In Barcelona alone: ​​zone free from guides!

The one who came up with the phrase: "All roads lead to Rome" Surely was not familiar with the ancient Greek myths. One of the legends is that another 400 years before the construction of the capital of the capital, Hercules equipped Mediterranean expedition from nine ships to the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains to find a gracious place.

During a strong storm, one vessel knocked down from the course, and the rest of eight moored to the shore of an incredible beauty, where they discovered the loss. In this place it was decided to build a city, which was called the "ninth ship" or, as the Spaniards say "Barka Nona". And somewhat later, all began to call this area Barcelona.

The atmosphere of sultry Barcelona is the bizarre ancient buildings, the quarters, as if impregnated with the breath of the geniuses of the ages of the past and cranks of modern, this is a sweet mystical story, beautiful and old as the world itself. Walking by the launched trails with a guide on this city equal to theft at yourself.

Wild and recalcitrant Barcelona opens only to someone who dare to talk with her a-a-tete. Therefore, I will not arrange a virtual tour of the "Places of Combat Glory", and I will give only some landmarks in order not to kill the "seeker" in the inquisitive minds and burning hearts.

How to get?

You can get to Barcelona with a cross-country, changing trains to airplanes and considering cities along the way. But as a person who flourished this path by bus, I will say, the road was too tedious and in the future only the plane. Moreover, a ticket from Moscow to Barcelona in early July you can buy only 10,706 rubles in both directions.

From the airport to the center for 3, 60 euros Domchyt train Ranfe. To find the railway station will need skill. The fact is that airplanes arrive in the new terminal T1, and trains are sent from the old-T2. To overcome the distance between these items will help the free bus. Go only 7 minutes.

An even more practical option – buy a ticket for 2-2.50 euro flight tickets or immediately purchase a T10 card for ten trips in the Tobacco kiosk (they are at eliminated from the terminal) for 9.25 euros. Buses №46 and №17 Just Nakhodka: Not only that they are cheap, so also drive from the airport to the center almost around the clock. Bus number 46 begins to move at 5 am and finishes at 00.15, No. 17- with 23.00 to 4.40.

Where to live in Barcelona?

The choice of housing directly depends on the planned budget of the trip, and on the number of travelers, of course. Companies from 4 (or even more) Man is most profitable to rent apartments. The price of apartments in the center begins from 43 euros per day. Housing owners are often asked to leave a deposit that returns to guests immediately after they leave the fenats.

It is better to use well-known sites: airbnb.Com, Booking.COM or TripAdvisor.COM, where you can reserve both apartments and a place in the hotel. Convenient Oh-Barcelona resource.COM sharpened under the search for apartments purely in the capital of Catalonia. Recently stumbled upon the site Vacation-Apartments.COM – Apartments Rent for Holidays and Weekends. Sorry for suggestions.

For those who accept as a temporary habitat only hotels can be advised by the Russian-speaking resource Ostrovok.Ru. It is almost impossible to identify the price range, it is already a matter of taste, opportunities and requests.

I can not take into account the position of poor students (for such a thing is) who want to find a bed-room without bedbugs and other livelihood. This is a straight road to hostels, but even budget accommodation is not always for the pocket.

The average price in July on such platforms like, hostels.COM and HOSTELWORLD.COM from 20-30 euros per day. If you try, you can find two-room accommodation in just 17.50 euros! It is in such a sum that the night will cost Ramblas Hostel &# 8211; Plaza Cataluna, located right on the Central Rambla Boulevard. Absolute record- 9.40 euros. Hostel Serenity Gotic Hostel positions itself as a place saving tourist money. Bedroom on 10 beds looks quite decent, and the hall is in general pulls the stars for four.

Walking in the city

People who do not suffer from the excavation level of morality, I recommend to wander along the confusing web of the streets with a bottle of young Spanish wine under the dirty. Barcelona irrational!

1. Gaudi: Great and beautiful!

I do not want to make a banal guidebook, but still it is worth giveing ​​the honor to the cult architect, diluating neoadik and baroque with its surrealistic fantasies. The first urban outpost church of the Holy Family (Sagrad Famil), which Gaudi built 40 years, but did not have time to bring the case to the end. It is not worth purposefully looking for the famous House Mill. His walls that resemble sand veryans will fall out once because of the angle is also spontaneously as nature itself. Guell Park is the echo dreams about the city-Garden, embodied Gaudi to life at the request of the Metsenite of Eosseby Guell. By the way, the legendary architect lived in this park for a long time and lived.

