Immigpathia in the Czech: Become a Czech is not easy, but very simple. Bye.

Thirty years ago, when Soviet citizens went into Czechoslovakia exclusively on tanks, no one could assume that at the turn of the 21st century, the outcome of our people will begin in this once fraternal country. Over the past five years in the Czech Republic received a residence permit 36.000 Russians and 54.000 Ukrainians. These figures are constantly growing, and taking into account the economic and financial disasters on the expanses of the former union they will grow even faster.

Going to move to the Czech Republic, think about political geography, stories and linguistic situations of this country. It is located in the very center of Europe, its territory – 76.874 square kilometers, and the population is a little more than 10 million people. That is, the population density is one of the largest on the continent. Thanks to the location of the Czech Republic for many centuries was the arena of endless wars and occupations. After the battle under the White Mountain in 1620, the Czech Republic lost the statehood and the national elite. Until 1918, she was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The fact that the Czechs have retained ethnic identity – amazing, but precisely because of this, the population of the Czech Republic is extremely monolithic: 94% of the Czechs, the rest – presented in a small number of Poles, Slovaks, Gypsies and Germans.

The numbers make it clear that the elbows pushed in this country contraindicated. In no case cannot be called xenophobians, their principle – live and give live another. However, national prejudices exist. The main target of discontent "foreigners" are Tsygan. Anti-Semitism resides in the latent state. "Persons of Caucasian nationality" Due to the sufficiently explicit presence of criminal elements from the CIS countries cause fright. Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians are known in the big cities of the Czech Republic mainly like cheap labor at construction site. But also – as a significant interlayer of entrepreneurs. At the same time, Russophobia, quite natural after 1968, now almost milder.

Live in the Czech Republic if you do not conflict with local behavior rules, very comfortable. Just do not expect that you can easily integrate into the local society. First obvious problem – Language. Czech language, quite close to Russian, according to the testimony of linguists, the most difficult of Slavic languages. System "Longitude" and stress (emphasis in principle is always on the first syllable, "longitude", The second emphasis, can be anywhere) ensures that you will always notice accent. In addition, try to pronounce the word "Strolling" – "silver". If it turns out – proud of yourself. English in the Czech Republic will help you only in communicating with a young intelligentsia. The overwhelming mass of the population uses German.

So, you chose as a new "Motherland" Czech Republic. A foreigner can get in this country the right to long-term stay (DLOUHOBODY) (PMZH) and permanent (TRVALU) (permanent residence). The residence permit is issued in three cases – if you study in one of the Czech educational institutions, if you have a contract for a permanent job and if you are doing business in the country (most of our fellow citizens fall into the Czech Republic). The stay is not limited, but the residence permits the annual extension. In fact, it looks like this: in the presence of the owner to a document confirming the right to resolve (Prukaz O Povoleni K Pobytu Pro Cizince), the brand is inserted at 1.000 CZK (this is about $ 30, and $ 1 = 30 Czech kroons). This document is tied to the data of a Russian passport and its validity period (a period of two months less than in a passport). After 5 years, the holder of the residence permit may file a petition for registration of PMZ. There are no double citizenship in the Czech Republic, so getting Czech, it is necessary to abandon Russian, but it is quite easy to restore it (for example, to say that you didn’t like it in the Czech Republic).

PMG is drawn up in two cases: marriage / marriage and family reunification (see. Paragraph 7 of the Law b 123/1992 "About the stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic"). The right to permanent PMG is issued for 5 years. After this period, you can apply for Czech citizenship or extend PMG for another 5 years.

Documents confirming residence permit are issued to persons over 15 years old (spouse / spouse get a residence permit automatically). A child under 15 years old fits in a residence permit of one of the parents, and a copy of the written permission is issued in the Czech Republic.

The right to a long-term or permanent stay on the territory of the Czech Republic is terminated if the foreigner continuously stays outside its territory over 180 days and if he did not inform the Ministry of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in advance. But, as practice shows, no one time tracks this period.

In law "About the stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic" It is written that a statement about permission for long-term or permanent accommodation A foreigner submits abroad in the Czech embassy or consulate. But in reality, a foreign citizen submits such a statement directly to the foreign police in the Czech Republic. In the Czech consulate in Moscow confirmed that units appeal to them with such a statement. The project of the new version of the law suggests that the existing practice will be possible only in order of exception.

