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Il de France – The region, which is the heart of France, and the center is Paris. «Little France» or «Paris Region» – This is the focus of the historical and cultural heritage of the state, it was here who lived and died great kings, glorified actors, writers and musicians. Also in Il de France is the largest amusement park in Europe, which manits and adults and children from around the world – Disneyland.

The history of the region began before our era, it was the territory of modern Il de France and became the place from which France began, subsequently all expanding and wiving new territories. Of course, the pearl of the region is Paris, the attractions of which are known to all – Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Cathedral of Parisian Mother of God, Marso Field, Disabled House, Montmartre and Other. However, in addition to the city of Love in the region there is something to see.

Millions of tourists flow into France every year to visit Versailles – The main residence of French monarchs. This is a huge complex from the park and the palace, striking with its greatness and magnificent interior decoration. Along with him, the Fontainebleau Castle, which elected Napoleon’s residence.

In Il de France, many cities worthy of attention. For example, in the Abbey of Saint-Denis is a basilica, which serves as a tomb for almost all of the rulers of France, here and Louis XVI with his wife Maria Antoinetta, and Francis II and Louis XIV. And the first burials refer to the fifth century.

From the journey to this region, you can bring wine purchased in one of the homemade wineillers or farm cheese, whose varieties in France produced more than five hundred. Well, in Paris, you can not only arrange shopping, but also acquire souvenirs for every taste.

The best cities and resorts Il de France

What is interesting to see Il de France?

Climate in Ile de France

As for the climate of the Il de France region, it largely coincides with Paris, moderately Atlantic. It is characterized by soft winters when the thermometer column rarely leaves in minus, and the snow falls. In the summer, Il de France is not hot, the average temperature is about 20 degrees above zero. Because of the cyclones and in winter and in the summer there are precipitation in the form of rain, however, the protracted or strong phenomenon is infrequent here.

The best months for visiting this region – May, June and September, when the weather is most stable and comfortable. By the way, in the urban part of Il de France, the temperature is always higher for 1-2 degrees, which is peculiar to all major cities.

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Excursions and events in Il de France

One of the most significant music festivals is «Rock en seine» or «Rock on Seine», which is held in the suburb of Paris in the park «Saint-Claud», broken in Louis XIV. The event collects about 200 thousand people annually, and among the headlines of the festival were «Arctic Monkeys», «The Prodijy», «Die Antwoord», La Roux, «system of a Down» and many others.

Since Paris is the center of attraction of millions of tourists, then the excursions are here for every taste. If the time for visiting this city is a bit, then it is necessary to choose a sightseeing tour. During this exciting tour, guests will see Louvre, the house of persons with disabilities, Marso Field, Notre Dame de Paris and, of course, Eiffel Tower. The cost of such an excursion begins from 50 euros and increases depending on the program.

The most important attractions of the Il de France region are Versailles and Castle Fondeblo. However, if the Versaille can be reached on the suburban train without problems, then to the phonethendeblo will have to go by train from Lyon Station, so so as not to spend your time, it is better to take a tour of exactly there. Fontainebleau – Another one, after Versailles, the residence of the French kings, but the main thing was made by Napoleon, who lived here and worked. Majestic interiors of the palace remind exactly about the era of his reign.

History Il de France

Where it is better to stop, traveling on Ile de França?

Activities in Il de France

Il de France, France - Recreation, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions Il de France Guide

The most important and wanted European amusement park is just in the Il de France region. Of course, we are talking about Paris Disneyland, which is located 40 km from the capital of France. A huge park, the dominant of which is the castle of sleeping beauty, attracts millions of tourists annually. The complex consists directly from the park with attractions and the Walt Disney film studio, in addition, there are a revived characters all the favorite cartoons. The price of a ticket is about 6000 rubles, and you can get to the park by train RER, rented car or taxi.

Another famous park «Asterix», Named in honor of one of the favorite heroes of the whole world, is located in Playi in Il de France. On the territory of the park guests are waiting for attractions, as well as a circus and costume show.

Of course, it is best for entertainment to go to Paris. It is worth visiting the legendary cabaret «Moulin rouge», What is on Montmartre, where every evening give a frank and colorful dance show. Lovers of sporting events can choose one of them to their taste: Rolan Garros, Tour de France or Paris Marathon, in which you can even participate.

Transport features Il de France

RER suburban train covers almost the entire territory of Il de France, in the system of 257 stations, 33 of which are located in Paris. In general, this type of transport reminds us the usual electric trains, only more comfortable. In Paris, they go under the ground, on the metro manner, and on the rest of the territory of Il de France on the surface of the earth. Ticket for such a train You can use the same as when traveling to the subway, because the passage system in Il de France is united, most importantly – Do not throw a ticket until the end of the trip, since when you leave, you must attach it to the turnstile. Rer trains can be reached to airports, Disneyland, Versailles, as well as all major suburbs of Paris.

France, like many other European countries, is famous for their roads, so for traveling by Il de France It is worth considering the vehicle travel option by car. The most popular car rental network – Hertz. You can take a rental car at the airport, but it will be somewhat more expensive than in one of the street departments.

Il de France: how to get there?

The most convenient to get to the Il de France region, the center of which is Paris, arriving at one of his airports. All of them in Paris three: Charles de Gaulle, Beauvais and Eagles. From the airport you can get to the right place to Il de France, taking a car, using a taxi service or suburban network RER. From Russia to France, aircraft fly regularly from both Moscow and St. Petersburg and from the regions.

Get to Ile de France can be on the train. In Paris, 6 railway stations in which trains from Europe, there are a train arriving from Moscow. Railway network covers the whole region, so you can get to any point without problems, with comfort, riding in one of the suburban trains running in all directions.

Il de France, France - Recreation, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions Il de France Guide

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