In coral jungle

Coral Sea, washing the northeastern shores of Australia, received its name because of the abundance of coral reefs and islands. Big barrier reef stretching along the northeastern shore of Australia for 2000 kilometers, the most unique coral education in the world. The width of the reef in the northern part on average two kilometers, it increases to the south, reaching 150 kilometers in places. From the mainland reef separated by the lagoon, the depth of which reaches 50 meters. Large barrier reef intersects with natural channels and ducts.

Opening underwater ridges

The future famous British navigator James Cook as a child’s kows, he studied at school only three years old, and in seventeen he moved to the seaside town of Stats. He did not become a fisherman, but went a grocer in the bench. Once during the storm, the shop was washed away into the sea, and from this day his whole further life belongs to this element.

Cook entered the maritime service. By sailor he served only one month, then he became a boat camsman, an assistant to the navigator and, finally, brilliantly passed the nastrum exam. That’s where he originated with his dream – bring white spots from the map of the Earth.

The result of the first expedition of Cook was the opening of the Eastern Coast of Australia – the new South Wales.

A month and a half of the Cook without any special incidents moved along the coast of New Zealand, farther north until I was collided with a giant coral coral. This dangerous for the navigator is a band of reefs and chalks separates the northeast coast of Australia from a large barrier reef. Behind Cape Tributeishn, or Cape is adversity, as his cook called him, the ship appeared on the coral reef. With great difficulty, the ship was repaired, and it went on the road again, maternally leading among reefs and chalks.

In the miracle of the preserved diaries of Cook there is a record after the ship appeared on the reef: "In these truly, terrible moments continued to do what was in their power, as calmly as always. The dangers that we had previously managed to avoid were insignificant before the threat to be thrown on the reefs, where in a moment the ship would not be left".

The team was able to slip through the reefs on the aisle they called "Providence". Passing the strait separating Australia from New Guinea, Cook confirmed the fact of its existence. In the coral sea, he studied and put a big barrier reef on the map.

Reef reminds half immersed in water a fortress wall consisting of almost 2900 separate reefs and 71 islands. His age is ten thousand years. After all, the coral reef structure is a grand and complex, in which the variety of forms reached a truly limit. This is a giant bunch of life in which hundreds of living organisms are represented.

In coral jungle

You can consider corals for hours. This is where the whirlpool of life, which is where its unique variety: from the smallest plants to the huge coral gigids, sponges, turtles, marine stars and heels, fish and worms. Bright spots of sponges are scattered on lime rocks, and in the deepends there are massive claws of large crabs. Only under water can truly see the multiweight of corals, which is absent in dull copies of representatives of the underwater kingdom exhibited in museums.

Here is a serpentine coral Colpophyllia Natans. At first glance, it seems very heavy, but in fact any kid can raise it. And Nearby – Glug Corals Montastrea Cavemosa – Real Giants. Sometimes they reach one and a half meters of height. From Fire Coral Millepora Complanata need to stay away. From its base, flat thin plates depart, touching which is very painful. On the body remains red burn burn from the small "Garpuna", which fits special cutting cells. They serve to attack and protect. Each such cell contains a capsule in which the elastic is located, like an arrow, thread, seated directed back by spikes. It turns out a real harpoon. When irritating the capsule "Suns out", and harpoon dugs to sacrifice.

You can admire the clock with a rare color of a large barrier reef, which changes from the weather, and on the time of day, and maybe from the mood.

Those who visit the Big Barrier Reef should wish to take a trip along the reef is a very exciting and informative occupation. Circle blue, with shades of turquoise, sea, light breeze does not give the sun burn you. Brown Noldi – for some reason they are called "Stupid stupid" – will accompany you on the way, talking about something. A whole flock of dolphins almost an hour can swim nearby. Some occasionally fall on the side, and, slyly squinting the eye, consider you. Others pop out from water, fucking from pleasure. Water is so transparent, which can be seen how all the bottom threw the real coral forest. There are large rounded masses of corals, mushroom, tree, branched, lamellar. A palette of paints will envy any artist.

Chief Beach Big Barrier Reef – Pirates Bookers. On the horizon, now and the point flashes the high-speed boats, which instantly turn aside, seeing "Stranch" ships. These barbarians literally blown up a large barrier reef, lazy the most beautiful corals, after which they begin to die. Saving a large barrier reef from destruction – the task is universal.

In coral jungle

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