In Bavaria brooms do not knit

If you want to visit Germany and at the same time going to conquer Austria, and Italy, and, perhaps, also to Switzerland, then you will not pass Bavaria. Especially fascinating will be such a route if you choose a bus.

Free Republic of Bavaria – truly special part of Germany. 12 million inhabitants of this very large in the territory of the Federal Earth are largely different from the rest of the country’s population. They are inherent in pride in their ancient statehood, rude Bavarian dialect and original folk male costume. On com else, except for the Bavarians, not only on holidays, but on weekdays you will meet such cute green hats with pen? And shorts that can envy any long-legged fashionista?

The first major city on the path of the Russian tourist to Europe, as a rule, turns out to be the ancient imperial city of Nuremberg. From the XIV to the XVI century, according to the fundamental document of the German state "Gold Bulle", Each Emperor of the Sacred Roman Empire (he is the German king) had the right to start His Board in Nuremberg, only after spending at least one day. Now the tourists who have time to manage the city fortress Kaiserburg, who has preserved his appearance from the XVI century, will now support the traditions of the Narrow Daily, who has kept his appearance from the XVI century,. There is famous "Annunciation" – Wooden gilded carved medallion with sculptures of Mary and Gabriel, carved from a solid piece of wood. You need to admire the engravings in Albrecht Düreir and visit other no less interesting museums. Museum of toys enjoys extremely popular. On the first floor there are wooden toys, on the second – dolls, puppet houses, games, children’s books and paper toys, the third floor is given to metal toys – machine, trains, and t. D.

It happens that the quaint bus route runs through the capital of Bavaria Munich. On the way to this city, tourists have the opportunity to admire hilly landscapes with romance, gothic and baroque chillers towering. Although Munich and is the capital of Bavaria, only every third resident turns in him in the Bavar. This circumstance gives the city some cosmopolitanity and contributes to the implementation of the medieval slogan of the Bavarian monks – "Live and let’s live another". The solid foundation of the Munich Dogs, as well as, and all other Bavarians, is the subject of their national pride – beer. Seven large brewing Munich without a stop cook amber drink. In Bavaria, drink it everywhere. In good weather – in beer gardens, in bad – in beer under the roofs. Hofbrohaus is considered the most famous beer. And although this court brewery was founded by the Duke of Wilhelm V in 1589, the building, so visited by tourists, refers to 1896. With confidence you can say: whenever you fell into Munich, you will not be left without beer. After winter carnival madness ("Fashhang") the time of the Great Post comes, but for Munich is the time "Strong beer". To facilitate lean days and get a calorie of their exhausted organisms, Bavarian monks invented special beer. For the first time they welded him in the middle of the XVII century. Since then, it is always sold in bottling from the second half of March and before Easter. Next follow the funny summer festivals, and the apotheosis of the beer life since 1810 is, of course, the famous Oktoberfest.

Munich arose in 1158, when Duke Henry Lev burned the bridge through the narrow river of Izar, belonged to the bishop of the city of Freising, and built his own bridge and fortress "Mojnien" Near the monastic settlement. Thus, he captured in his hands the sale of salt and secured the fortress rapid development. The first rulers of the Vittelsbach dynasty from the end of the XII century turned the town in their residence. In the XVI century, the largest cathedral of St. Mikhail in the style of revival. Like any medieval city, Munich was discouraged by a stone wall, from which three gates were preserved to this day. Passing under these arches, a modern tourist is in the pedestrian zone of the old city. EVERYTHING RIGHT EVERYUSS FOR ELECTRICAL Architecture, Frauenkirche. This brick cathedral of Our Lady with two unique towers was laid in 1468 and became a symbol of Munich. His construction served as an impulse to the richest urban planning in the Dukes and the King of Bavaria.

Munich is most famous for its architecture in Baroque styles, Classicism and Modern. The unexpected retreat from these three architectural whales demonstrates the old and new town hall, whose watches with the figures of the dukes, kings and jesters will attract tourist to Marienplatz – the central square of the Old Town. Old Town Hall thirty years ago was partially restored in his Gothic original. New Town Hall, built at the end of the XIX century in the alien Bavaria style of Flemish Gothic, also turned into one of the recognizable symbols of Munich.

