Il-Saint Marie Island. Resorts Madagascar

Scenic little island Il-Saint-Marie (FR. ÎLE Sainte-Marie) is located on the northeast coast of Madagascar and washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean. His modern name – Nusi-Burach. The length of the island is about 50 km, and the maximum width – just 10 km. It lives on it about 16,000 people, of which 2/3 are descendants of famous pirates.

After all, before Ile Saint-Marie was a favorite place of marine robbers: For a long time there were their base here. Next to the island detected fragments of the famous pirate schooner «Fire Dragon». Many famous corsairs leaving on «deserved» Rest, stayed here to live, started families and died in deep old age.

Buried them on the only pirate cemetery in the world, located right there on the island. Some tombstones are well preserved to this day: you can even read the dates and names, consider the traditional symbolism of Corsaars – Skull with crossed bones. Christian crosses on this cemetery.

Now tourists from all over the world come to the island. Despite their miniature sizes, it is famous for amazing beaches, transparent sea water, huge coconut palm trees, coral reefs and mysterious caves. Some travelers, having been here, dream of returning to Il-Saint Marie at least one more time in life.

On the island of the wet tropical climate. Winter and summer temperature fluctuations are not significant. In winter, the air warms up from +25 °With up +30 °WITH. It is hotter from the end of winter and before the beginning of the spring. Rainy season falls for the summer. Rest on Il-Saint-Marie best of all from April to June or in the fall.

From the capital of tourists to the island delivered by airplanes, the flight time is about one hour. Flight from Tamataveava Province is only half an hour. From SOANIERANA-IVONGO to Il-Saint Marie can be reached in 2 hours on the ferry, boats or boats. On the island itself, travelers are actively offering local taxi drivers and excursion buses.

And tourists come here for the sake of fantastic nature, filled with the sun beaches, small coves and stunning species. Not far from Il-Saint-Marie there is a tiny island, on which divine orchids bloom at the beginning of autumn. In the summer in these parts there are flocks of humpback whales, returning to their homeland.

Lovers of underwater swimming will be fascinated by the amazing underwater world: coral reefs and colorful fish living in them. If you wish, you can go down to sunken ships and fishing schunam, admire skates, moray and sea turtles.

Il-Saint Marie Island. Resorts Madagascar

Among the historic attractions are the greatest interest in the fortress of Asam, Alcosarta Castle, Torore Tore del Sommehah, several churches, monasteries and pirates cemetery. Many tourists are on the ruins of the castle Casa del Almeranta. There is on the island and your lighthouse, which appeared here in the XV century.

Beach recreation lovers are waiting for Il-Saint-Marie chic beaches, secluded bays and romantic caves. Those who prefer to spend free time with a fishing rod in their hands will delight fascinating fishing on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Insking night parties will leave a lot of pleasant impressions after marine entertainment and cognitive excursions.

In numerous bars, restaurants and cafes, doors are always welcomed. Prices in them are very democratic, nobody will remain hungry. Tourists offer both national dishes and European. Their quality is excellent. Here you can even prepare caught fishing on fishing.

There will be no problems with accommodation on the island either. There are luxurious hotels here and cheap hotels. Just need to be prepared for the fact that the level of comfort in the latter may not be very high. Almost all hotels have safes for storing money and documents.

Today Il-Saint-Marie is one of the most visited islands in the world. It is here that you can get acquainted with the descendants of real pirates, enjoy Creole music, buy interesting souvenirs, play casino, sunbathe on wonderful beaches and perfectly spend several nights on discos.

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