2. So much gothic in one place ..

Places older than the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona not find. Here, on the central square of the king there is a cathedral, in the back coup of which 13 geese live. It was so many years that was the main patroness of the city, Holy Elalia, when she was killed furious pagans. A beautiful legend walks in the people, as if at the Cathedral Square, the King Fernando and his wife Isabella took the Christophore of Columbus in 1493. Lovers of nervous tank is better to be in the Gothic quarter at night.

3. Where rolls blue car?

Blue retro tram runs over L7 line for more century. Restricted pilgrims from different points of the planet shook the seats to the holes. Still, and you are ready to miss the opportunity to ride to the highest point of the city, Tibidabo Mountains?

Fold in the "blue attraction" on Placa Kennedy, and when the Placa del Doctor Andreu is announced, then it’s time to change the tram for the funicular.

4. Museum stories

Who just did not hear about the famous Picasso Museum in Barcelona? The fact of the matter is that everyone heard, so in the midst of the season, the queue there is sometimes no less than in the Louvre.

If you plunge into the artistic world of the "Sacred Monster", I will not know, right across the road Design exhibition DESIGN HUB. Epicenter of Contemporary Art in Macba Gallery. You can look at the most unusual inventions in MIBA museums, and if you want something global – I advise you to go to the Museum of Natural Sciences, which is on the forum. By the way, in 2011 there was an installation of extended reality. Museum of Chocolate will reinforce the strength of inquisitive travelers and will become a pleasant completion of the cultural program.

5. Barcelona flies parrots

So it is so, that’s just to see them managed to units. We need a place to know! Ready to pass passwords and appearance of multi-colored feathered. These bright birds chose one of the courtyards at the intersection of the streets of Diagonal and Passeig de Gracia. What exactly – find yourself, if you’re lucky ..

In Barcelona, ​​independently zone free from guides!

6. Art on Kostya

City Center – Live History, Outskirts Legends. A little indeed lively avenues and fussy streets spread out the Park Miro, built in honor of the Spanish sculptor Juan Miro. It is believed that the most interesting thing in this place is a multicolored figure "Woman and Bird", but no less sculpture Blaries the atmosphere itself. Few of tourists know that until 1979 there was a major urban slaughterhouse.

7. Barcelona Market

In Barcelona there are two cult markets, where on a tour go more often than shopping. ENCANTS VELLS flea market (that translated from Catalan means "the charm of the old") spread out near Torre Torre Akbar. You can find everything here: ranging from rare vinyl records and ending with telephone sets of the beginning of the twentieth century.

Bucket grocery market One of the oldest in Europe. He has a little more than 800 years! Products here are always not only fresh, but also enough cheap &# 8211; The owners of the trays are not painted hiring for work of illegal immigrants who drag boxes for pennies, but this is another story.

eight. Night &# 8211; Raivov Time

Razzmatazz even the club will not call. This is a huge space of five separate rooms with different music. Razz Club &# 8211; Indian Rock, Tech-House in Loft, Techno Pop in Lolite, Electro Pop in Pop Bar and Electro Rock in Rex Room. It seems that the entire Barcelona hangs out here.

nine. Walk through kinocadram

Guides to feed the people of the informational porridge only when the dish is cooking. Excursion for the movie Barcelona Blaries aesthetic appetite Cinema-Gourmet. Certificate of copyright cinema will surely be interested to know where, as and under what circumstances such films as "Spaniard", "Perfume" and "Salvador" were shot, and how time spent time in the Catalan capital Woody Allen and Pedro Almodovar. Order 2.5 hours of cinemaxcurs for 14 euros on the website www.Barcelonaturisme.Com.

ten. Place of cooling

There are days when in Barcelona is unbearably stuffy. So I want to skip ice cocktail. There is a more radical way to combat heat – go to the Icebarcelona bar, where all items are made of ice. 45 minutes of stay in the Ice kingdom will cost 15 euros. Included Claimed Cocktail, Warm Mittens and Plaid.

Go to the Olympic port and locals will tell there how to find a place with a minus temperature.

Another reason to visit Barcelona ..

The 20th tourist exhibition MITT-2013 was recently held on which Director of the Agency for Tourism Catalonia Maryam Mulo voiced the interesting statistics. Last year, only the region of Catalonia visited 750 thousand Russians. Spaniards cut down that Rousseau Tourist bring good income to the local treasury and went to "visa concessions". Now the Russians will be able to receive a biennial visa to Spain, provided that there is at least one Schengen in the passport for the last semi-annual. And it does not matter which country it issued. So the ringing of glasses and viva espana!

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