A special kind of building is given to the building of the Baroque era. There are both in the old town, for example, the Cathedral of Theatinerkirche, known for its crypt with the burial of the rulers of Bavaria. But the most visited baroque ensemble of Munich is the Nymphenburg Palace – the former Summer Residence of the Bavarian Kurfürst and Kings. Each of the four rulers of Bavaria brought into the creation of this, according to Germans, "Tourist attraction", Your tastes and addiction, forcing indifferent to work a whole army of architects, decorators and artists. Palace complex consists of several buildings and park. The main attraction of the main building is white-gold "Stone Hall" with painting. Small Amalienburg Palace in Rococo style attracts visitors to their silver blue "Mirror hall". Nymphenburg Palace is now a museum. But about Munich museums should be a special conversation.

If you want to kill two hares at the same time – see Munich the era of classicism and familiarize yourself with some museums of the city, go to Koenigsplatz. Around this area, such museums are concentrated as old and new Pinakotheki, Gliptek, Antique Art Museum, Gallery "Lenbachhaus", State Museum Graphics. The construction of most of these buildings of Munich must be obliged to the second king of Bavaria – Ludwig I, which turned his capital at the beginning of the XIX century to the Center for Arts. And to see Munich Epoch Modern, you need to be removed from the center and just stroll through the streets of the Bavarian capital, paying special attention to the plant ornaments of buildings facades. True, there are not only artistic and architectural museums in Munich. Great interest among lovers of technology will cause a museum "BMW", in which the entire history of the famous Bavarian automotive concern is presented.

In Bavaria brooms do not knit

Many not without reason argue that Munich is the most beautiful city of Germany (at the same time, the Bavarians themselves themselves consider him the German capital). However, the Germans always correct: "This is the most beautifully renovated city". Like almost all the major cities of fascist Germany, he was almost completely destroyed at the end of World War II. Unwitting construction remnants of the former buildings were brought into one place, where glass tents of sports facilities were built later, the 1972 Olympics and the Olympia-Park were broken. And today, tourists produce a big impression to a tower of 290 meters high, observatory, a roof of metal and glass in the form of a giant awning.

One of the main attractions of Munich is the largest zoo in Germany, founded in 1911. The originality of it is that four thousand animals are grouped here on continents and live in the usual environment for them. You can also make a pleasant walk in the English garden. Munich themselves call him "lungs" cities. On the territory of six and two kilometers long and two kilometers fit beautiful trees, spacious lawns, a small amusement park, a Chinese tower and a small round church of Monopteros. And, of course, in the garden there are a lot of places where you can eat and drink beer outdoors.

For further traveling in Bavaria, tourists have two ways. The first leads them to Austria to Salzburg. The main stop on this path will be made on Lake Kimsee, where the luxurious, versal style is towering on one of the islands, in Versailles, the unfinished castle of Herrennosee – the creation of the grandson of Ludwig I, the Bavarian Mad King Ludwig II. However, what seemed to be his contemporaries with madness, now brings a tangible income, attracting millions of tourists. This can be verified if you go to conquer the Alpine Floor to another – to Neuschwanstein Castle. Before you get to him, you need to Milk stunningly beautiful (inside even better than outside) Baroque monasteries on Bavarian lakes – Dissen, Vesobrun, Rottenbuch, Steingaden. But first of all – Andehs on Ammesee, where visits are treated with freshly brewed beer. To the one who go down to the lake, the will of the unillires will have to feed the beautiful white swans, flashing something delicious from visitors. The next stop on the way to Neuschvastein will be Linderhof Castle in the Ammer River Valley. This is the smallest of all the castles of the insane Bavarian king, the only one where he often had and whose construction brought to the end. Linderhof is an edible dacha in the rococo style with a park, sculptures and fountains. Ludwig II built it after visiting Versailles. Versailles Palace Ensemble made such an indelible impression that Bavarian "Builder Zamkov" I decided to become the French king, erecting for myself Linderhof and Herrenaki Palaces. When, finally, you will reach Neuschwestin castle, then you will meet with him as with an old acquaintance, because it is his many seen on numerous illustrations to the books of fairy tales and in cartoons. His visit will make you remember childhood and feel the kinship of souls with "fabulous" King of excellent Bavaria.

And although the bus journey through this German land is usually not very long, Bavaria has time to leave an indelible mark in the soul of everyone who visited the tourist here. In any case, many do not mind back here for more solid dating. No dispute, Bavaria is deserved.

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