The procedure for obtaining a residence permit is quite simple. In addition to the passport, birth certificate, photos need to provide certificates that you are not attracted to criminal liability in my homeland and did not violate the law on the territory of the Czech Republic. In addition, it is necessary to confirm Czech registration (this may be a lease agreement, or a document for the right to own property, or a certificate that the owner or landlord of housing gives consent to your accommodation). And if you get a residence permit as an entrepreneur – an extract from the trade register that you are the owner (co-owner) of the Czech company.

Extract from the sales register is performed by district courts. It indicates the date of registration of the company, its name, legal form (as a rule, is a limited liability company – s.R.O.), subject of activity (trade, consulting). In the Czech Republic is licensed any type of activity. For some types of license – construction, medicine, transport, restaurant – you need to perform a number of requirements. For example, for any restaurant, you need a chef that has worked with a specialty for at least 5 years.

Really all documents are considered in the police 30-60 days. But in fact, it all depends on the influx of applicants (for example, last spring documents were drawn up for 3-4 weeks). The registration of the company takes 2-4 weeks, in the Czech province it may be faster (in Prague – at least 2 weeks). Some firms specializing in immigration to the Czech Republic to raise the client, declare as if they can register a company for 7 days. And then they say that or the judge fell ill, or is missing any other reference – in the end it turns out all the same month.

Bounce on applications practically does not happen. Exceptions are only in the case of incorrect selection of a package of documents or as a result of any technical error.

Everyone who received a residence permit in the Czech Republic can travel to other states directly from this country – a visa is placed in Prague in relevant consulates in the Russian passport. It is worth recognizing that the procedure for obtaining visas even to Western European countries and the United States is significantly simplified compared to what happens to us.

As noted, if you study in the Czech Republic, you have a reason for receiving a residence permit. Residence permit is issued only for learning. You can enter any educational institution, even in the most prestigious Prague Karlov University. Training in it is paid – from $ 2.000 to $ 6.000 per year (the most expensive faculties are the most popular faculties – medical and legal).

About contract work will be discussed below. It is worth only to note that in the case of dismissal from the work, the residence is not extended in a year.

As for entrepreneurial activities, most of those who received a residence permit on this category, the business is only on paper. But if the firm, even "Paper", will cease to exist, you as its owner automatically disresses a residence permit. Therefore, you need to do so that there is no doubt about the activities of your company. For this once a year, it is necessary to take an annual balance (for you it can make specializing in this service company, its cost is about $ 200). And if letters come from state bodies, they need to be obtained (they are usually custom) and, if necessary, respond to them. Let’s say, a letter comes from the statistical department: how many employees work? It, in principle, can be left unanswered, but to get it necessary, otherwise you and your company will search through the fiscal bodies. Receiving correspondence can also be entrusted by the relevant company.

The first 2-3 years of your company’s existence will not disturb you. Then in the documents it will still be necessary to indicate a small profit (the tax on it since 1998 is 35%, it used to be 39%). But there are real and legal schemes to reduce the taxable base, and your company will cost you some hundred dollars a year.

It is important to note that when the Czech Republic becomes a full member of the European Union, the conditions for registration of companies will certainly be changed. They can approach the conditions of business immigration in the developed countries of the West, and the registration will be much more expensive. Now the minimum authorized capital of the Czech company should be $ 3.000, and at the same time it can only be shown documented (it is physically on a bank account, it is not included) or take off the day after registration. The cost of the services of a lawyer who helps to open a business in the Czech Republic does not exceed $ 3.000. For comparison: in Germany, the authorized capital of the registered firm is 50.000 brands, and it is not so easy to remove, and the lawyer’s services are 10.000 Marks.

In the Czech Republic, people are not going to work, but for a quiet life, dimension and lack of a threat of social shocks. The fact is that here, no matter how you go, do not earn a lot.

Yes, until recently, in the Czech Republic was the lowest unemployment in Europe. Now it grows, and all decent jobs are busy with Czechs.

Hence the features of temporary employment in this country.

Russian firms with a license of the Russian Federal Migration Service for Employment Activities of Russian Citizens Abroad, the Czech Republic is almost not engaged. For the whole last year, only 12 people went there with their help, and in the first half of this year – 8.

