In Almaty and the surrounding

Kazakhstan falls in love with himself. You can watch forever like splashing aloe tulip silk steppe, How the slopes of the mountains covers the boiled and white apple color, how the tight black sweet cherry matures, how to overflow after the rain Large Almaty Lake, And the counters on the market crack under crunchy pink bokes "Aport".

Better to come to Almaty For a minimum of two weeks, rent a car and make ripples in the surrounding area. The benefit of all the most interesting is at a distance of one or two days of the way, and the road is always more or less one – you will not get lost.

170 km northwest

Look at how life was arranged on this earth, while there were no turks, you can tract tagalia. Here since the XIV century BC is preserved Skatal History &# 8211; Pictures depicting representations of the inhabitants of the Great Steppe about the world order. It consists of dancing men, hunters, driving argars, pregnant women and tailed priests, and crowned this picture of the world Sketchy man with the sun instead of head. If you can easily find the right point, then the set of petroglyphs, drawn on different rocks, is in a single composition.

Everything has been preserved near 5000 drawings on the impressive territory. All of them are skillfully focused on the sun, so over the day all new and new paintings and meanings opens up. (It is still curious to peer: on the reverse side of some stones, something like rocky sketches is visible, to large forms of painters Bronze Age did not proceed without sketches). This place has another amazing property: the sounds are strikingly, said in a whisper audible over hundreds of meters.

And on the way back can be looked In this endless steppe, which the wind gusts are painted in bright red, then in the matte green, the bending of macushk poppies to the ground, and represent, How to shake the caravantes on one-burnt camels, How the archers of the Mighty Arkhar were driven, as the formidable cavalry rolled out, and they looked at everything from the top with the Sunnelon Succession. From the evening sun, which on the way back to Almaty persistently shines in the back of the head, it is not always clear that outside the window &# 8211; Sleep or Jaw.

30 km south

You can make a short throw aside Large Almaty Lake, which supplies the city of fresh water running through the aryk. Road upstairs represents a test For experienced drivers, therefore, on the way, you can make a halt – on the 81st kilometer of Al-Arasan’s highway to call Sunkar kennel, where they grow and produced on the will of Sokolov and Berkuts, View predators near and admire the dramatic, but delicious spectacle of falcon hunting.

Large Alma-Ata Lake usually Lies in Kotlovan, Little, like a porcelain skewer, but after the rain swept and selected to the edge of the dam. It is already feeling here breathing glaciers, And the iscin-black Tian-Shan fir on the slopes, clinging the clouds with the clouds, make the air so thick and sweet that I want to cut it with lip and folded about the reserve.

On the way back it is necessary to reward yourself Best in District kebabs. In 1944, they were settled here in dusts deported from the Caucasus Balkarians. After the death of Stalin, many returned to their native Elbrus, but Small part of the people and remained in Alma-Arasansky Gorge. In Balkar Zucchyki, served lamb kebabs, Furged Jau Baur and Thin Gilt Hychins with Sauce from Ayrana.

200 km to the east

Go better after noon, otherwise the sun will be desperately To make the driver’s driver. On the road – approximately an hour of the way from Alma-Ata – you need to River Issyk River Look at the Kurgan, where half a century ago found a "golden man", Altyn Adam, – the mummy of the young man in golden armor. He died in battle was buried with honors and with 4000 gold jewelry, and after the excavation became one of the symbols of Kazakhstan. Looking at Kurdy Hollyk, it is impossible to understand how the archaeologists guessed that it was necessary to look here.

Then you need to go on, in Canyon Charyn. Agrowing the imagination of the Charan Canyon stretches 154 kilometers and consists of breeds, age about 12 million years. This is a completely incredible, more Martian than the earthly, miracle of nature. In Charyn Canyon, water and wind are not worse than the most desperate sculptor worked for several centuries, To pull out red sand whole locks, gates, towers, fortress walls, skyscrapers and still dozens of forms that only can accommodate imagination. The muddy river is rushing down, so fast that it seems to be reversed on the thresholds. A The sun paints the wall of the canyon in such fantastic colors that you will be angry with the imperfection of the camera. Snapshots are all equal It turns out impressive and barely distinguishable from those that are being done in the Grand Canyon of Utah.

Moving towards the city, you need to not forget to stop in TURGENSKY GORGE. It is famous for, firstly, with its hot springs, and secondly, the trout economy, where the fish can be caught literally with their hands – or, obeying teasing fragrances, to forget about fishing and immediately settle in the cafe. Trout here Probrotiously burst and, open, as a book, fry on coals, squeezing with lemon juice, generous squeezes of tomato and a large salt. It is so tasty that one fishery is definitely not to do.

In Almaty and the surrounding

If the strength remains, it is best to take horses and drive to riding Plateau Assia. This is a rather long walk in the shady gorge with roaring the river river, with a scattering rainbow Bear waterfall and a completely emerald lake Zhasyl-Kul. Where the gorge is unpacked, you will see a completely unearthly landscape: Green alpine meadows Humidated by snow-white domes of the meteorological station. If you do not confidently hold on to the saddle, the same route can be done on the car – there are only about 40 kilometers here.

15 km south-east

Starting to ride Alma-Ata, you will invariably enter Avenue Dostyk, which means "friendship"; So, if you go up to the end to the end, you will reach the alpine rink "Medeo". Glacical water and hot air made its ice the fastest in the world. On Alight of 1,700 meters above sea level World records for speed were installed, and now you can rent skates for two hours and spinning through the big arena, looking down, on the city, or up, on sparkling vertices Tien Shan Mountains. And warming mulled wine, served in painted teapots.

From Medeo to Chimbulaku leads Cable car. Flight on it – the best sightseeing tour, which one can imagine, if, of course, stock up warm shoes and clothing. With a favorable weather, it is worth a ride and further, the cake with Chimbulak exports to Talgar pass. It is already above 3000 meters, there are snow, Edelweissy bloom, and the city is lost in the blue haze below.

At the starting point

Alma-Ata, like any southern city, Looks like a resort: There are many beautiful energetic women and burning idle men. Alma-Ata, like any center of the oil region, flooded with clerks in good suits and expensive right-handed machines. In suitable weather here you can clock to worse on the streets And listen to the murmution of water in Armenia. You can fly from the Kazakhstan Hotel in six minutes to take off Observation site on Kok-Tube. Or stroll through the park Heroes-Panfilovtsev, in which shelted Voznesensky Cathedral, more like a gingerbread house. Here on the weekend grandmother with darkness, like baked apples, people sell some unknown mountain herbs.

But for souvenirs, of course, you need to go to Green Bazaar. On the green bazaar, the best kuraga and the best pickpockets. So the wallet from the hands is better not to release and do not yawning at all, leading between buyers and shouting loaders. If you enter through the central entrance, then, bypassing meat benches with ravend for sale, like a down tent, abdominal fat, ignoring rows with fragile cheeses and a hissing kum, running around bags with multi-colored spices, should come to the fruit tables. Here thoughtfully, sniffing and to choose to choose Polkulo red selected kuragi, Golden kishmisch and elastic anthracite figs. With such a prey a straight road to the airport, so the market hike is better to postpone the evening before leaving.

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