"You can all in Dubai. But carefully "

Nepteful expat in Dubai – rarity. Therefore, it turns out a paradox: in the city where the local follows the laws of Sharia (albeit not in its pure form), many residents (with the exception of cherry workers and believers) consume alcohol.

Thursday in the Emirates is our Friday: Dube hurry to rush home to change clothes into cocktail dresses or pants and go out. Bachelors and girls in the search prefer noisy bars, nightclubs or open-air-party in hotels – you can only drink there. I like the last option most: you can get half on the big sofas on the beach and watch the disco lights jump on the waves.

By the way, in bars and clubs it is often possible to meet frankly dressed girls, and no one forbids to kiss here, securities are usually closed on it.

Moreover, sex can even happen in the toilet: I heard a couple of hot stories. True, Dubai nightlife short. All clubs and bars are closed at three o’clock in the morning, and if someone is not able to leave the institution in time, the security service will take care of this.

Going to the bar, you need to be ready to upset. Alcohol prices begin with 40 dirhams ($ 11) for a small beer bottle, and for a cocktail will have to lay out from 50-60 dirhams and above. And this is not counting the five percent of VAT from above. Precisely because of the high cost of alcohol, many expata prevent home parties. After a couple of bushes of the house with friends, if desired, you can have time to closure. True, often home parties are more interesting clubs.

In many companies, thematic parties are instituted: for example, guests must come in ancient Roman’s clothing, in clothing in the style of the 100s, in the costumes of bananas (!), pimps and their wards or in pajamas.

Home Parties start about eight in the evening and lasts how much please, although most of the guests who are accustomed to Dubai nightlife are diverted at three or four in the morning. Everyone brings with them alcohol and snack, sometimes the owners make a barbecue. It happened that my friends and I organized "delicious" parties.

The most amazing in Dubai is not home parties in the costumes of bananas, not fridays and not sex in the toilet, but Ladies’ Nights – Parties only for girls

For example, at first everyone gathered for me to Kazakhbarmak, next week, Mamalygu had a Mamalygu, Mandaski or Fahitas and Guacamole in Mexican.

True, household holder organizers risk a bit. Residents, in theory, need a license for drinking and buying alcohol. Such a license have the right to get all non-Muslims older than 21 years old. Previously, it was to get it Mouorno and for a long time, and at the end of the 2020th power revised the law and allowed a simplified license obtaining (details in the next chapter).

And to buy tourists and drink alcohol now and without it.

With adequate neighbors further warnings the case usually does not enter. For example, when we conducted parties in our two-bedroom apartment on the third floor, the neighbor from below only modestly asked the girls to remove shoes – he interfered with a knock of heels.

On Friday, Dube huddles, they suffer from a headache, and after dinner "will do" to the beach. In the evening on schedule – dinner house or in a restaurant, and at night those who still have strength and desire, continue to hang out. On Fridays, Europeans love to gather in bars during hotels on Branchi. For a certain amount (100-500 dirhams) from 11 am to 4 hours of day, you can eat and drink everything on a buffet.

The British often declare there as a carnival: they can be found in the costumes of cowboys, hares and even ballerinas (or they simply do not have time to change clothes after thematic parties?). Drink the British most and noisy too. After that, the company continues fun in other bars or houses from friends, and then – somewhere on Open Air Party or in a nightclub.

In Dubai, you can all. But carefully

On Friday, Dube huddles, they suffer from a headache, and after dinner "will do" to the beach

Forces, health and money for such parties need a lot. We first succeeded, and then we decided to choose something one: a party on Thursday, Friday Brunch or Evening Party on Friday.

If Saturday is a second day off, this is a passive holiday day: Expats are lying on the beach, go to cinemas or just searched on domestic sofas. Without a second weekend with a mad rhythm of work and partitions hard to come to senses before the start of the labor week. If Friday, as a rule, rest from the rapid night Thursday, then Saturday is more family, quiet and beach.

But the most amazing in Dubai is not homely parties in the costumes of bananas, not Fridays and not sex in the toilet, but Ladies’ Nights – Parties only for girls.

During certain days of the week, girls in bars at different hotels can be free to drink wine, cocktails or something stronger. Ladies gather there with girlfriends, gossip and having fun at the expense of the institution. Surprisingly, many Dubai bachers are aware of when and where in the city will be held "Women’s Day".

They go hunting when "victims" who came to the bachelorette party already a little "warm". In Barasti – a beach bar, where I got on my first day in Dubai, for example, on this day the crowd of men had previously been allowed to girls only at a certain time. They poured the mighty herd and instantly tortured happiness with each counter. At this time, on the way for the next drink or in the restroom, the ladies had to prepare for protection: at least ten guys wanted to meet them. Now everyone is allowed to bars at the same time.

We had even a joke with my girlfriends: "Self-esteem fell? Go to Ladies’ Night!"So all the girls strongly recommend going to a couple of women’s parties. Just for tonus!

In the book "How to leave to Dubai and stay there. Insecimible stories of foreigners in the UAE "Alina Mustafina gathered several unreasonable stories of women from different countries of the world, and told her. You will learn what tourist and real Dubai is, is it worth being afraid of him how to behave in different situations.

In Dubai, you can all. But carefully

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