Really, of course, Russians in the Czech Republic worked much more.

First, it is illegallands engaged in low-paid positions like handymen on the construction of cottages – including in rural areas – and offices in small towns. Secondly, the whole service is: waiters, dishwashers, cleaners in a cafe, in the Peetful establishments, in the eateries, the whole of Wezlawsk is the central square of Prague, all these kiosks, sausages, grilled chicken. The main contingent there, however, Ukrainians: Average salary in such positions – $ 200.

Ukrainians, by the way, occupy these jobs quite legally: the Government of the Czech Republic in fraternal assistance is allocated for them some official limit: it is necessary to wash the dishes to someone. But the employer is not always advantageous to take a legal gastarbaitera. For him and taxes need to pay, and different social payments. Illegal "in black", costs the employer much cheaper.

However, the illegal can be quite uncomfortable. Yes, in the case of which an illegalized person can contact the consulate, but if it turns out that he stayed in the Czech Republic for more than a month, he will be sent out of the country, and the Czech authorities also put a mark on the passport that this individual is inclined to administrative offenses.

Demand gives birth to an offer, and in Prague acts not that the mafia is Ukrainian, but groups of people specializing in the employment of Ukrainians for these positions. They will organize a visit to Prague to work – the watchman – girls of easy behavior. As it should be, suppliers are taken for this, a modest fee – a two-month salary.

Illegal can be, but dumb. As a tourist you have the right to stay in the country month. Suppose you found "Black work" And I’m pleased. But the Czechs – the people of the law. Without a residence permit you will not surrender. And it will be necessary to resort to services again "Black" Barlers.

And most importantly – to be illegal in the Czech Republic in principle there is no particular sense. Especially if you do not want to wash the dishes, but interested in more qualified work.

This in America is customary to walk and offer yourself. Czech Republic – Non-Immigration Country, Tyrkatsya just like this: "Do not you need to wash the floors (cut the lawn, the container to unload, the house is plastered, to the tooth, write, write a business plan, make a contract for the supply of birch juice from Russia to conclude)" – Not accepted here. Even the girls of easy behavior are imported to work – a watched method – organized and in advance (with those who will accept them) agreements.

So it’s better to act not with the cap. If you, let’s say, a natural science scientist or a specialist in the field of exact sciences, then through his professional community, through acquaintances, on publications in scientific journals, as well as through the Internet, you can find colleagues or seats – and offer them your ideas. If your ideas seem valuable, for example, Karlov University, he, it is possible, will invite you to work or loosen.

But there is no real leakage of brains from Russia to Prague: the Czechs who have achieved serious scientific results are trying to move to work in Germany, in Austria or Ocean. Brains tee where a lot of money, and from where they are in the Czech Republic, which just recently ceased to be socialist? In Russia, a good programmer receives twice as much as in the Czech Republic.

The second way is to find yourself anybody – or, for example, an art gallery, – to write off the owner, convince him that your knowledge and experience will help put a business on a wide leg – and bring it super-profile. He makes a contract with you – what is the basis for issuing you a residence permit.

By the same scheme, at the same factory, you can try to get a job on an ordinary position – a worker in the workshop or, for example, a security guard. Conduct you through the labor exchange and prove to official labor and employment officials that the production process simply stops without you – the employer’s task.

If, on the one hand, you do not want to wash the dishes, and on the other – the loyal employer before arriving in the Czech Republic could not be found, you can try to do it in place.

Immigpage in the Czech Republic is not easy to become a Czech, but very simple. Bye.

But immediately upon arrival, there is no point in the labor exchange. Czech Republic – not states, "Spoken English" I don’t need anyone. If we speak foreignly, here, as already noted, it is more appropriate to be German, but without the knowledge of Czech you will simply do not understand. The same in any company: Chief of Czech.

Therefore, the first thing you need in order to find a decent job in the Czech Republic is to learn Czech language. Schools and courses for migrant foreigners offering such services, many: monthly, three-month, semi-annual and annual. The average price is about $ 2.5 per hour.

Next can be confirmed by the diploma. Between Russia and the Czech Republic there is an agreement on mutual recognition of documents on secondary and higher education. So if you are an engineer with a diploma of the Moscow Food Institution, Volgograd Polytechnic or Izhevsk Agricultural and Knowledge and Know and write in Czech – you don’t need anything else: you come and start sending Summary and calling potential employers.

