In Costa Rica, dinosaurs rubber

What extinct millions of years ago dinosaurs, know almost everything. Some can even distinguish the pterodactyl from the diplodok. Partly – thanks to the sensational film Stephen Spielberg "Jurassic Park". Electronic stuffed prehistoric animals in this tape moved and scalled teeth very convincing. So that they involuntarily cause respect and sympathy. The success of the film was also helped by exotic forests and plains, which were running by the talent of Spielberg beasts. Few people know that the tropical jungle of Costa Rica became decorations for the film. Recently, tourists got the opportunity to stroll in those places where the director settled his terrible horrorists, and even see the dinosaurs themselves – the park attraction was opened in Costa Rica, which is called – "Jurassic Park".

Costa Rica, in contrast to neighboring Central American countries, the country is prosperous and peaceful. What is a military coup and the power of the junta, here are not already known for several decades. This contributes to the fact that the country is gradually turning into one of the most promising areas in the Western hemisphere regions of international tourism. A lot of Americans and Western Europeans arrive in Costa Rica. Russians there have been very little there. But maybe soon there will be more. Already in Moscow there are several firms that can organize an individual tour to this country.

Tourist routes in Costa Rica – for every taste. You can splash in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Take a walk on the streets of the capital San Jose. The central part of the city is reminiscent of its comfort and purity, rather European, and not Latin American cities. In particular, Catholic Cathedrals, built in the XIX century, are very similar to the old Spanish temples.

But the most remarkable in this country is her nature. The same "Jurassic Park", Created at the place of filming of the movie Spielberg, and without dinosaurs would be interesting to tourists. Mountain landscapes of the park, growing there relict plants remained almost the same as millions of years ago. With dinosaurs, the park became even more fun.

Typically, the excursion goes there in advance. However, a ticket to the park can be bought in place. It is worthwhile – taking into account lunch (dinner can get dry soldering) – $ 38 per person. If you buy a family ticket – it will cost cheaper. Among the jungle and fun rubber sculptures imitating different breeds of dinosaurs, tourists travel in special minibuses with open top. At the entrance to the park in the shopping pavilion you can buy colorful albums with images of all known science of fossil lizards. Showcases and pavilion racks are clogged with dinosaur figures.

The cheapest figure ($ 2) is made of gypsum and depicts brontosaurus. The most expensive depicts the rinocyrus (an ancient rhino) 70 centimeters high and thanks to a smart electron filling moves independently, besides scary howling. It is attached to the remote control. Price tag on rhinocero does not hang. Apparently not to scare customers. If it is very interesting, the price can be asked by the seller. He will say a whisper that the price is "Self-propelled" Almost 5.000 dollars. At the same time, it will surely add that approximately the same electromechanical aggregates and "were playing" Roles of dinosaurs in the movie Spielberg.

Those who are more interested in real animals, albeit not prehistoric, can go to the Kostarikan Turtle Island. To this island from the Harbor city Puntarenas ride excursion boats. Turtles there are smaller than in the Galapagos Islands, but still larger than any of its European, African or Asian conifers.

In Costa Rica, dinosaurs rubber

In the sunny morning (and sunny days in Costa Rica are almost always, rain, if this is not Typhoon, pours no more than twenty minutes) The turtles crawl into the shore. Stony shore in the northeast island then littered with carcasses of melancholic animals. On their shells, like on boulders, sometimes the local defense runs. But adults such jogs are prohibited. Turtles guards the law and armed patrol.

In addition to the turtles in Costa Rica, tourists will be interested in Vulcan Iraz in the fertile valley of Orosi. It is impossible to approach the crater of the volcano – through the cracks and rafts, couples. But not far from his train is equipped with an observation deck. From there, infinite coffee plantations are visible, impassable jungle and the edge of the quiet ocean surf. The air near the crater is saturated with all sorts of evaporation and, according to guides, very healing. The main thing is not to overdo it. For more than an hour, it is not recommended to be at the top of the Irase – in too large doses of evaporation can damage health.

Going down the volcano, tourists may not return to the city hotel, and spend the night at the Jungle Lodge hotel built from palm logs. Amenities inside Conventional: shower, air conditioning, TV. But in the evenings in the jungle, things are more interesting than the TV. After sunset, the tropical forest begins to rustle and try. Strange silhouettes flashed deep down. The lights of the lanterns, which are installed on the open area at the entrance, are forged funny scaly birds and four-cycle tropical cockroaches with a little finger. However, on the head of the tourist such a cockroach will not sit down – the playground in front of the hotel is covered with a mosquito net. Amazing feeling – drinking coffee in tropical twilight and look at the volcano.

By the way, Costa Rican Coffee is considered one of the best in the world and in saturation aroma is inferior only to coffee beans from Guatemala. Cocoa is growing in Costa Rica, from which the Swiss chocolate is made. Cocoa’s fruits are no raw. It is not recommended to eat them in fried. In order to be suitable for food, they need to go through a long processing process. But see how chocolate grows – curious.

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