In Europe for nature. 10 national parks that should be visited

If it seems to you that all Europe has already been clogged and waged along and across, or vice versa, I don’t want to watch &# 8211; Go to the most beautiful national European parks. It will be what to see what to remember than subscribers in Instagram surprise.

  • Germany

Saxon Switzerland is located in Saxony on the border with the Czech Republic. The park was created at the beginning of the 20th century, but attempts to preserve the protected area were taken before. Landscapes to pain resemble pictures from the film Avatar and National Park Zhangjiajie, but get here to saxony, closer and cheaper.

  • Italy

Italy – a record holder in the number of objects protected by UNESCO. Here they are as much as 51.

Cinckwe-Terre is five small settlements and man-made terraces, picturesquely located near the sea among the mountain slopes. The region is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the name of the park means "five lands".

Mountain Massif Dolomite Alps are in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2009, and the Great French Architectur-Corbusier called the Dolomites of the Alps "The Great Natural Architecture in the World".

Etna National Park can be safely attributed to tourism with a tint of extreme. Etna is constantly erupting, and sometimes it is so hard that the airport and local residents have to evacuate urgently. All this does not stop tourists at all, who rose daily to the crater to see all the beauty and power of the volcano.

    In Europe for nature. 10 national parks that should be visited
  • Turkey

Görema National Park, located in Cappadocia – a real open-air museum, its area is 300 km2. In 1985, the park was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Until now, the ancient cave settlements and an unusual form of karst sculptures created by nature are preserved here. Read more about Capadokia in our material.

  • Norway

On Svalbard seven national parks, and absolutely absolutely all. This is not at all confuses travelers who are ready to give the last money, just to enjoy the view from the window of their home &# 8211; Eternal Merzlota, White Bears and Kayaki walks among icebergs. Conquer the North Pole manages to all, but everyone who comes here is capable of falling in.

  • Iceland

Like the majority of natural objects of this country, the Glacier (and the National Park Sitney) is distinguished by the non-prosecable name – Vatnayekyud. Park is the largest in Iceland and takes about eight percent of its square. Immediately located and the highest point of Iceland – Hwwandalshnukur (2110 meters above sea level). Train in patter and forth, conquer the northern beauties!

  • United Kingdom

Kairngorms Park in Northeast Scotland in 2011 entered the list of 20 mandatory visits to the world of National Geographic. Typical Kingdom Nature with Arctic peaks, mountain lakes and ancient pine forests. Kairngorms &# 8211; Perfect place for hiking, climbing and winter sports, for hunting and mountain fishing. Tourist season here lasts all year round, and if you want to spend your holiday so that the Spirit constantly captured the beauty of the landscapes &# 8211; For sure here.

In the National Park, Loch Lomond you will be presented to you to be in solitude among untouched nature. Yaki, sheep, everywhere there are solid greens and mountain landscapes. The name is not in vain seems to you familiar &# 8211; The famous Lake Loche Ness is located 2 hours from Loche Lomondd. Be sure to come to him!

Arriving on almost the main tourist attraction &# 8211; bait, immerse yourself on the boat and go on a clock trip over the lake. But, the Council from the author, it is better to go to the pub on the shore of the lake, order a pint of the delicious beer and a juicy burger and stay on the shore in full solitude. When the vessel with tourists will hide behind the rocky protrusions, peer into the distance and try to find a monster, which, of course, does not exist. Though ;

  • Croatia

Plitvice lakes are located in Croatian Croatia (regions) of personal Senishka and Karlovachka. This is Dean from the oldest national parks in Southeast Europe and truly unique place. One of the most visited parks in Europe attracts tourists from around the world, and not surprising &# 8211; Just take a look at the photo. Swim in the park is prohibited and this is for the better &# 8211; water remains clean and transparent.

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