In Colombia, but not behind cocaine

As already wrote "I", From February 5, Colombian Airlines Avianca Airlines together with Aeroflot began to perform regular passenger flights from Moscow to Bogota. Flights are carried out with intermediate landing in Paris, London or Frankfurt am Main. The cheapest ticket costs $ 977. During this year, the airline expects to transport about 500 Russians.

Of course, in itself, the opening of a new route would not be such a significant event if it were not for one important circumstance: to Russia "flew" The new airline, able to give our might-uncharted Europe to tourists, the almost unexplored part of the world, namely, all Latin America with all its exotic-erotic temptations. In order for travelers to understand who they have to deal with, we decided to tell about Avianca Read more.

Avianca Airlines is a new airline for Russian passengers only, in fact, it is a firm of a fairly old age, a well-known and well-known and well-recommended person. Avianca was born in Lohmat 1919, when not something about airlines, but also about the aircraft knew. Moreover "Born" Its not a hot Latino, but a frostbitten Austrian – aeronautics.

First, Avianca aircraft flew only in Latin America, carrying desperate passengers at distances that do not exceed several hundred kilometers. This is now an Avianca aircraft fleet consists "Boeing" and "Douglasov", And then the airline flew to primitive corn (Junkers F-13, Sikorsky S-38, Dornier Wal), in the passenger salons we climbed (it was climbing) from the strength of ten people. The hulls of these aircraft were wooden, and instead of a chassis – water skiing. The runway for such wonderful liners served ocean water stroke.

Only five years after his birth, the airline flew the flight from Bogota to Florida with an intermediate landing in Havana. And the first intercontinental flight took place only in 1950, when the Avianki DC-4 with Fifty "crazy" passengers on board successfully crossed the ocean and landed in Paris. True, on the road, he rested two times – in Lisbon and Rome – and lost half of passengers who could not stand the horror of the flight. Freamels to Paris few, but on the existence of Avianca Airlines airlines learned the world.

Now her planes fly to Frankfurt am Main, London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, New York, Los Angeles, Havana and, of course, throughout Latin America. Its strategic partners are the giants of the aircraft industry as Air France, British Airwys, SAS, Swissair.

Speaking of its tasks in Russia, the management of Avianca emphasizes that the opening of the flight to Bogota is only the first step to the heart of the Russian tourist. Further airline plans to show us the beauty of Ecuador and Peru. Flights to Quito and Lima, as in Bogota, will be carried out with Aeroflot according to a predetermined scenario: first Aeroflot delivers customers to a change point (for example, Paris), and from there Avianca transports them to the resorts of the Caribbean.

And fly on Avianca airplanes is a pleasure. According to the testimony of credible experts, flight attendants – as a selection: tanned, charming, warning. Smile every and sincere. Dressed Not Something: Dark Blue Costumes and Scarlet Poncho emphasize the beauty of the figures and expressly shadow the brilliance of insatiable eye. Power on board a lot, and all of it is the highest quality. Moreover, food can be ordered in advance of your personal taste and in accordance with the religion: vegetarian, dietary, kosher.

In Colombia, but not behind cocaine

And you can not eat at all. And just relax. The benefit of the place for this in the plane abound. The Salon of the Aviankow Boeing-767 is designed for 155 seats, the distance between the armchairs (that is, between the seat and the back of the front armor) – 85 centimeters. Seats are equipped with a footrest, and the back is deflected by 125 degrees. So you can stretch your feet and bow your head.

In addition, the flights Avianca Airlines are allowed to smoke. Considering the caustic struggle with smoking on the sides of most foreign airlines, it is important. Moreover, to fly from Paris to Colombia 11 hours.

During the flight, you can see the movie: In business class, each chair is equipped with a small, but good TV. And for "Economy" – Two healthy common TV. True, turns all the films in Spanish and English.

For frequent flying passengers, Avianca, like any decent airline, provides a special bonus program – "Aviana Plus". The principle of its action is simple: the more miles you fly on the Avianca Airlines airplanes, the more chances you have to get a free ticket or a ticket to the business class salon at economy-class price. In addition, the owners of the card "Aviana Plus" Have the right to carry 10 kilograms more baggage (as well as 20).

In Moscow, the interests of the Columbia Airlines are submitted by Reservation Services, which is engaged in the organization of tourists to Colombian resorts. Prices, by the way, quite acceptable: Weekly vacation at sea in Peru, together with a ticket cost, will cost one person in $ 1.750. But it is better to rest together. Or someone panneck in place.

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