In a thousand miles from everywhere

Seychelles on shopping go to Mauritius or Dubai, for higher education – to Australia or Europe, and, do not let the Lord, will need a difficult operation, – on Reunion or Singapore. But it is only in the last thirty years. Before the appearance on MAE, the main island of the archipelago, the international airport, the entire connection with the outside world was carried out only by sea. And no wonder that in Seychelles Ocean is all: history, nature and the local atmosphere – calm, serenity and remoteness from the fuss and worries of the big world lying somewhere for a thousand miles.

Representing pirates

You know who is the main historical heroes in Seychelles? Sea robbers! Pirates were owners of the islands before the first settlement appeared there.

Seychelles were opened at the turn of the XV and XVI centuries by the Portuguese, although it may have been visited by the Arab Sea Sports before that. However, for two and a half centuries, no European powers made attempts to fix the islands. Only in 1770, with Mauritius, who belonged to the then, a group of colonists with slaves arrived at Seychelles – this event and the date of birth of the Seychelles nation is considered.

The oldest hotel in the Seychelles capital of Victoria is called "Pirate coat of arms", Restaurant on BEL-OMR Beach – "Corsair", One of the Bay is called Ans-Fourban – "Pirate Bay". The name of the sea robber Olivier Levasser, known for the nickname la-Bous, can be seen and hear on Maha everywhere, and his portrait with the description of the feathers decorates one of the best restaurants Victoria. The whole hall of the local historical museum is entirely dedicated to the pirates, and La-B. and Jana-Francois Wood. The latter was, however, not a pirate, and Corsary, that is, acted with the blessing of France and robbed only the court of her opponents, primarily the British. But it does not change the essence. House Odul, "Chateau Mamel", almost oldest on the Seychelles is considered to be a national heritage.

According to the legend, Corsair from his dwelling punctured underground move to the island in Victoria Bay. The current owner of the house Rene Michel, who lived in "Chateau Mamel" more than half a century, told me that the dungeon was examined, but no moves found. But the legend is still alive. How long is still on the archipelago and descendants of Cedule. One of them is the position of judge! But what about, after all, on the gravestone, his ancestor that rests on the cemetery of Bal-Er in Victoria, the inscription was carved: "He was fair".

No one in Seychelles doubts that at Mahe La-Bous, his treasures, even estimated their sum: from 50 to 150 million pounds sterling! Since 1948, Bel-OMR Beach is the excavation site.

Another genuine hero on Seychelles is Pyar Pouavr, French Intendant Mauritius ("Puavr" French means "pepper"), he decided to turn the archipelago to "Islands of spices". It was under his aegid that the first settlement was created here and the plantations of vanilla, pepper, cinnamon were laid, whose production waslands lived two centuries. PUAVR was quite a good citizen. However, the seeds of spices, a monopoly on the trade at that time held Holland, were secretly exported from her possessions in Indonesia. And if we consider that the spices then appreciated the weight of gold, it was also quite pirates!

The ambiguous symbol of Eden

The most famous natural heritage of Seychelles is connected with the sea. This is the fruit of Seychelles fan palm, known as "Coco de Mer" – "Sea coconut". "Coco de Mer" – The largest of seeds known on Earth – nuts reach weights 25 kilograms! This is the most common local souvenir, both natural and reduced size, made of plastic, silver, wood. Stamp with his image celebrate passports at the entrance to the country. "Sea coconut" Spring on an independence monument on Pranene Island. He also decorates the fountain opposite the entrance to Pralensky Airport. Huge walnut got its name because it was thanks to the sea, people first learned about his existence. Ocean waves nailed giant fruits to the coast of South Asia countries. Nuts that brought the sea attributed a wide variety of healing properties, and they were valued almost on a par with gold. I must say that "Sea coconut" Reminds its form a very piquant part of the female body. That’s why "Coco de Mer" in the east quoted as a means of increasing potency.

Where these nuts came from, no one knew, and it was believed that these are the fruits of some kind of magic palm tree growing at the bottom of the ocean. In Indonesian beliefs, their mythical bird garuda brought them. Mystery "Sea coconuts" Resolved in 1768, when fan palm was found on Pralna Island. Now it can be seen in the Botanical Garden in Victoria, and everywhere on the islands.

In search of a paradise enjoyment by their beauties, Seychelles are also required by the sea. Unlike the Maldives, which are flat atolls, the largest islands of the Seychelles archipelago are composed of granite – the highest peaks of MAE, covered with a brown greens, rise above the ocean of 900 meters. But the authentic decoration of the archipelago serve primarily his beaches.