In principle, you can find work in the specialty and doctors. But a medical worker, among other things, must prove in a special language exam that he understands not only everyday things, but also very specific and intimate, what will be to tell him the patient.

A residence permit also gives your children to learn from a free school (in Czech) or in the Russian school at the consulate ($ 100 per month). In Prague, there are also private Russian gymnasiums created in another 20s of the first wave of Russian emigration.

Almost any specialist, if he knows the language and wants to work, can find work in the Czech Republic (Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic: Na Poricnim Pravu 1, 12800 Praha 2; (4202) 24 902111).

But most of the Russians traveling now in the Czech Republic are aimed at purchasing real estate and on their business. And the business is, firstly, trade with Russia: from the Czech Republic, plunic, tile, beer, food, are trying to supply engineering products to us. Secondly, tourism. Third – Treatment. A trip from Moscow to Karlovy Vary or in Marianske Lazne directly – through the Czech company, without a Russian mediator company – will cost $ 400-500 cheaper.

So, the sequence of employment in the Czech Republic is such: first a residence permit, then adaptation and search for their niche. The typical path of those Russians who had enough money to the minimum – only to reach and legalize – the following: Here you take a room in the cheapest quarter, arrange a cleaning lady or dishwasher in a small company (you take you because you are legalized), get a pennies, but continue to learn the language and after some time go to the same position in the company more, where the salary is more interesting, then you can become the head of the change of cleaners, then – the cleaning manager – well, and so on.

If you can choose, in what kind of place of the Czech Republic you would like to make your strength, you need to keep in mind that the most expensive life in Prague – expenses here about 15 percent higher than in other regions of the country. About Ostrava, for example, they say that it is like Siberia in Russia – far from the capital, from all events and from its welfare.

High prices are also in tourist centers: Karlovy Vary, Cracker Ski Center, Historical places Shumava and Czech Krumlov. Here more work and money.

On average, the salary in Prague is a quarter more than in the whole country. At the same time, the rental of one-room apartment in Prague costs $ 250 per month. But the average level of monthly salary in the Czech Republic, according to statutors – 10.492 crowns – $ 350 dollars. In Prague earn more – 13.456 crowns, but it is only 450 dollars. In the first quarter of this year – the average salary in Prague was 12.784 crowns, while in other regions it did not reach and 10.000 KRON.

But there are other numbers. In general, the country earn below the average level of approximately 61 percent of working. In Prague, the same figure approaches 70 percent. The difference between the earnings in foreignmates and the statements of most other workers – and earnings are too great.

The average salary is high, but not everyone reaches this level. In addition, in Prague, everything is more expensive – at least 15 percent. From December 1993 to May 1998, prices in Prague increased by 56%, in cities with a population to 5.000 people Rising prices amounted to only 45%. In Prague, about two times higher housing costs. 60% more expensive transport, 20 – Clothing and shoes, 50 – Furniture, 30 – Electronics.

More expensive and domestic services. Simple haircut without washing hair stands in Prague 60 kroons, on the periphery – only 30. If you are interested in ritual services, the cremation in Prague will cost 11.635 crowns, and on the periphery – by as much as 80% cheaper.

If that in the capital and cheaper is the food. The reason is in the increased competition, especially between foreign owners of large supermarkets.

Yes, and the moods in Prague are different. To the question of sociologists, whether they are interested in the price of the price of the goods, wanting to choose something cheaper, only 30% of Prazhan affirmatively answered, while in the same Moravia – 45. Save on food 18% of metropolitan residents – and 27% of neighbors – Moravetsev.

Cheaper than all quality Finnish vodka "Kvet" (0.7 liters can be bought in the store on Arkalytskaya Street (235 kroons). V "KUDDE" – A big store in the center of Prague – the same costs 100 kroons more expensive.

Popular souvenir from the Czech Republic – well-known Russians by the years of stagnation "Becherovka" more profitable to buy in the giant shopping center on the black bridge. A liter bottle will cost 225 kroons there, but the closer to the city center, the more expensive this drink is in the same "KUDDE" Licer Licer Bottle – 339 CZK.

Immigpage in the Czech Republic is not easy to become a Czech, but very simple. Bye.

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