In Egypt for a week

Travel to Egypt for a long time was for our compatriots Unless-accurate dream. But everything changes in life, and the onset of the twenty-first century Egypt has become one of the most popular places of recreation. In this, there is nothing surprising: the beaches and beauty of the Red Sea are combined in Egypt with perfectly retained by the monuments of ancient civilization, and luxurious hotels – with a low cost of Stew vouchers.

Having been once in Egypt, many are returned here again and again. Non-good tourists even developed a certain schedule of travel: in the fall, winter and: in summer. With autumn checking, I want to "catch up" summer. Everything is clear and with winter – the lack of sunlight is most felt in the second half of the gray and gaming winter. But go on vacation in Egypt in the summer?! There is an af-rice heat!

And yet the experienced fans of the Red Sea know what they do. After all, the heat in Egypt (due to dry air) is carried out much easier, Ches Moscow "steam". On-kind drove – and did not lose! For a little money, below the cost of rest in Turkey or on the Black Sea, our tourists received rest in good hotels, the abundance of vegetables and fruits on "Swedish table" and amazing warm, gentle sea. Children in warm water of the Red Sea could swim until you get bored, and moms were not afraid that their child was simple. In a short time, the elite resort of Sharm el-Sheikh turned into "All-Union Safety". Hurghada became much earlier. Tourists nicknamed it "Hurghadovo" – Far Dacha. Sharm el-Sheikh like affectionate name did not borrow. Because Li-Shen Democratic Hurghada.

Where to go to relax?

Disputes, where it is better to rest – in Sharm el-Sheikh or Hurghada – stretch among Tu-rists not one year. With all its sameness (coastline, hotels along the sea, warm climate and t. D.) These resorts are still completely different. And it goes without saying, there are tourists with their tastes and ideas about resting for each of them. There are no cases when, once going to Egypt, a tourist is disappointed in the country. In my opinion, the reason for this most often happens incorrectly chosen or recommended by someone "mine" resort. For example, it is surprisingly a permanent stable demand from customers for three hotels Hurghada – "Jasmine", "Aladdin" and "Lily Land". Hotels are not bad, but no better than many other. And my question, why do you order them, customers usually answer "Friends advised". But you go to rest! It is possible that you will be perfectly suitable for a completely different hotel, and the hotel or resort, so you like to know, is absolutely not impressive. We are all different and tastes we have different. Meanwhile, the rightly selected resort and the hotel will make "fan" rest in Egypt almost any.

Sharm el-Sheikh – Europe in Egypt

Town. Sharm el-Sheikh more European and more expensive resort than sight. This has determined its development. The entire infrastructure of the city was immediately rebuilt under the tastes and needs of Europeans. I note that the prices for hotels are akin to European. Small "Promenade" – The pedestrian zone, the embankment and the shopping center – built up with shops, benches, cafes and restaurants (Chinese, Lebanese, several Egyptian and Russians, McDonalds and others, for every taste). But the colorful Eastern Bazaar is not. Souvenirs in stores typical of Egypt – papyrus, alabaster figurines, gold and silver jewelry, high-quality fragrant oils. But time-menia for "Plops" There are few shopping bags: by midnight the center of Sharm dies out to full.

Hotels. Most Hotels Charm – Real "Four" and "Five" With its beaches, a large territory and developed infrastructure. Hotels are drawn throughout the coast of several tens of kilometers. Initially, the charm from Russia was driving "New Russians". Until recently, ordinary Russians he was not karma-well.

In Sharma, hotels in Naama Bay Bay are very popular with our tourist. In the Bay of sandy beaches and many coastal restaurants and shops. Here are neighboring hotels of famous hotel "chapped check". They are all naturally located on the first line. Prices for accommodation they have the highest. But do not lose heart! As a rule, there are them across the road "Double" overlooking the mountains or just hotels category low. Economical tourist easily can buy a room in an inexpensive three-star "Rosette" or "Gazalle", practically not losing anything in the service. By the way, here is one of the most popular charm discos. To the beach ten minutes walk through the luxurious green territory of any five-star (allowed calmly, he checked herself). You can also go to the fitness hall of the lounge of the hotel or sit in the restaurant.

On both sides of Naama Bay along the coast of the Red Sea scattered OS-Tax Hotels. Prices for them are cheaper than in hotels of the same category, but located in Naama. All because they are called "coral" Because of the barrier reef, which stretches along the shore. If you are ready to swim in a special shoe, do diving, prefer the sea pool – stop there. Many tourists are very similar to such a natural barrier: the excitement of the shore is smaller, and you can admire the wonderful underwater world right next to the beach, enough mask and last. "Coral" Hotels have their own fenced areas: here you are not free from one to another. As a rule, in such hotels a few bass-seine, good service, fitness center, well-equipped rooms.

Excursions. In excursions, one more reason lies, why the tourist may be dissatisfied with rest in Egypt. Buying, for example, a tour in Sharm el-Sheikh, a tourist is obliged to ride a great pyramid. After all, Egypt, we have from schoolkaya Skat Mai associated with this sole preserved miracle of the world! They are located on the territory of modern Cairo – in the north of the country. From charm to them on the bus to battle for a very long time, so I do not advise you to go on this tour, especially one day. Acquaintance with the capital of Egypt and pyramids requires several days. In Luxor (the ancient famous phizes) from Sharma, you can only get on the plane, which is very and very expensive. But visit the monastery of Saint Catherine, climb Moise Moise, spend a whole day, admiring the beauties of the mountains in a color canyon or the sea in the coral reserve "Ras Mohammed" possible only in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Diving. For the class of diving charm more preferable. Water in it is cleaner, the underwater world is richer, at the bottom of the sea, sunken ships are resting, and the programs for Dai Vinga are more diverse. Two steps from the shore are almost handful fish of different sizes and coloring. And what is surprising – the government announced a coral commandment by the national property of the country, here they are nothing and are not afraid.

