. It entered the Ikarus plant and the Chinese concern "CRRC URBAN Traffic", which produces automotive equipment. The control package of the new enterprise received the Chinese, they also provide a lion’s share of components for the production of Ikarus-Citypioneer. To be fully honest, the Hungarians make only chassis and body. Everything else, from engine and transmission to auxiliary electronics, has a Chinese origin.

Manufacture of an electrobus "Ikarus-Citypioneer" at the plant in Sahsferehervar


Length NCoppilla electrical equipment is 12 m, width – 2.5 m, weight – 12 tons in an empty state, the maximum speed reaches 70 km / h. Engineers deliberately limited the last characteristic, since the model was created for the transport of passengers within the city. Municipal transport rarely accelerates faster than 50 km / h, so the declared indicator is enough. Electrobe is capable of transporting up to 81 people, for 30 of which – seated places are provided.

New "Ikarus" on the passenger line Beijing

A synchronous electromotor with a capacity of 240 kW is used as an engine (approximately 326 horsepower). For its work, a block of lithium-ion batteries is used from the Chinese company "CATL" with a capacity of 313 kW / h. This is quite a lot: it is enough to say that the same indicator of the famous "Tesla" is only 85 kW / h, t.E. almost 4 times less. Powerful ACB allows the new "Ikarus" to overcome up to 300 km without recharging, which is more than enough to work on urban routes.

Instead of diesel, under the hood, Ikarus-CityPioneer – battery pack

Aluminum electrical body has a classic design. The manufacturer gives him a guarantee of 16 years. In the best traditions of "Ikarus" – for passengers there are comfortable chairs, as well as the convenience of the new time: USB ports for charging gadgets, LED information board and even air conditioning. Seats are equipped with three-point safety belts, so that the salon of the new "Ikarus" is like a plane reminds.

Salon of the new "Ikarus" quite satisfies the requirements of modern design

The first year of the full release "Ikarus-Citypioneer" was the 2020th. Despite the pandemic and subsequent economic downturn, he was incredibly successful for the Hungarian plant. The production of electric drives was more than 4 thousand. units and they all found their buyers. As it is not difficult to guess, the main part went to China and is already quite successfully working on the Lines of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The model "IC 1311 U" turned out to be quite successful, so this year it is planned to increase the release of electrical.

This is how – to all the famous "Red Ikarus" in the 21st century transformed into an innovative electric office, which will hope, will be waiting for a successful future.

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