Ikitos (Iquitos)

Ikitos (Iquitos) – City and large port in Northeast Peru, located on the Amazon River, approximately 1010 km north-east of Lima. Population – 360 314 people (2007).

Ikitos is the largest city on the territory of Peruvian Amazonia, as well as the only major city in Peru, which cannot be reached on the road (with the exception of 100 km of the site to a small town of Naouth, also cut off from the rest of the country). With the rest of the country, the city is associated with river and flights.

The city of Ikitos was founded in 1757 and began to actively grow in the 19th century after the start of rubber boom in South America, during which majestic buildings were built here, such as the Iron House (Casa Del Fierro), designed by the French architect Gustave Eiffel.

After the appearance of rubber plantations in the countries of Asia and Africa, the rubber boom ended and suddenly, as it began, as a result of which the city’s development slowed down.

Today Ikitos is called «Window in Peruvian Amazonia», Since this is the main starting point in numerous tourists for traveling.

In Iquitos and its surroundings there are more than 20 different levels (mostly 3-4 *, but there are top fives) hotels and lodges, in the latter, closer to nature for which most tourists are preferred here.

Climate in Iquitos – Tropical hot and wet, with medium humidity more than 85%. All year round here. Average temperature all year round from +26 to +31 °WITH.

The most wet season lasts approximately from November to May, at this time humidity sometimes reaches 100%. The rainy is considered December, January, March, April and May.

Less rainy months – period from June to September.

The lowest level in the Amazon River in October.

From Lima in Iquitos you can only fly by plane (travel time 1.5 hours). In addition, it can be saved here on a ferry from any major Amazon port.

CORONEL FAP FRANCISCO SECADA VIGNETTA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT – International Airport in Iquitos, main aircraft Peruvian Amazonia.

Copa Airlines – Panama City (starting from July 14)

The center of the city life of Ikitos is the area Plaza de Armaas (Plaza de Armas), Located surrounded by colonial architecture buildings.

Ikitos (Iquitos)

Here on the Square Armaas is famous Iron House (Casa Del Fierro), Designed Great Eiffel.

(Belén) – The city district, which is a typical Indian village, turning into a rainy period in the village on the water. Some houses here are on wooden rafts from the logs, on which they float during an increase in the water level in the river, and some on piles.

In the rainy season, the Belen is called «Venice Loreto», Because the entire derement is flooded and local residents move on boats and canoes.

Also in Belen is worth visiting the local open market, where along with rice, fruit and fresh fish, Indians sell a lot of exotic products. For example, you can buy dried frogs, fresh caterpillars, teeth Piranhas or medicinal drugs from diseases such as arthritis, gastritis and impotence.

In this market, illegal trade in animals – monkeys, parrots, spiders, snakes and many other species, which are illegally trying to import, then mainly to the territory of the United States, for subsequent resale.

– This center is designed to rescue Lamanin orphans, whose mothers were killed by local residents in food.

Amazonian Laman dwells exclusively in the fresh waters of Amazon and her tributaries and is not adapted to life in salty water. Probably, this is the only place in the world where you can feed from the bottle of little Lamanin. The entrance is free, but donation to the center will not be superfluous.

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