Hurghada – daughter of the East

Town. For several decades, the seaside village of Hurghada turned into a rapidly developing resort. Beaches here are sandy, more familiar to the Russians, and corals are suitable only in several places. Resting in Hurghad Public is different, rich and poor, but inexpensive hotels in 2-3 stars here much more than in Sharma. There are representatives of famous world hotel chains here. But Hur-Ghada remained a typical Egyptian town with two large trading prices, the Eastern Bazaas and some kind of its own, not always incomprehensible Europeans Colori Tom. On large "Colhomous" roosters sing the roosters and screaming ishaki, and the kilogram of strawberries in winter costs less than a dollar. About tomatoes and grapes even talk funny. Some of our compatriots together with souvenirs in the winter were adapted to bring "Packing" Weight of a dozen-other kilograms of fruits and vegetables – pomegranates, oranges, strawberries and other gifts of African nature. So if you want to understand the country, to get acquainted with the life and customs of ordinary Egyptians, enjoy the flavor of the Eastern Market, to plunge into the atmosphere of the Eastern Hospitality – Go to Hurghada.

Hotels. Not everyone is engaged in diving, not everyone loves corals at the shore, but they needed a good hotels. Hurghada is clearly divided into two zones: old and new city. In the old town of hotels are located on the first, second and third line. On the first line there are hotels in a variety of hotels – from five to three stars. They have a small territory, whose package, but cozy. Amateurs "walking into the people" The evenings are walking around the city, sit in restaurants and cafes, to late night enjoy easy shopping. I myself know how at any time of the day it was easily opened for me shops, it was worth only to show an interest in the product on the shelves. Souvenirs in them are the same as Charma, but the prices are below. Welcome to the bargain. And to push the thing you like can be in half the initial cost. Everything is close and available. Taxi run all night, prices are ridiculous. Even in small hotels in hotels, there are advantages: in the windy in the year it is more comfortable to swim in the sea, from the wind beaches closed urban hotels in the second line. In the luxurious hotel complexes of the new Hurghada on huge beach territories, the wind is perceived much more stronger. Do not love "Skavoznyakov" – Choose hotels in the city.

The secret, why most of the expensive hotels are located in the far Hurghada, simple. A few years ago, a dozen kilometers from Hurghada, the coastline band could be purchased quite inexpensively. Building there three star hotels were not profitable: tourists did not want to live away from the city. It was possible to lure them only a good service and a large set of services corresponding to five stars. On the one hand, these complexes are adjacent to the seashore, on the other hand, is part of the desert planted with young trees. The village is still small, wind strengths and the sea from this seems colder than. In Hurghad, water slides in hotels are better than in the ball.

In Egypt for a week

Excursions. From Hurghada, it is much easier to get to Luxor, where you are waiting for carnac and luxor temples, the valley of the kings, the memorial temple of the queen Hatshepsut, the colossa Meme Nona. (Tip: inspecting the Luxor temple, be sure to wait for the evening light, an unforgettable spectacle!) And in Cairo to the pyramids from Hurghada, to get easier and de Chevle. In Cairo, except for the Pyramids and the National Museum, visit the village of Pharaohs (island, where the picture of the life and life of the ancient Egyptians is recreated), the zoo, Mosque Mukh Hamed Ali and the Citadel. In Hurghada, there is a museum-aquarium. Prices for excursions "Gu-man".

Diving. Diving you can engage in Egypt everywhere. Along the entire prizos-magician of the Red Sea, famous and unknown to our tourist special dive centers, many snorkeling courses. Russian-speaking instructors too grab. Not so far from Hurghada, new resorts of El Guna and Makadi Bay are growing. Corals there – the shore itself!

And yet they "One blood"

So called "far hotels", Located far from the center, and in Hurghad and Charm is very similar. As a rule, these are hotels of at least five stars with a closed, painive well-kept territory and with a complete set of numerous services. If you have to rest, you only need a sea, good service, silence, corals at the shore and do not need excursions, there is absolutely no difference where your hotel will be located. You will be equally well to feel in a five-star hotel and in Sharm, and in Hurga de. Only one criterion will be important for you – it is much cheaper at the moment to go.

And in Hurghada, and in Sharm you will be offered a three-hour walk on a boat with a stacking bottom ("Glass Bot"), one-day trip to coral reefs, safari with a brown house to the village to Bedouins with dinner and belly dance, sightseeing tours of the city, diving. I note only that prices in general on excursions in Hurghada cheaper than in the ball.

What remains in the dry residue?

So, Hurghada – for lovers of sandy beaches, not very high prices for services, and all those who love to walk at the noisy Eastern Bazar and Shop Kam. A huge amount of inexpensive taxis at any time of the day makes easily accessible any shows, restaurants and discos.

Sharm el-Sheikh is suitable for European style. But be though to coral shores and "carpet tracks" in the sea for swimming. And pay attention to the words of Tourmereceda when placing the tour that, they say, the hotel is modern, in it many Germans. Germans are almost not bathed in the sea – they have standard social insurance spreads only for swimming in the jacuzzi and pools. Know-cheat, in the sea near the shore without special slippers do not go. Animation in the hotel also, most likely, will not be in Russian.

The upcoming summer season in the Egyptian direction promises to be hot. Egypt is waiting for its permanent guests and will not refuse new. Discover your holidays at its resorts! Do not miss the chance to relax in a beautiful country!

In Egypt for a week

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