In Brussels from Paris, walk one day

From Paris Gare Du Nord (Northern Station) to Brussel Midi Station – 1 hour 25 minutes on Thalys high-speed train. This is only twice as long as, for example, at Aeroexpress from Moscow to Domodedovo. After going to Brussels for the first time, we just wanted to walk the day in the center to plunge into the atmosphere of this city. Style for our walk chose simple: go where the legs will behave.

The first our impression: Thalys train is more comfortable than French TGV. Chairs softer, headrests are more convenient.

The second impression: at home in Brussels (and we went around almost the entire center – "pentagon", on it and judge) below the Paris. Houses on average 4-5 floors

Third impression: more modern buildings. This is a consequence of not only military destruction of the Second World War, but mainly the result of urban policy in the 60-70 years of the last century: mass and often dishonest demolition of historical houses. As a result, even the term originated – "Brusselization" Cities. Now we know how this chaotic vandalism is called, from which Moscow suffered and suffers, although it is not easier from such knowledge.

  • In the train Thalys
  • Low Brussels Building
  • View of Watya Street, in the background – an example of Brussels

Nevertheless, in Brussels whose name unfriendly became famous, new buildings, as it seemed to us, carefully inscribed in the old building. With rare exceptions,. However, human vision is an individual and selective thing.

Perhaps this quiet corner of an ancient fortress wall would look even prettier if historical houses were surrounded by. But he liked it.

And the green courtyards who sometimes met on our way, gave the city a very human appearance.

  • Old and new cozy neighboring
  • At the old fortress wall
  • Ukromainy Dvorik

Fourth impression (again in comparison with Paris, because it is a neighboring capital. And with Moscow, to which they are accustomed): there is no such contrast between wide avenue avenues and narrow streets, and in general, quite spacious. And much, many times, fewer cars. Nevertheless, the feeling of the capital is. But cozy. It turned out that one another does not exclude.

Brussels have long been maniling too, because, as we knew, there are many modern buildings in it, which we love very much. Unlike Paris, there were often not plastered houses, but from red bricks, traditional for more northern countries. Many facades with erkers, and the balconies such that you can go out, and not only hardly put the flower pot.

There was no sense to numbered the impressions: there were many. For example, sometimes we came across interesting architectural rolls: for example, the Cathedral of St. Mikhail and Hudula, who received its name in the 10th century, – and his younger neighbor, in the appearance of which are clearly visible to the remnissation of the two towers of the cathedral and the central spire.

  • A variety of houses in the city center
  • Houses with balconies and Erkera
  • View from Saint Gdul Square

Saints Mikhail and Gudula are considered patrons of the city. In the cathedral, beautiful stained glass windows, and with his pages there is a picturesque view of the historical part of the capital.

Brussels – Creative People. On the famous Brussels lace could be admired, just raising his head and looking at the windows: the curtains pleased with their artistic diversity.

Massed the design of the showcase of the House of Folklore and Tradition. It was devoted to the donkey – the hero of the fairy tale Brothers Grimm (the plot of fairy tales Stray and very similar to our "Tsarevna-frog").

  • View of the city from the Cathedral of St. Mikhail and Gudula
  • Brussels Lace on the windows of houses
  • Fabulous donkeys in the showcase

But modern creativity, folding, it seems, in a tradition, manifested everywhere: then there, then there were houses with paintings drawn on them.

Sometimes the drawings were funny. Sometimes – romantic.

  • City real and drawn
  • In Brussels from Paris, walk one day
  • Expressive animals on the wall of the house
  • Bukinistic store building

But all – in different style. Grotesque came across, against such an entrance to the cinema we, of course, could not but stop.

And graffiti we sometimes noticed on a lot (for Brussels) altitude.

Even the carousel was unusual, with some flying structures, metal apparatus and mobile, along with strange animals and stuffed ostrich.

  • Entrance to the cinema
  • House with a rooster, "Condemned" graffiti
  • Carousel on Square

Still from the train, we immediately understood that the Belgians belong to the issue of garbage collection thoroughly: even the usual urn consists of four "thematic" parts, with slots of different shapes on the lids – to definitely not make a mistake. It was possible to stare on the sides of the videos, not very taking care of what was under the legs. Here is another comparison: Brussels in the center noticeably cleaner Paris.

And, of course, in our field of view, a high bell tower of the City Town Hall on the Grand Plyans (it is a grothearct), the main square of Brussels. On it, Archangel Mikhail even in not very clear weather shone the golden knightly armor and trampled the foot of a slender dragon, which from the last strength tried to a long language to lick his shield.

Grand dance We have repeatedly seen on other photos and, nevertheless, going to her, opened the mouths. Such a splendor of buildings surrounding square area … Just an architectural beauty contest, masterpiece parade. Every house has a name, and therefore, even more so it seemed that the century did not touch this wonderful place.

  • Such care about ecology pleases the eye
  • St. Mikhail on the City Hall
  • House "Bag", House "Wheelbarrow", House "King of Spain" (Former bakery guild house)

However, medieval artisans lived wow if their guilds built such houses! For example, Broadhus ("Bread house") From the XIII century some time served for bakers in the warehouse.

I really wanted to get inside, in the historical museum of the city, but we left the museums until the next time.

