In Germany – behind the Sun

"Sun, air and water – our best friends" – This phrase for all the banality and to this day most accurately describes the idea of ​​many about the perfect vacation. Undoubtedly, in the most favorable proportion, all these elements are found on sea beaches, millions of tourists are rushed every year.

In every landscape – the sun!

Germans love the sun. Limit "communication" with him alone holidays in the presentation of many – deprive themselves masses of pleasure. In the autumn-winter season, there are solariums that invipe the turbo tan on every corner.

Sun cult in urban conditions

In German for fanatical daylight adherents, not related to the above-described category of citizens, there is a special word: "Sonnenanbeter", that is "SunCollennik". Despite all the admonition of dermatologists and educational campaigns on the dangers of excessive passion for the Sun, the ranks of solar apologists do not decrease.

Demand determines the proposal. Previously, the Germans preferred to fly, for example, in Majorca. A couple of years ago in Germany – due to the complex economic situation and threats of world terrorism – there was a tendency to carry out some of the holidays (and even all vacation) not only at the resorts of its own country, but also at home.

There is no bad weather…

In the summer, the Germans want the Sun, in the winter – Christmas snow. Execution and other desire due to the arrogant nature of German weather in many regions is a case of case. That is why good weather in Germany is trying to use most intensively and rationally.

And for those who have no time, nor the desire to go to the beach for the city, enterprising businessmen equipped the beach attributes megapolis. In major cities, like mushrooms after the rain, artificial beaches began to appear. Recipe is simple: asphalt on embankments falling asleep by bridal sand. Sun loungers, benches, shower, bar with pretty staff, little music … Welcome!

Tourist, tired visiting museums and other attractions, such a beach in urban jungle can serve as an oasis of deserved rest for a couple of hours. Since in most cases we are talking about a peculiar beach erzation, then the possibilities for bathing are strongly limited or there are no no. Some urban beaches offer sunbathing a special service: Barman occurs periodically by the ranks of customers with a pulverizer and irrigate the worst with small splashes of water ..

Many citizens for solar treatment still continue to prefer traditional ways: depart in city parks. One of the most famous in Germany is the Munich English Garden. Often this kind of bouts on the city nature are accompanied by a picnic with a grill and beer. It is important to remember that "Skewers" In Germany, you can not always fry and not everywhere.

In Germany - behind the Sun

Not a beach – so the pool

Wherever you are in Germany, be sure – in an affordable radius there is a swimming pool: or indoor with an external pool, or summer. By the way, the pool density Western and eastern parts of the country are almost no different. After combining Germany in many, even the smallest settlements, part of the structural subsidies was sent to the construction of pools.

Summer swimming pools are good because, as a rule, surrounded by spacious green lawns, on which it prefers to organize the fokers of a local defector and other baths.

Freedom – Tel

Much more thorough planning is required to organize a hunt for a sunny tan on natural and artificial lakes that have arisen on the location of the quarries – Baggersee. They are outside the cities, and to get to them, you need to search for information. If it turns out that your neighbors on the beach sunbathe Nagishche, do not rush to run to the police – you got to the nudist beach. Nudism or Naturism in German – Freie K&# 246; Rperkultur (FKK), that is, the culture of the free body. Most often such beaches or areas of beaches are designated by the corresponding signs.

Water quality in German water bodies, as a rule, is excellent, as the relevant departments will certainly report about the beginning of the swimming season. But it is still not advised to rush with your head in the first way on your way, especially where NaturschutzgeBiIt is standing, that is, "environmental zone".

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