In Cairo: In the footsteps of the Holy Family

On the eve of the opening of the regular air traffic between Moscow and Cairir, it is worth thinking about how to spend time, to pay attention from that variety of attractions that can offer the many-sided metropolitan city of Egypt, which can serve as an alternative to the usual options and open this country in a new way.

Over the past years, the Ministry of Tourism and the Coptic Church of Egypt are actively promoted and developing a pilgrimage tour – Route of the Holy Family. It is proposed to pass by the infant of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Joseph, who were in Egypt for several years, hiding from the King Herod. The route itself is stretched from the North Sinah through Cairo and his suburbs to the city of Assut, includes 25 revered places to fully do all the way (excluding North Sinai for security reasons) will need 5-8 days.

Cairo and his districts occupy a significant part of the route, it begins with a visit to the Virgin Mary tree in Mataria – Sykomora’s waxing evergreen, in the shade of which holy family stopped for rest. The tree is not allowed to die and constantly plant processes, for the last time it was done in 1906. The Matarya District itself is currently a densely populated suburb of Cairo, once there was a small village with enough fertile soil, so the balsamic trees and herd palms grow well there. And his name for some assumptions comes from the Latin word «Mother», T.E «mother» Just because of the existence of the tree of the Virgin Mary.

Next, following the agricultural road from Cairo to Bilbis, tourists are waiting for the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the small town of Musturow, there is a cave and well there; His Holy Family used for domestic needs, including for swimming, so the place wears another name El Mahamma (swimming place).

The most famous and old churches are located in Old Cairo, are the similarity of the Coptic city. Egyptian Christians (Copds) live in the area, it differs in the purity of the streets, many narrow alley, in the depths of which churches are hidden, sometimes very small in several square meters. There is very honored by St. George, the metro station, which is located in Old Cairo, is called Mar Girgis. In these places, which are currently a concentration of Christian culture in Egypt, according to Coptic tradition, the family of Jesus lived for some time.

Here is a hanging church (al-Malalyak in Arabic) is very beautiful as soaring in the air, if you look from afar. The building is built over the wall of the fortress of the ancient Roman era performing the function of the foundation. From 7 to 13 centuries. The temple served as the residence of the Coptic Patriarchs, was a witness to important elections and religious ceremonies. Great value is its decoration and icons made of black wood and ivory, peculiar, without compliance with proportions, but leaving under a strong impression. The main icon in the temple depicts the virgin Mary with Jesus on his hands and John the Baptist, refers to the 8th century, the image is also called Coptic Mona Lisa. Another interesting feature of the Church – Her wooden dome roof, imitating the form of noeva ark, gives a stunning idea of ​​old skill.

The old temple in Egypt is the Church of Abu-Serg. It is built over the cave, where the holy family was hidden at the end of his stay in this country, dedicated to Saint Sergia and Wakhu, the soldiers of the Roman army, followers of Jesus. Grotto 10 meters deep, has 2 passages, domed ceiling, with a place to hold a baptism. Often the cave is subjected to flooding while raising the water level in the Nile and can be closed for visiting. Every year on June 1, the Abu-Serg Church holds a festive worship service on the occasion of the arrival of the Holy Family in Egypt.

If you deviate a little from the route to feel the completion of the Coptic ensemble, it is worth entering the Church of St. Barbara, it is not far from the Temple of Abu-Serg, it looks like a style and architecture. The appearance of the building is quite modest, differs little from neighboring buildings. Such a low-wave view was to protect the temple from looting and unrest, which occurred quite often. The church is the name of the Holy Barbara, which for Christian beliefs tortured and killed his own father, but immediately was amazed by lightning. Here in the sarcophagus stored her power. One of the main advantages of the church – carved iconostasis 13 in. from ivory, overall the entire atmosphere inside the building is permeated with antiquity and strong religious traditions.

In Cairo in the footsteps of the holy family of tourism from the tourism

In a modern comfortable suburb of Cairo–Maadi district, 13 km from Ramses Square, in place, where the holy family village in a sailing boat to go on to the south of Egypt, is now the temple of the Virgin Mary. During its existence, the church was called differently: initially Ticalabi, then Martuti (Mother of God), the longest time of El Adavia named Moroccan woman who owned gardens in the district. The temple building was rebuilt 8, and according to some data 9 times. The church itself is located in close proximity to the Nile, the river leads the stone steps for which Maria and Baby came down. It is because of the neighborhood with water and its destructive impact a few restorations were held. By the way, in the same places, a babe of Moses was found in the thickets of the cane here, and a baby was found and brought to raise the Faracon family. The church can rent a boat boat.

A similar tour is conducted by guides in Cairo daily, duration of 6-8 hours. The price will be about $ 60, which includes the cost of visiting all attractions. Pick up on the excursion can from anywhere in Cairo, will bring there at the end. It is necessary to take care of the availability of appropriate for visits to the temples of clothes, dinner is often not included in the tour program and you need to talk in advance if it is necessary. The route is constantly developing and improving. Visiting these places not only brings pleasure, new knowledge, but also undoubtedly has a gracious effect on the souls and hearts.

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