In Finland by train

Go to Finland by train – this is comfort and convenience. But every passenger before gaming on the trip should be good to get acquainted with all the rules of international transport. This is exactly the aspect, whose knowledge will depend on the well-being of your trip. In this material we provide to your attention all the necessary information for a trip to Finland by train: Schedule, which is allowed, and what is prohibited for a transfer in international trains, what is the possibilities for traveling with animals and a list of other different services during a trip.

Train "Allegro"

Train "Allegro" leaves from St. Petersburg from Finland Station.


St. Petersburg – Helsinki Helsinki – St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg 06:50 11:25 15:25 20:25 Helsinki 05:12 09:00 14:00 18:00
Vyborg 07:55 12:30 16:30 21:30 Pasila 05:18 09:06 14:06 18:06
Vainikkala 06:24 10:59 14:59 19:59 Ticcurila 05:28 09:16 14:16 18:16
Kovoila 07:10 11:45 15:45 20:45 Lahti 06:02 09:50 14:50 18:50
Lahti 07:36 12:11 16:11 21:11 Kovoila 06:28 10:16 15:16 19:16
Ticcurila 08:11 12:46 16:46 21:46 Vainikkala 07:14 11:02 16:02 20:02
Pasila 08:20 12:55 16:55 21:55 Vyborg 09:39 13:27 18:27 22:27
Helsinki 08:26 13:01 17:01 22:01 St. Petersburg 10:48 14:36 19:36 23:36

High-speed train "Allegro", Ringing from St. Petersburg to Helsinki, is a modern and comfortable travel option between the two countries. Passengers of the train are provided with a wide range of services in Russian, Finnish and English. In the wagon "Bistro" It is possible to order dishes of Russian and Finnish cuisine, as well as drinks, it is possible to acquire food "Takeaway" in special packaging. The car bar closes for all time customs check. Euro, rubles and US dollars are accepted in the carriage, as well as almost all popular types of bank cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard.

Class 1 car

The fare includes: cold snacks (the range of which changes depending on the time of day) with delivery to your place. Drinks can be purchased at an additional cost. Also in grade 1 car during the following path, passengers are offered spring water, tea and coffee on the principle of self-service. In stock Always fresh press in different languages, and next to each passenger chair is a socket with electricity. For groups there is an opportunity to book a special interior for negotiations, which is also in the car.

Cars 2 classes

As in the 1st grade car near all chairs there is an electrical outlet. For groups from 2-4 people there are special comfortable tables with chairs opposite each other. Class 2 wagons also in stock Coolers with Finnish Spring Water.

Children’s Corner

In the car N7 there is a children’s play area in which children can play and read books. Also in the train "Allegro" Equipped special place for carrying out wheelchairs, and to care for the chest children in the toilet room there is a table for swaddling.

Passengers with disabilities.

In the car N2 there is available special places and a special toilet room. Also the car is equipped with wheelchair lift.


Smoking in the train strictly prohibited.

Train "Lev Tolstoy"

Train "Lev Tolstoy" leaves from Moscow from the Ladygrad Station and stops in St. Petersburg at Ladoga Station.


Moscow – Helsinki Helsinki – Moscow
Moscow 22:50 Helsinki 17:23
Tver 00:54 Pasila 17:29
St. Petersburg 05:53 Ticcurila 17:40
Vyborg 08:40 Lahti 18:32
Vainikkala 07:32 Kovoila 19:20
Kovoila 08:51 Vainikkala 20:44
Lahti 09:32 Vyborg 23:25
Ticcurila 10:42 St. Petersburg 01:39
Pasila 10:53 Tver 06:28
Helsinki 11:00 Moscow 08:25

Local time in timetables. Time difference between the Russian Federation and Finland – 1 hour. Since since 2011 the Russian Federation is not translated to winter time, then the difference during this period is 2 hours. Before traveling by train, be sure to check the train schedules on Finland Railways, Portal "All Finland" Not responsible for disadvantaged update schedules. Railway company "Vr" has the right to make changes to any schedule.

Train "Lev Tolstoy" For many years, it is an excellent opportunity to travel directly from the capital of Russia to the capital of Finland. Comfortable wagons of all classes, convenient schedule, polite conductors – all this makes your way from Moscow, Tver, St. Petersburg and Vyborg in Finland very easy! Car-restaurant.

In the car-restaurant are accepted for payment: Euro, dollars and rubles.

Class 1 wagons

All wagons 1 classroom are equipped with double bedroom coupe with air conditioning, TV, DVD player. Also in the wagons of this class there are electrical outlets for connecting a laptop or charging a mobile phone.

Cars 2 classes

Equipped with quadruple bedroom coupes, with two lower and two top bedrooms, as well as in every compartment there are air conditioning. Also in the wagons of this class there is a coupe and a toilet for disabled.

Business Class Wagons (LUX)

Business class wagons are equipped with 1-2 local bedrooms, which are only fully booked, even if 2 passengers ride. In the wagons of the class LUX there is a sofa, which is folded into a semi-gun bed, an extra top bedroom, a heated toilet, a shower, LCD TV and a DVD player, electrical outlets, as well as the air conditioning system, as in the rest of the train wagons. Also in business class car there is a bar.


Smoking is allowed in specially reserved places.

In Finland by train

Manual jack

When transporting manual bags in trains "Lev Tolstoy" and "Allegro" The passenger is obliged to use only special places for putting places, which, as a rule, are located near the passenger seat.

One passenger (one ticket) is allowed to proclaim:
Luggage not exceeding: 100x60x40 cm.

By adult ticket you can carry two suitcases and two additional suitcase for a fee and only if there is a free luggage in the train. Additional baggage should be paid in advance. Manual stored during a trip stored in a special place and necessarily in one car with a passenger.

In the concept "Manual jack" Not included portfolio, laptop, iPad and other portable computers, women’s handbag, camera, camcorder and t.D. Passenger’s luggage in no way should be dangerous or harm the health of railway workers, other passengers, environment and property.

In trains "Allegro" strictly forbidden to carry skis.

In trains it is forbidden to have the following items and substances:
bad smelling, flammable, faster, self-splashing, explosives, poisoning, caustic, radioactive, charged weapons, birds, animals (except cats and dogs), as well as any other items, on the provisions of which there is a ban in customs regulations.

The passenger is obliged to compensate for any damage caused by its fault when they have hand-made bags and small items that do not fall under the definition of hand-made. Customs of the Russian Federation charges a duty for sting, whose weight is more than 35 kg.


In trains "Lev Tolstoy" and "Allegro" It is allowed to join dogs and cats, transportation of other animals is prohibited.

Before traveling with a dog or a cat, be sure to get acquainted with the general customs rules of pets of pets on the websites of customs administrations.

In the train "Allegro" There are available special places for passengers traveling with a dog or a cat.

Pets for pets for 20 euros More expensive (ticket 2). An additional ticket for an animal is not required.

The train passenger has the right to carry with it no more than two dogs on a leash or one special cell for transport, or one dog on a leash and one in a special cage. Cell dimensions should not exceed 60x45x25 cm.

In the cage it is allowed to transport several animals.

In the train "Lev Tolstoy" Pets should be transported in a double coupe of a bed 1 classroom or in a four-bed room of a bedding wagon 2 class, and business-class carriages are strictly prohibited. Passenger traveling with animals must redeem the tickets of all coupe. Pet transportation on an individual bedroom is prohibited. Buying an additional ticket for animal is not needed.

In Finland by train

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