In an inconvenient position

"My Planet" – about the main diplomatic confusion of the last century.

They just looked like

During the visit to Tokyo in 2002, the American leader George Bush Jr. discussed with Japanese Prime Minister Dzunyitiro Koizuki The possibility of economic reforms. Later, summing up the conversation, the President of the United States reported that it was, in particular, was about the devaluation of the yen. The foreign exchange market responds instantly: since the American president himself intends to divide the course of the national currency, it should immediately get rid of! The yen fell in front of her eyes. Panic continued until the representative of the White House reported: Bush simply confused the words "devaluation" and "deflation" and meant not a decrease in the yen course in relation to the dollar, but, on the contrary, an increase in its purchasing power.

Ten years earlier, a similar situation occurred with his father George Bush-seniors. During the visit to Canberra, the US President decided to welcome local farmers by the victory sign (V) – two divorced fingers. And, naturally, he could not understand why the Audience of the VMIG turned into hostile. It turns out that in Australia sign V, if the palm is addressed to the showing, denotes the same thing that we have an elongated middle finger. By the way, there are many more things in Australia, more – in our article "National Features of Australians".

Irish Son

On September 30, 1994, a 40-minute diplomatic meeting was held at Shannon Irish Airport. Arrival of Russian President Boris Yeltsin, who gathered to make a stop on the road from the United States to his homeland, waited for the Prime Minister of Ireland Albert Reynolds, other officials, honorary guard. The plane landed, but no one was in a hurry to leave him. Zaminka lasted. Meeting perplexed. Finally, the Deputy Prime Minister Oleg Skoskovets went down on the ladder and explained that Boris Nikolaevich was hardly transferred to the change of time belts and feels bad. Of course, Panic rumors crawled about the state of health of the president immediately. Yeltsin himself explained later that he fell asleep and the security forgot to wake him up. Alexander Korzhakov, headed by the presidential security subsequently argued that the unhealthy was caused by alcohol abuse.

Hat for the queen

Communication with monarchs requires a thorough knowledge of etiquette. Strict on part of the protocol and the British royal yard. But in addition to the well-known rules, there are also unlawful installations, the violation of which will not be able to condemn out loud, but shocks close: for example, it is considered invalid so that the color of the dresses coincides or sharply contrasted with the outfit of Queen Elizabeth. In 2003, the wife of the President of Russia fell into such an awkward situation. Lyudmila Putin was carefully preparing for a visit to London. Outfit for meeting with Her Majesty Silted from the cloth Vyacheslav Zaitsev ordered in Italy. On the tone of the dress was made and a hat. But the trouble: the size of her almost twice exceeded the headdress of the queen, which, in palace law, is considered invalid. True, later, the former first Lady of the USA Michel Obama with more than blocked this small awkwardness, checking Elizabeth II, which, too, of course, Moveton.

How to offend Swedes

New York media company Buzzfeed managed to offend the whole Sweden. Americans swung at the most expensive – Favorite National Dish! The reason for the scandal was a video in which journalists were going to try SUSTreming – sauer herring. However, it did not reach the tasting. Barely opening the cans, the heroes rushed with a swarming, holding the noses. The flight was accompanied by comments, from which it can be understood that in the room simultaneously smelled of public restroom and the semi-defined corpse. "I didn’t smell anything disgusting in my life!"- stated one of the failed tastors. The video became a viral, collected for a week more than a million views. Swedish manufacturers and fans of the original dish were outside: the jar did not even be cooled before opening, as prescribed instructions!

Although in the XVII century, the court doctor of Queen Christina wrote that the smell of Systemmming reminds of fresh excrement, unusual delicacy appreciated the cream of society

The habit of the Swedes towards this kind of food takes the beginning in the XVI century, when one day, because of the lack of salt, the fish turned out not saline, but by the victorious. But hunger is not aunt – I decided to try. Taste turned out to be much better smell. Since then, sauer herring has become a regular dish for the poor. And although in the XVII century, the court doctor of Queen Christina wrote that the smell of Systemmming reminds of fresh excrement, unusual delicacy appreciated and "cream of society". And a kind of fragrance, they believe, only gives the dish spike. What is the Swede – read in this report.

In an inconvenient position

Tru Disableness

In 1977, at the height of the Cold War, Jimmy Carter decided for the first time to visit the country of the socialist camp – Poland. It was an important step. Who would have thought that all attempts of mutual understanding would be reduced to no translator? When the US President said he wanted to find out the opinion of the Poles about the future, it sounded like "I passionately wish the Poles and want to fuck them". And that’s not it. From the states of Carter for the gravity of the translator Stephen Seimir left forever, and instead of the praise of the Polish Constitution, Identka sounded. It is not difficult to guess that instead of the expected warming of relationship, the speech of the president caused even more tension.

"History on our side! We will still see your funeral!"- Nikita SERGEEVICH exclaimed. The last phrase was translated as "We buried you!". Knowing the emotionality of the Russian leader, threatening immediately believed

A similar story happened to Nikita Khrushchev in 1956, during a meeting with Western ambassadors in Moscow. The first secretary of the Central Committee argued that communism will survive capitalism and led to a quotation of the "manifesto" of the Communist Party "of Marx and Engels, where it was said that the bourgeoisie produces" primarily their own graveters ". "History on our side! We will still see your funeral!"- Nikita SERGEEVICH exclaimed. The last phrase was translated as "We buried you!". Knowing the emotionality of the Russian leader, threatening immediately believed.

Football War

In contrast to the previous cases, when it was mostly the first persons of the state, here the "lack" performed the Salvador team, which was performed by the beat of Honduras in qualifying games of the 1970 World Cup. Everyone knows the temperament of football fans, but, as a rule, the splash of emotions has a local character. This time the losted match led to this war. The excitements began already during the first game in Tegucigalpe (the capital of Honduras), after which a certain local resident committed suicide, saying that unable to survive such a shame. After the second match (3: 0), held in San Salvador, the unrest reached threatening sizes: football players and fans of winners were beaten, their flags were burned. In Honduras, in turn, staged a real hunt for Salvadoreans. On June 26, 1969, Salvador announced the termination of diplomatic relations with Honduras, and on July 14, Salvadoran army moved to the offensive.

The war that went down in history as a football lasted only six days, but expensive (and in direct, and figuratively) cost both parties: military spending, closure of borders, termination of trade, thousands of killed and wounded. The peace treaty between the countries was signed only in 1980. By the way, the Salvador team, who came to the final of the World Championship, took the last place, having lost the rest of the participants.

In an inconvenient position

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