  • Broadhus
  • Central Tower Broadhus
  • House "Swan", Beer here and so

House "Swan", Decorated swan sculpture and allegorical figures, belonged to the guild of butchers. Romance were these butchers! He knows that Marx with Engels in 1848 first read here, in the beer, in which there was a discussion club, his own "Manifesto Communist Party". With appropriate consequences. But not for this story we went here.

On the day of our arrival at the Grand Dance "playing mlaled life". And played in the literal sense. Something like quests began: senior scouts instructed younger and gave them tasks for orientation in the city and search for artifacts.

Next to the manger lay the baby Christ: Brussels have already prepared for Christmas. Before the house of the Dukes of Brabantsky, a big hlev was built, where they walked a live ram with a pair of sheep and dolls were arranged: Holy Family and – for some reason – some kind of red hat with grandmother. Apparently, a red hat stared sheep from a wolf.

When we returned to the square in the evening, already lit "The main tree of the country" And the light music show began. The pillars surrounding the Christmas tree in a circle were blown by changing colors. On their surfaces of the searchlight, they beat the rays into the sky, forming in the dark embroidery of the grid, rings and bizarre figures, they broke into the music, and then the light lines were smoothly bent, the details of the buildings were smooth or illuminated by their mysterious light.

  • Beginning of the game on Grand Plys Square
  • Christmas nursery on Grand Dance
  • The main tree of the country

It looked not pathetic, soulful, but, at the same time, artistic and solemnly. To be in a crowd, where all people on the faces children’s smiles and eyes are burning from joy, it was very unusual. And incredibly nice.

Christmas approaching felt everywhere. On the showcase, the chocolate mannequin was dressed in Santa Claus cap (immediately remembered, as we said in childhood: "without panties and in a hat").

Although the real sculpture has not yet surprised by Santa Claus, it will happen on schedule on December 21. It was also in the parade form of the Greek infantryman (apparently, Belgium decided to support the falling Greek tourism: after we still seen the speech of the orchestra on an open stage under the WWW logo.visitgreece.GR).

  • Town Hall during the Light Music Show
  • Chocolate mannequin PES
  • Maneken Ines in the form of Greek infantry

But while we walked along other streets, the baby was already stripped again, and he stood, as usual – in Adam costume.

Part of the showcases was decorated with garlands and christmas toys, stores in stores "Christmas tree" from the famous Belgian chocolate and different sweets.

Over the streets were hung "Chandeliers" from fir branches and light bulbs. Even in a small alley we saw such, although she barely placed there.

  • Mannequin PHA as it is
  • Christmas decoration
  • Festive "chandelier"-illuminations

The building of the Exchange has already settled the Christmas market. Instead of snow, the roof of trading houses covered a layer of thick, white and fluffy synthet. Well, at least the illusion of the real winter, if there is no such.

But to the bazaar – the other – we went to look later. In the meantime, they went to the church of St. Catherine. Very harmonious construction of the 19th century, which combines pseudochik and pseudorshansky style. If even the Brussels authorities succeed in desacralizing and give the building to the vegetable and fruit market, as they plan, it’s not necessary to believe, it will not affect. But still be sorry. So far before the church played a fun orchestrick.

In the area of ​​the Church, many fish restaurants, and we went to one of them – there is a local dish, which is famous for Brussels: MerFreh, that is, Mussels with Potato Fri. The restaurant in translation was called uncomfortable and clear: "Crustaceans".

  • Christmas bazaar houses at the stock exchange
  • Merry musicians
  • Restaurant Les crustaces

There was no shelter (108 euros for two), but with snacks, wine, coffee with small sweets. View of the square and excellent service. We really enjoyed.

On the square in front of the church of St. Catherine also spread the Christmas Fair (souvenirs, local food, toys, in general, typical fair product). We have seen sellers there not only from Belgium, but also from France, Canada, Southeast Asia, Belarus. Who else besides Belarusians trading "Matrechian-boiless" products we did not pee. We are more attracted roller: almost the entire area was covered with artificial ice.

The ferris wheel shone brightly on the background of black sky with luminous cabin cubes.

  • MerFritis – Belgian traditional food
  • Skating rink. Catherine
  • Ferris Wheel in Brussels

Over one of the streets of Brussels, batted in various poses glowing "people", Made entirely made of fine silver grid.

We had a little time to train in Paris to buy small gifts in the shops: Belgian beer, chocolate, magnets. Serious shopping was not included in the plans of the day. We just looked at the royal gallery. Jubera. Built in 1847, they are considered the first in Europe with an architectural complex with covered galleries that we surprised us somewhat: the first Paris passage appeared in 66 years before, in Palae Royal. But these galleries are beautiful. At the entrance hung an announcement exhibition dedicated to the life and creativity of the author of the famous novels about the Commissioner Megre – George Siemeon, who was born in Belgium and held his youth in it.

  • Glowing People Over Street
  • Royal Gallery St. Jubera
  • Brussels on the antique market

And if we get once again to get to Brussels (which I really want), our visit will definitely do not cost without hiking in the museums and at the exhibition, because they are plentifully in the city. We, of course, have not seen a lot. But the first running look at the city surpassed our expectations. Some say that in Brussels is boring. In my opinion, they are mistaken&# 61514;

In Brussels from Paris, walk one day

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