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German resorts are associated with the majority of us with Turgenev, walking in Baden-Baden, Polina Viardo, or with the hero of Dostoevsky, lost somewhere there, on the waters. Meanwhile, the whole country, from the Northern and Baltic seas to the south of Bavaria, is completely covered with wonderful towns and towns who announced their resort destination 200-300 years ago.

These oases are often located in close proximity to industrial megacities. But due to consistent German environmental concern, large cities do not harm the natural arrays that are in twenty-thirty minutes away from them. This circumstance allows you to combine excursions and museums with rehabilitation on the seashore or on the waters, in first-class hotels, is under the mineral baths and exercising in horseback riding or golf. No one will force you to be treated and follow the prescriptions of doctors, but to go to the resort to Germany – this is a sure way to relax, come to yourself, feel the tide of energy.

A couple of years ago, all these wonderful parks and hotels were clogged by the Germans, who, using the health insurance system, rested here almost free. But the state considered that his own citizens should pay their holidays themselves, albeit not the full cost, so at least part of it – and the Germans preferred to Turkey. But in Varnenende and Wiesbaden, the British appeared with the Americans. There come on vacation – for a week or two, or even just for the weekend – after a tedious business trip.

Suppose you flew in Francent-on-Main to Congress or Exhibition. Three or four days of exhibition hassle squeeze out of you the rest of the forces – and it’s time to go somewhere for the weekend to restore these powers. In twenty minutes by car or train you get to the outskirts of the Rhine-Main region. There, where among forests covering Mount Taunus, on mineral springs, open at the beginning of the last century, it is the city of Bad Homburg. Before World War I, there were monarchs and European highest light. At the same time, a casino appeared in Bad Homburg with an immodest name "Mother Monte Carlo" and a well-kept park in which the oldest golf course in Germany and the first tennis court in Europe. And most importantly, it strikes: tropical vegetation and drinking Yalta smells.

The tour includes a common massage in Kaizer Wilhelm, a session of sound therapy is there, the thermal pool, a visit to the most famous dance tennis bar, an excursion to the Bad Homburg Landgraf Castle. At the same time, you have to enter a casino for free, with one game token in DM10, and "Dinner Gourmet" in a casino restaurant. I can say on experience, restaurants in gambling homes are usually significantly more expensive than in the most respectable hotels, and one only dinner in the casino pulls half the cost of the tour.

And how cool in the German Baltic. Free Hanseatic city Rostock acquired the resort of Warnemünde in 1323. And 180 years ago, the first holidays arrived here, raised by a 14-kilometer beach from the White Baltic Sand, an excellent mecklenburg landscape, fishing houses, yachts, restaurants. Since then, there has changed little here, but the natural values ​​of Varnenende added to the achievements of modern medical technologies. And normal recreation here is unthinkable today without baths with hydromassage, without saunas and Roman baths, without thalassotherapy and other wellness activities such as wrapping by algae.

Afraid you won’t like it? But then you will not hurt the year. Communicable medical examination is added to everything – in case some procedures are harmful to you. You can easily take a child with me – in German resorts, as a rule, there is someone to look after him. Moreover, in Germany, with understanding belongs to the fact that vacationers are brought with them to the resort of domestic animals. And what to do if without them bored?

No worse to go to the foot of the Southern Schwarzowda, in Bad Crocingen – where the borders of Germany, France and Switzerland converge. Here, by the way, to relax not only in the summer, but in September-October: early spring, and autumn – long and warm. The weekly program in the foothills of the Black Field includes a long list of pleasures. Like: Pool with carbon dioxide, aromatic bath, Massage General and Massage Stop, Water Gymnastics and Muscular Recreation Session, Cosmetic Procedures for Face and Body, Bicycle Walks with Guide, Pedicure, Manicure and Thermal Pool.

Near the Austrian border, between Salzburg and Lake Himsee is Bad Rayhenhal – here you got to the Alps. Initial glory This place is obliged to mad romance to Ludwig I, the Bavarian king, shocked beauty Alps and loved to rest here. Ludwig soon died, but the royal advertising did its job, and the name "Bad Rayichenkhal", which and not so much under power, has become in Europe a synonym for an elite resort. Of course, the mountain air, opened here in the last century, salt sources and healing dirt contribute to the treatment of bronchitis, asthma and other diseases associated with respiratory authorities – but it is more important that it is just good to spend time. Walk in the mountains "Modern" houses of the beginning of the century, ride on excursions to Salzburg, in Himsee or KoeniGsee.

But the name is more familiar to the Russian ear – Wiesbaden. The glory of the resort entrenched him during the time of the Romans, but only in the middle of the last century, when crowned personnel began to drive here, Vibadad turned into a royal resort. The last Russian monarch appeared here in 1903 – and on Mount Nero in Wiesbaden, there is a reduced copy of the Moscow Church of the Savior, built in memory of the Great Princess Elizabeth Mikhailovna, the Tsar niece. Being the wife of Duke Nassau, she rules in Wiesbaden.