On Mahe, the most famous stretched three kilometers and almost the ring surrounding the bay Beach Bo-Wall. One American said about him that he is three times longer and twice as beautiful than Vaikiki in Hawaii. The most picturesque beaches (and not only in Seychelles!) Ans-Surs-d’Arzhan is considered on La Dig Island and Ans-Lazo and Côte d’Or on Pralone. The combination of their snow-white, with a pinkish sanding of sand, chopped gray rocks, greens of openwork palm leaves and the blueness of the purest ocean and creates that very picture that is considered "quintessence" Seychelles. These landscapes ask for a frame. Standing near Ans-Surs-d’Arzhan, among the plantation L’Yunion, the old Creole house was a place of shooting film "Goodbye, Emmanuel". On Seychelles Roman Polansky shot his film "Pirates". More perfect place, from which side do not look, do not pick up!

To admire the islands in a white surf necklace best from water. Archipelago of 115 islands scattered at 1400 thousand square kilometers of the nine clean ocean, ideal for traveling on a yacht.

Unlike other islands of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles are outside the cyclone belt. From October to May Ocean, as a rule, it happens quite calm, and at that time water warms up to 29 degrees, and it is so transparent that even at depth, visibility reaches 30 meters! Especially nice and conveniently swimming in the central group of the archipelago around MAE, between the so-called "Internal islands". The distances between them do not exceed 50 kilometers, on the largest of them there are good anchor parking lots, and on Mahe, Pranene and La-Deig and equipped berths. In the capital Seychel Victoria there is a yacht club and several marine.

At the same time untouched by civilization of the atoll and virgin water so-called "External Islands" (Amyranta Islands, Farcair and Aldab) make it possible to feel like a discoverer, and at the same time swimming in a mask or sinking with aqualing and to infiltrate where only units have been to you. On "External islands" Swimming requires greater skill due to the abundance of coral reefs. Anchor parking there are less protected there, and these water are less likely visited by yachtsmen.

The only limitation that can meet yachtsmen in Seychelles, – Strict Rules designed to protect a unique ecology. To anchor on coral colonies is prohibited; True, good parking with a sandy bottom at a depth of five to eight meters can be found almost everywhere where the desire to get up for the night.

In a thousand miles from everywhere

And access to some of the islands and in the protected zones of marine natural parks requires permission and paying for landing. You can safely become anchored in the designated place, and the representative of the administration will affect the yacht to fulfill all the formalities.

The exit to the ocean also gives the opportunity for stunning fishing. Even a beginner in Seychelles can easily wipe marlin, tuna or red Luziana. To go on a sea trip for a day, two and longer, in the Seychelles it is easy to rent a ship, for example in Marine Charter or on The Wharf Marina in Victoria. The Wharf Marina has a cozy hotel on the shore.

Dream Islands

Almost all hotels in Seychelles are located along the coast. Among tropical nature they look especially attractive. These are usually complexes of villas or bungalows – according to the rules, buildings should not be higher coastal vegetation.

Excellent hotels in all major islands. On Mahe, this, for example, Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove in the north of the island, in the beach area Bo-Wall, and Banyan Tree in South, less populated part. The luxurious resort complex Limuria is considered on Pralone. Like Banyan Tree on Mahe, this is a whole town from villas, with restaurants, SPA and, of course, a strip of a beautiful beach. All this is connected by the web of the roads, along which guests are transported on the electrocracks. And some of the islands, for example, silhouette or Denis are completely given only by resting and are closed resort settlements.

But you know that it is especially pleasant in the Seychelles and what is not in many other tropical countries? Going beyond the limits of your five-star hotel, you will not see dirt and poverty, will not come across begging and crime. Seychelles are friendly and friendly, talking among themselves on Creole, they with visitors easily pass into English or French.

The emergence of the airport, and with him tens of thousands of tourists and modern hotels in the most prestigious world "chains" did not change the main – luxurious landscapes, untouchability and purity of nature, calm and measured lifestyle. For example, on a la-dige, a long-knitted vacationer, still only a few cars, and people move on bikes or trucks harvested by bulls.

In general, the whole setting on the Seychelles has so much to calm that it is difficult to part with it. The most famous sculptor of the country Tom Bauers moved there with family from England back in 1986. And over the past twenty years, only twice left the islands! I asked him, having sophisticated bronze sculptures in a house-workshop among tropical thickets in the southern part of Mahe, is he has a dream. He just circled his hands around himself and said: "That’s it is".

But in order to evaluate the Seychelles in dignity, it is not at all necessary to live there dozens of years. Anyone who came to these islands will not even at once, it will immediately feel that it turned out to be in a completely different and amazing world, where you really, in a thousand miles from everywhere.

In a thousand miles from everywhere

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