Near the famous Wiesbaden diagnostic clinic – one of several similar in Europe – is an excellent private hotel Aukumm. Nobody imposes you a survey in the clinic, but keep in mind, for the sake of diagnosis come here in the whole world. And you can be deretected by the driver of one of the 26 hot springs – it is also useful. Holidays in Wiesbaden attracts also because the sake of the cultural program does not need to go to the next big city. In the local opera theater, the most famous guests are speaking and continuously, especially in season, festivals are held, including very prestigious. And of course, everyone goes to the casino – the very thing that Dostoevsky was so famously played. In Wiesbaden, the tree demonstrates, under which the prototype was allegedly shot "Player". But the residents of Baden-Baden point to the same tree, only at home. However, there are enough such historical twins in the world – Catholics with Protestants, for example, in no way agree to the fact that the Calval is real.

So where the right tree from "Player" – Unknown. But Baden-Baden remains a stunning place. Mark Twain in his notes "On foot in Europe" argued that the best of all in Baden-Baden belongs to people from Russia. And I did not cry the soul. And today there is a nice to feel Russian. The best houses and palaces in the city of Gagarina, Vorontsova, Menshikova – built by immigrants from our country. Feel yourself at home. Here you can be treated (chic "Park Hotel" connected to the famous hospital "Villa Styfania" transition), but you can just relax. Among the service personnel is always with whom to explain in Russian – however, this is a typical advantage for many places in Germany. And remember: "Lying on the bottom of the bath in transparent water, you feel like a snow-white angel". This is from the observations of the same brand.

Improvement to the music and roulette

In addition to Baden-Baden and Wiesbaden Glory "Royal" Resorts applies to Bavarian Bad Kissingen. Once here, they brought so much Russian land on the train, which was enough for the construction of the Russian Church. Since 1857, when Alexander II first met in Bad Kissingen with Franz Joseph, eternity was held. In the past few years here, to participate in the annual festival "Kissingian summer", The best Russian musicians come and come arrived – Richter, Schnitka, Tretyakov, Rostropovich, Bashmet. But so far there were few Russian tourists – and in vain, because in our sports opportunities with this resort there is little compared. At an altitude of 200-250 meters above sea level, you can practice fishing, hunting, game golf, tennis, swimming, horse riding.

And you want to go to Bad Wildungen, in the slate Mountains, to the forest, on the Lake Edetzee. All the same massages, swimming pools, ordinary and carbonate, beauty courses, fitness center – and candlelight dinner. In this place often traveling alone ladies – and often get nice dating. Or select Bad Valdsee in Mopbia. The town is famous for the healing peat – "Black Gold Top Mopbia" and literally naked monuments of the Baroque era. Here is a very funny health program (dance therapy, training of sense organs, gymnastics for mind) is attached to quite traditional healing – mud, jacuzzi with natural extracts, point massage. And to the main entertainment event – visiting the museum of beer mugs in Bad Sussenride and beer tasting.

In general, some low alcohol tasting – the usual addition to rest. Depending on the location of the resort, you will try wine or beer. In Bad Zulsez, that in the Valley of Ilma, in Thuringia, the rarest wine Müler-Thurge will try (the tour is called "Swimming for the music in Eastern Tuscany"). And at the same time go to Waimar and Auerstadt – on a tour. In Bad Noyenar, located in the Valley of the AR – Flow Rhine River – Needless to say, Rhine. And having aqua aerobics, relaxing massages and a cocktail to strengthen the immune system. The program is generally called no more "Symphony of sensations". Pleasy. Bad Salzuflen in Teutoburg Forest persuades trying to try "Musical dreams" – Gymnastics in the pool with warm mineral water. Based on this water, a whole multi-stage medical and cosmetic system has been developed here.

There is also "Health Days" In the town of Bad Mainberg – it is mentioned in the annals for 978 years as Mainburgen. Millennium after the same idyllic rural atmosphere. Silvatikum is allocated from the local parks – the only park in Germany, in which forest landscapes of Japan, the Caucasus and the Middle East are presented in the territory of which. It is characteristic that any tribute here will certainly include a visiting concert or performance – for health.

It is clear that each resort, in addition to the general treatment and resort function, also carries medical – if health requires. Some places are more useful to people with bad veins, others – those who are not in order spine, third – allergies. Fourth persuades to engage in yoga – from everything immediately. Any travel company specializing in German resorts will enlighten you on this. But everyone wants to get rid of shortness of breath, excess weight, cellulite ETC. Not swallowing tablets and does not lie in hospitals.

You imagine how much a qualitative procedure or the right massage is in the cosmetic salon? All these events, taken together, we will surely pull on the amount in which you put on the German resort. With accommodation and food. Only at home you most likely never come to mind. And there you will obediently enjoy any opportunity to improve well-being. And at the same time you will see wonderful places that did not lose the charm of the ages, but managers to gain the gloss of modernity. Everything is right there, on time and at the highest level. Who visited Germany – he knows.

Improvement to the music and roulette

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